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About us... t Ébenisterie d’Auteuil, we specialise in the design and manufacture of quality handcrafted solid wood furniture. All our pieces are custom designed and manufactured to each client’s individual requirements and desires. We use a unique collection of rare and beautiful woods, including many odd species ignored by the wood industry, as well as pieces with unusual or rare figure. Our woods include a large range of Canadian species. D’Auteuil’s design and manufacturing processes combine age old solid wood construction techniques and joints with hand polishing and finishing, to produce the highest quality furniture pieces available today.

Solid wood furniture requires specialised construction methods. At d’Auteuil, each stage of the construction of a piece is approached with meticulous care - from the selection of wood, through construction techniques developed by generations of cabinetmakers, to the art of hand polishing. Clients are welcome to see their piece at any time during the construction process. Use as much or as little of our design input as you need. Choose from one of the innovative designs you can see in our portfolio and simply tailor the wood and size to suit you. Or you can bring us a photo, sketch or describe your idea and we will bring it to life. While we use wood from across the globe, we are

pleased to offer a large range of Canadian species. Our unique collection includes rare and beautiful woods, perfect for distinctive commission pieces. Upon completion, a small brass plaque with an identification number is fitted to each piece. This is a guarantee that the details of your piece have been registered in our archive. We will also issue a certificate of authenticity with the piece, recording information about the maker and the timbers used.


About Wood... olid wood is by its very na ture durable. Its strength and inherent beauty are being favoured more and more above the synthetic substitutes found in most retail stores today. While solid wood furniture requires no more maintenance than other furniture, it does require some special consideration. There are just a few simple things you should know to make sure your piece stays looking its best.

“We combine age old solid wood construction and joinery with hand polishing and finishing”

Do’s and Dont’s: Avoid placing your furniture over central heating ducts or near windows where heat from excessive summer sun may cause undue shrinkage. Very hot serving dishes should not be placed directly on the surface – use a well insulated mat or trivet. If it’s too hot to hold, it’s too hot to place directly on the surface. Rings from coffee cups and other similar marks can be easily removed by lightly buffing with a clean cotton cloth and/or with periodic waxing. Be careful to avoid exposure to excessive moisture like a damproom

or an over watered houseplant placed on the surface. Don’t worry about the occasional spill of water or alcoholic drinks on the surface; only prolonged exposure may cause harm. Clean spills with a non-abrasive cloth dampened with warm water. The two great enemies are ballpoint pens and crockery with unglazed or coarse under surfaces. Be careful to use place mats under plates and other tableware and a few extra sheets of paper underneath when you’re writing.


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