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Work experience

2014 – present

Umeå Institute of Design Master „Advanced Product Design“ Umeå, SWEDEN

2011 – 2014

FH JOANNEUM, University of Applied Sciences Bachelor „Industrial Design“ Graz, AUSTRIA

2001 – 2006

HTBLA Kaindorf, Higher Technical College Information technology and business administration Kaindorf an der Sulm, AUSTRIA

Feb - June 2014

No Picnic Product Design (Internship) Stockholm, SWEDEN

2006 – 2011

Unycom Software Engineer IT Product Management and Design Graz, AUSTRIA

Aug 2015 Feb 2016

Designit Product Design (Internship) Munich, GERMANY

March 2016Sept 2016

IDEO Industrial Design (Internship) San Francisco, USA


Product design

Adobe Creative Suite 3 D modelling (Solid Works, Alias, Keyshot) Prototyping, model making Visualisation (sketching, rendering)

Product management and design

Requirement analysis, user-centred design, Strategic design Interaction design, interface design Usability


Programming (Delphi, C, C++, C#, and Java) Concepts of object-oriented analysis and design, UML Data analysis and modelling, SQL, Oracle


German (mother tongue), English (advanced level), Spanish (basic skills)


red dot Concept Award 2016 (Off-centered drill, POC) IDEA 2016, Finalist iF Student Design Award 2016 (Autoloader_Haultec, Atlas Copco) if Student Design Award 2016 (SkinScan, Philips) iF Student Design Award 2015 (Sharing is Käring, Kärcher) hansgrohe Designprize by iF 2015 (eve, FM Mattsson) Core77 Design Awards 2015, Runner up (Autoloader_Haultec, Atlas Copco) Core77 Design Awards 2015, Noteable (eve, FM Mattsson)

Curriculum VITAE


1 SkinScan 2 POC Screw Driver 3 Eve 4 Sharing is Käring 5 Autoloader_Haultec 6 Ilvy 7 Urban Terrain 8 News tube 9 AVENT essentials

Detecting SKIN Irregularities To Prevent SKIN Cancer


Medical Design Individual project April - June 2015

in cooperation with

_Analyzing Philips portfolio and competitors _Analyzing life stage health issues _Analyzing female / male health issues

Life stages health issues

Feedback session Philips representative (Özgur Tasar)

Prioritizing areas of interest in multiple iterations

„How might we...“ creative session

Female / male health issues

Personal review and decision

„How might we....“ ...detect skin irregularities in an early stage to prevent cancer?

SkinScan | Facts & Figures

Skin cancer is the most common cancer type Prostate Cancer Breast Cancer Lung Cancer Colorectal Cancer

Skin Cancer new cancer cases per year (US)

235.000 233.000 224.000 136.800


Facts & Figures | SkinScan

Healthy moles can transform to skin cancer intense exposure to UV light northern Europe skin type melanoma in the family disorders in DNA human papillomavirus (cervical cancer) immunosuppression

moles _high numbers of ordinary moles (more than 20) _one huge moles („liver spot“) _multiple atypical moles _injured mole

SkinScan | Skin Cancer Diagnose

Skin cancer can be diagnosed mainly by visual check Visual

6 mm


One half is different than the other half

Border integrity

The edges are noticed, uneven, or blurred


The colours brown, tan and black are present


Bigger than 6 mm

Cell tissue check Electrical impedance spectroscopy Method to „look“ under the skin by sending a harmless electrical signal


Changes during time

Skin Cancer Treatment | SkinScan

The goal is to detect and remove skin cancer at the first stage Melanoma

healthy mole

stage 1

stage 2

stage 3 epidermis


blood stream


surgical removal

Odds of survival

100 %

radiation therapy chemotherapy

10 %

SkinScan | User Testing

Ergonomics study („banana scan“)

„Am I done?!“

Revisioning the concept regarding the study results

+ handheld device

80% app

Design Process

| SkinScan

common core

concept ideation 1:1 clay models

cad modelling

design variations Design

ideation sketching

SkinScan | Technical Components

LED LED frame ring

parabolic shaped, reflecitve frame

Final Design | SkinScan


protective glass

camera electrodes sensor

on|off button

battery powered inductive charging

Usage Scenario | SkinScan

The app reminds you to perform the inspection. Turn on the device.

Connect your phone with the device.

SkinScan | Usage Scenario

The optical inspection is done by hovering over your skin. The app will indicate the areas you have already scanned.

If a suspicious area is detected, double check the area with the impedance spectroscopy function by placing the device on your skin.

„You missed something!“

SkinScan | Tracking Function

With the app it is also possible to track changes on your body over time. With this data, you are perfectly prepared for a possible visit to your doctor.


poc screw driver

Branding & Parametric modelling Individual project March 2014 internal project

POC Screw Driver | The Task

screw driver

function X

brand X

an existing no-name screw driver for $ 15

a new feature that would add value

a brand that is not jet producing screw drivers

POC Screw Driver | Functions

Problem 1 Drilling in a corner often causes troubles. You cannot position the screw driver in an optimal position to have full control of the action. Screw heads are getting damaged.

optimal angle

angle to access

Off-centered drill for better access in corner

Functions | POC Screw Driver

Problem 2 If you have to hold the object you want to fix in position and then the screw driver is out of reach this is very inconvenient.

Always have the screwdriver at hand

POC Screw Driver | Brand

recessed offsets

organic curves

fading edge


orange black grey

split line

high contrast

material mix

colour scheme

Brand analysis

Feasability check

Photoshop rendering

1:1 clay models

Ideation sketching

Designfreeze in

20 h

POC Screw Driver | Model Making

parametric modelling

rapid prototyping


modelling in Solid Works

printing the screw driver parts

cleaning the parts from support material

Model Making | POC Screw Driver



re-arranging the electronic componentens customizing the functions

assembling of customized mechanic and electronic components

finalizing painting screw driver parts, branding sewing screw driver packaging

POC Screw Driver | Technical Components

custom made gears (off-center function)

switch drill direction


circuit board

switch on/off charging plug

centered drill


off-centered drill

Final Design | POC Screw Driver

POC Screw Driver | Prototype

With the elastic strip you can always keep the screw driver at hand by fixing it on the back of your hand.

exploring new materials for bathroom faucets


Form & Interaction Individual project September 2014 in cooperation with

FM Mattsson

eve | Concept



tactile reasonable

quality 16,8 %


26,7 %


15,7 %


13,7 % How could we increase the awareness of our daily water consumption and encourage people to use less water in a playful way?


average indoor water use



increase the awareness of your every-day water consumption

compare your results with your friends via social media

21,7 %

washing machine

5,3 %



safe the environment by consuming less water

Concept | eve

less is more

material mix




eve | Interaction

Faucet displays todays water amout used (according to your set goal). 100 % water left

50 % water left

10 % water left

0 % water left


interface variations


Feedback session on interaction concept and design.

Presenting different interaciton concepts by using cardboard and foam mock-ups and Photoshop animations.

Interaction | eve

Extention of the faucet display. alert you are running out of water

settings configure your daily challenge

statistics shows your water consumtion

For more information about the interaction concept check out the video.

social media share your results on facebook

water app

eve | Colour & Trim

concrete raw

ceramic glazed

ceramic raw

The combination of new materials in context of faucets like ceramics or concrete with the classic metals offers endless variations.

SMART Sharing System for cleaning appliances

Sharing is Käring KÄRCHER @ smart_home Team project March - June 2013 in cooperation with

population boom

limited space

limited ressources


“The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.� Socrates

Sharing is Käring | Trend


The ‘SHARECONOMY ‘ trend, away from private property towards shared resources, has spread to all areas of life.

Hiring & giving away Swapping Flat sharing Co-working Car sharing Mobility Child care Finance

Sharing is Käring | App

Start KÄRCHER app.

Choose „dirt scan“.

Take photo of dirt.

App | Sharing is Käring

Tool suggestion.

Find sharing station.

With its smart sharing system, Kärcher can find its way into every urban household. A smartphone app provides advice on cleaning matters, shows where the nearest Kärcher equipment is located, and allows the user to book the required devices. The payment of the sharing service is made online.

Sharing is Käring | Sharing Station

A sharing station consists of different modules. The basic module provides a variety of configurations for the station. The station is therefore easy to adapt and maintain. At the station, it is also possible to buy original Kärcher detergents and accessories such as towels for the steam cleaner. For this purpose, a vending machine module can be used.

1 module

Sharing Station | Sharing is Käring

innumerable variations

on campus

in housing estate

Sharing is Käring | Sharing Appliances

Wet/dry vaccum cleaner

Steam cleaner

Sharing Appliances | Sharing is Käring

High-pressure cleaner

Three different types of devices are available at the sharing stations: pressure washers, steam cleaners, and wet/dry vacuum cleaners. They are stored in uniform boxes.

Dominik team member

tape rendering


cardboard prototype


Rethinking the Loading and Transportation of Ore

Autoloader // Haultec

Individual project November 2014 - January 2015

in cooperation with

Autoloader_Haultec | Research

Kiruna UmeĂĽ

Design 1.365 meter below ground

LKAB invited us to visit their mine in Kiruna - the world‘s largest underground iron ore mine. For more information about our research trip check out the video on vimeo.

production drilling -1.045 m

workshop -775 m

That‘s me

safety room -1.365 m

control center on ground

interviews on ground

identifying user characteristics

analyzing mining process and tools

brainstorming on concepts

Design Process | Autoloader_Haultec

Analyzing and structuring material from field trip _Knowledge about _mining process / vehicles / tools _LKAB stakeholder analysis _LKAB strategy _Atlas Copco strategy _Identifying user characteristics, persona _Trends (Social, Environmental, Technical)

Visual social persona diagram

Brainstorming on concepts

Priorizing in multiple iterations

Most potential design fields

Scenario role play

Personal review of all material

Autoloader_Haultec | Problem

How could we eliminate the haul and return time? Loading

Return Haul


The shorter that cycle is, the lower the cost per ton gets. There is a lot of potential in reducing the haul and return times to increase the efficency.


Concept | Autoloader_Haultec

Separating the loading from hauling and dumping



Haul and Dump

splitting big rocks

autonomous loading machine

several autonomous trailers

Autoloader_Haultec | Concept

Load-Haul-Dump bucket capacity:

32 t (4 m3)

4 min 00 sec

loading: hauling, dumping, returning:

cycle time:

Stationary Loader + Wagons Loader output: wagon capacity:

32 t (4 m3)

5 min 15 sec

0 min 15 sec


1 min 00 sec

3 min 45 sec

+ 50 % rock-split-factor

1 min 30 sec

hauling, dumping, returning:

3 min 45 sec

8 t / min

4 m3 / min

cycle time:

21,3 t / min

Increasing efficiency and flexibilty by dividing the workload

Autoloader_Haultec | Concept

long-distance transport transport to surface

hauling & dumping

Integrated System These automated wagons could be used all over the mine and can adapt to different situations and mine layouts.

transport on level

Concpet | Autoloader_Haultec

Collective Cognitive Haul-Dump Wagons

automated operation/navigation information exchange self-organizing redundancy („back up“) battery-powered inductive charging


Technical Package


Sketching + Photoshop rendering

CAD modelling

Model making

Final Design

Autoloader // Haultec A flexible, efficient and economic system for underground mining.

Autoloader_Haultec | Components

boom rail + cover rock breaker

conveyer belt (2x) rake shovel

rail (rubber cover)

cable rail + cable When the loader drives into the drift and unwinds the cable, the rail will keep the cable in a certain distance to the loader. The cable will be placed on the tunnel‘s edges and is protected.

Drive mode | Autoloader_Haultec

11.993 Sandvik LH 621 Atlas Copco Scooptram ST-2G 7.109 4.997 Autoloader 2.500 Haultec Compare the size of the Autoloader and the Haultec wagon to regular LDHs.

To shrink the vehicle, the boom arm slides on the rail to the back of the loader, and the front conveyor belt slides on top of the second one. The loader is decreasing to a minimum length to have a low turning radius. For the narrow tunnels that is a crucial factor.

Autoloader_Haultec | Model making

laser cutting

defining form by hand

filler and sanding

Producing all laser cut parts from either MDF boards or plexiglass

Manual production of all foam parts (lathing, cutting, sanding)

Filler and sanding

Model making | Autoloader_Haultec

paint preparations

finalizing parts


Preparations for painting (mounting parts on sticks, mixing paint)

After the painting with the paint spray gun some parts needed manual correction

Putting the parts together, adding logos and graphics

Alex Liebert Atlas Copco

Paco Lindoro Atlas Copco

Patricia Boeg-Jensen LKAB

Final presentation Feedback

Scale model


Autoloader // Haultec

A flexible, efficient and economic system for underground mining.


Sound Design Group project February 2015 (10 days) in cooperation with MFA Interaction Design

ILVY A prenatal bonding device

ilvy | Concept

This is Ilvy.

Concept | ilvy

Mother Ilvy is a medium for a pregnant woman to develop an emotional bonding with her unborn baby by using sound as a language.



ilvy | Process

Documentation (1 day) Presentation and Documentation


tatio n e cum


Conce ptio n

Sound creation




g otin

10 days 4 people

Vid de l

m ak


Video Shooting (1 day)


Sound Creation (1 day) Creating Sounds according to sound boards (Adobe Audition)


Post procession (1 day) Cutting video and adding sounds (Adobe Premiere)

Pos tp r oc es si


Process | ilvy

Conception (2 days) Brainstorm on environment / focus group / profession Concept ideas Design brief

Design (2 days) Sketching Clay prototypes Sound boards and Experiments

Model making (2 days) Creating physical model Creating and programming Arduino (Sound & Lightning)

For more information about our process check out the process video.

Whenever the mother places “Ilvy” on her belly, the baby‘s activity generates a poetic melody. Heartbeats, movement, hiccups and kicks are monitorized to create a unique, artistic and relaxing experience.

See the storytelling video of the final result.

Urban Terrain

3SRT_Benelli enters urban terrain Team project October 2013 - January 2014 in cooperation with

A sustainable vehicle concept for individual mobility in urban areas

3SRT | Conflict

growing cities more traffic rising costs €

Desire for individual mobility remains

Let‘s go!

more restrictions §

noise, pollution, lack of space, stress qualitiy of life decreases :-(

1.2 persons / car short ranges

Future mobility challenges have to be faced in city environment

Research urbanization | 3SRT

There are currently 23 megacities with population over 10 million Tokyo Mumbai Mexico City New York Sao Paulo Shanghai Kolkata Delhi Beijing Chongqing London Dhaka

Buenos Aires Los Angeles Karachi Cairo Rio de Janeiro Paris Rhein-Ruhr Osaka Manila Moscow Istanbul

Tokyo Mumbai Shanghai Beijing Delhi

1900 | 1990 | 2010 |


2030 | 2050 |

urban country

2 persons per second move into a city

5 cities in 2025

36 cities more than 10 mio. inhabitants in 2025 (now 23)

Benelli enters urban terrain

3SRT | Quad meets car







low costs (TCO)



high costs (TCO)

weather dependent

wather independent

easy handling


vs compact size

S ustainable S uburban

3SRT +

S hort R ange T ransport

weather protection lightweight driving pleasure storage low costs (TCO) field of view

Key concepts | 3SRT

weather protection

shape & shift

3SRT key concept The key concepts are the most important features of our new vehicle concept - 3SRT. _shape & shift _individual _lightweight _storage soluition _weather protection

key concepts

storage solution



3SRT | Technical package

To prove our technical concept, we worked out different prototpyes. This Lego prototype _consist of parallelogram frame _includes seat adjustment _includes a hydraulic cylinder _automatic shape shift function triggerd via switch


To get an idea of the dimensions of the package which we planned to implement, we built a very quick mock up.

1:1 mock-up

Design | 3SRT

The overall paradigm of the design is “form follows function�. The core frame has to be shaped in a specific way to offer the shape-shift functionality. The vehicle needs to look aesthetical in all different modes. Every component of the exterior influences every other in a very strong way. Every component has to be carefully synchronized with every other one. Prototyping during ideation is a must.


We had to learn more about the behaviour of different types of textiles, when they are stretched over a frame structure. _What kind of surfaces can be created? _What tension will result on the surfaces? _Is it possible to work with gathers? _What is the effect of overlapping layers?

Textile shaping

3SRT | Shape & shift

Length: 2.3 m Height: 1.3 m Width: 1.3 m

cruise mode

The 3SRT will offer a mode that is optimized for driving fast and save on freeways in the suburban area. Therefore the wheelbase will increase and the centre of gravity of the vehicle will be low. This will also result in a sportive and agile driveability. Driving pleasure guaranteed.

Length: 1.8 m Height: 1.5 m Width: 1.3 m

city mode

For the usage in dense city traffic the wheelbase will be shortened and the seat will move into an upright position. This offers a good field of view that is needed to navigate through this environment. The higher sitting position will also give the driver a feeling of security between the regular cars.

Length: 1.2 m Height: 1.3 m Width: 1.3 m

park mode

The 3 SRT is able to shrink to a minimum size when it’s parking so that every space can be used. No time-consuming searching for parking space anymore.

Park scenario | 3SRT

3SRT | Weather protection

To make the 3SRT suitable for every season and weather condition, it will offer a flexible weather protection. The 3SRT will be a reliable fellow in your everyday life all year round.

weather protection

Lightweight | 3SRT

The goal is to make the 3SRT as lightweight as possible to use less material to produce it, and to use less energy while it’s running. This will be achieved by the usage of high performance material and a lightweight but durable frame construction. We want to replace body parts, usually made out of metal, by textiles wherever it is possible.


3SRT | Modell making

Modell making | 3SRT

The physical model consist of 3D printet parts that we finished, coated and covered with textiles.


neon lights

purple yellow

shades of grey

Individualizing | 3SRT

The 3SRT will offer a variety of customization possibilities, so that everybody is able to adapt the vehicle to his or her personal style and needs. You will be proud to say

„Thats my style“

For more information check the full project report on

News tube Individual project Design competition October 2012 in cooperation with

The evolution of the newspaper box

„I’m wondering if the newspaper’s here already...“


News tube | Concept

Newspaper box empty



When newspaper is inserted indicator is pushed out of the tube

NEWS Indicator shows that newspaper is inside


Easy access by pushing the indicator

Winning Project News tube was produced and launched by „Kleine Zeitung“ in the beginning of 2014

AVENT essentials COOKING 2.15 Individual project Oct - Dec 2012 in cooperation with

Smart system for healthy baby and toddler nutrition

Closing the Gaps Philips AVENT







Growing together AVENT essentials 0-3 months 4-6 months 7-9 months 10 - 12 months 1-2 years

AVENT essentials | Cups

Cups | AVENT essentials

The challenge in designing the cup is to find a shape that is equally suitable for parents and children in terms of ergonomics.

AVENT essentials | Components

Ergonomically shaped for parents and kids

compatible with entire AVENT portfolio

The vacuum lid gives an acoustic signal when opened. The typical “pop� sound indicates whether the food is still enjoyable or not.


Vaccum lid

Anti-slip grip zone

Snacking without crumbs soft, elastic plastic

Snack lid

Components | AVENT essentials

Use of AVENT spout with dripping protection

Drink lid ergonomic shape Is compatible with all other AVENT products integrated system

one or two handles possible

Suction pad enables secure stand




adjustable angle of handles

AVENT essentials | Vacuum device

Vacuum device | AVENT essentials

The circular shape of the cup (grip zone) shall be continued in the design of the vacuum device to indicate the relation between these elements.


The vacuum pump extracts air from the cup. After attaching it to the valve on the lid, it is switched on by pushing the button inside the ring. The pump automatically stops after having generated a vacuum. The device is powered by batteries. The docking station can either be plugged into a power socket or mounted on the wall and powered using a cable.


AVENT essentials | Colour Moods

1005 - B

1500 - N

0530 - G70Y

2040 - R80B

1510 - B20G

0570 - Y

1510 - R60B

2030 - B40G

1075 - G60Y

2005 - R30B

2005 - Y30R

4550 - G30Y

2030 - R30B

1002 - R

8010 - B90G




Colour Moods | AVENT essentials

0804 - R70B 3055 - R30B 5040 - R30B 8505 - Y20R 7020 - Y30R

To inquire the impression and feel of a certain colour variant, a survey was conducted among the target group.


Colour moods

Since the design focus was on ergonomics, models were already made at a very early stage. Work on the final model was not started before the design was convincing with regard to usability.

Growing up healthy.

Photo © Christoph Steinbauer

Thank you Rebecca Eveline Daum * 13.04.1987 + 43 676 / 5 777 832 Riedfeldweg 7 | 8435 Wagna AUSTRIA

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