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por tfolio rebecca daum

Hi, my name

I am an industria

sofware engineering / pro feeling at home

e is Rebecca.

al designer with a

oduct design backround, in both worlds.

Higher Technical College Information Technology Kaindorf an der Sulm, AUSTRIA

Unycom Software Engineer Graz, AUSTRIA

Unycom Product Design Graz, AUSTRIA

5 years, 2001-2006

1 year, 2006-2007

4 years, 2007-2011


UX and UI design

Delphi, C, C++, C#, and Java

Research & requirement analysis


Process and workflow optimizing

Concepts of object-oriented analysis and design

Mock-ups and prototypes

Data analysis and modelling, SQL, Oracle

Interaction and style guidelines Usability testing Product Owner in Scrum

Industrial Design San Francisco, USA 6 months, 2016

FH Joanneum Bachelors Degree Industrial Design Graz, AUSTRIA

UmeĂĽ Institute of Design Masters Degree Advanced Product Design UmeĂĽ, SWEDEN

3 years, 2011-2014

2 years, 2015-2017

Industrial Design Munich, GERMANY 6 months, 2015

Industrial Design Stockholm, SWEDEN 6 months, 2014

User Centered Design, Strategic Design

red dot Concept Award 2016

Adobe Creative Suite

IDEA 2016, Finalist

Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects

iF Student Design Award 2016

3 D modelling

if Student Design Award 2016

Solid Works, Alias, Rhino, KeyShot, Maxwell Render

iF Student Design Award 2015

Prototyping, model making

hansgrohe Designprize by iF 2015

Visualization (sketching, rendering)

Core77 Design Awards 2015, Runner up Core77 Design Awards 2015, Noteable

Helping Companies getting the most out of their Intellectual Property

IP Enterprise Solutions Software Engineering and Software Product Design Professional work 2006 - 2011

The Goal

Integrating all stakeholders into the IP process

Value of Intellectual Property Enterprise Value Intellectual Capital (IC)

30-50 %

of Enterprise Value

IP Intangible Book Value Tangible Book Value

IP Departments

Research & Developement

Empowering companies to make more out of their most valuable business asset. Unycom clients

Business Units

IP Law Firms and Service Provider

Patent and Trademark Offices

and many more


A state-of-the-art IP management system forms the visionary horizon of a company and serves to maintain its dynamic innovative capability. Dr. Christian Hahner Head of IP & Technology, DAIMLER

Unycom Business


Ready-to-use solution for businesses of all sizes

Ideas & Inventions

IP Portfolio

Teams & Processes

IP Rights

Communication & Collaboration

Performance Features

Unycom Enterprise


Integrated solution for unifying global IP management

Unycom Law Firm


Comprehensive solution for IP law firms




IP rights managed

Payments to inventors

Software users worldwide

Detecting SKIN Irregularities To Prevent SKIN Cancer

Skin Scan Medical Design

Individual project April - June 2015 in cooperation with

Analyzing Philips portfolio and competitors Analyzing life stage health issues Analyzing female / male health issues

Life stages health issues

Feedback session Philips representative (Özgur Tasar)

Prioritizing areas of interest in multiple iterations

„How might we...“ creative session

Female / male health issues

Personal review and decision

„How might we....“ ...detect skin irregularities in an early stage to prevent cancer?

SkinScan | Facts & Figures

Skin cancer is the most common cancer type Prostate Cancer Breast Cancer Lung Cancer Colorectal Cancer

Skin Cancer new cancer cases per year (US)

235.000 233.000 224.000 136.800


Facts & Figures | SkinScan

Healthy moles can transform to skin cancer intense exposure to UV light northern Europe skin type melanoma in the family disorders in DNA human papillomavirus (cervical cancer) immunosuppression

moles _high numbers of ordinary moles (more than 20) _one huge moles („liver spot“) _multiple atypical moles _injured mole

SkinScan | Skin Cancer Diagnose

Skin cancer can be diagnosed mainly by visual check Visual

6 mm


One half is different than the other half

Border integrity

The edges are noticed, uneven, or blurred


The colours brown, tan and black are present


Bigger than 6 mm

Cell tissue check Electrical impedance spectroscopy Method to „look“ under the skin by sending a harmless electrical signal


Changes during time

Skin Cancer Treatment | SkinScan

The goal is to detect and remove skin cancer at the first stage Melanoma

healthy mole

stage 1

stage 2

stage 3 epidermis


blood stream


surgical removal

Odds of survival

100 %

radiation therapy chemotherapy

10 %

SkinScan | User Testing

Ergonomics study („banana scan“)

„Am I done?!“

Revisioning the concept regarding the study results

+ handheld device

80% app

Design Process

| SkinScan

common core

concept ideation 1:1 clay models

cad modelling

design variations Design

ideation sketching

SkinScan | Technical Components

LED LED frame ring

parabolic shaped, reflecitve frame

Final Design | SkinScan


protective glass

camera electrodes sensor

on|off button

battery powered inductive charging

Usage Scenario | SkinScan

The app reminds you to perform the inspection. Turn on the device.

Connect your phone with the device.

SkinScan | Usage Scenario

The optical inspection is done by hovering over your skin. The app will indicate the areas you have already scanned.

If a suspicious area is detected, double check the area with the impedance spectroscopy function by placing the device on your skin.

„You missed something!“

SkinScan | Tracking Function

With the app it is also possible to track changes on your body over time. With this data, you are perfectly prepared for a possible visit to your doctor.

Klick here to see the story behind SkinScan


poc screw driver Branding & Parametric modelling Individual project March 2014 internal project

POC Screw Driver | The Task

screw driver

function X

brand X

an existing no-name screw driver for $ 15

a new feature that would add value

a brand that is not jet producing screw drivers

POC Screw Driver | Functions

Problem 1 Drilling in a corner often causes troubles. You cannot position the screw driver in an optimal position to have full control of the action. Screw heads are getting damaged.

optimal angle

angle to access

Off-centered drill for better access in corner

Functions | POC Screw Driver

Problem 2 If you have to hold the object you want to fix in position and then the screw driver is out of reach this is very inconvenient.

Always have the screwdriver at hand

POC Screw Driver | Brand

recessed offsets

organic curves

fading edge


orange black grey

split line

high contrast

material mix

colour scheme

Brand analysis

Feasability check

Photoshop rendering

1:1 clay models

Ideation sketching

Designfreeze in

20 h

POC Screw Driver | Model Making

parametric modelling

rapid prototyping


modelling in Solid Works

printing the screw driver parts

cleaning the parts from support material

Model Making | POC Screw Driver



re-arranging the electronic componentens customizing the functions

assembling of customized mechanic and electronic components

finalizing painting screw driver parts, branding sewing screw driver packaging

POC Screw Driver | Technical Components

custom made gears (off-center function)

switch drill direction


circuit board

switch on/off charging plug

centered drill


off-centered drill

Final Design | POC Screw Driver

POC Screw Driver | Prototype

With the elastic strip you can always keep the screw driver at hand by fixing it on the back of your hand.

exploring new materials for bathroom faucets

eve Form & Interaction Individual project September 2014 in cooperation with

FM Mattsson

eve | Concept



tactile reasonable


How could we increase the awareness of our daily water consumption and encourage people to use less water in a playful way?



increase the awareness of your every-day water consumption

compare your results with your friends via social media


safe the environment by consuming less water

Concept | eve

less is more

material mix




eve | Interaction

Faucet displays today water amount used (according to your set goal). 100 % water left

50 % water left

10 % water left

0 % water left


Interaction | eve For more information about the interaction concept check out the video.

Extention of the faucet display. alert you are running out of water

settings configure your daily challenge

statistics shows your water consumtion

social media share your results on facebook

water app

eve | Colour & Trim

concrete raw

ceramic glazed

ceramic raw

The combination of new materials in context of faucets like ceramics or concrete with the classic metals offers endless variations.

Introducing People to the world of Fungi in an engaging way

Fungus Follows Function Speculative Design Individual project Oct - Dec 2016 in cooperation with

my:celium | Superpower of Fungus

Superpower of Fungus

Material of the future


fungus is a sustainable alternative material for furniture, packaging and textiles, even fake leather can be made out of fungus

symbiotic mykorrhiza fungus can replace vertilizer and make plants climate change proof in an eco-friendly way

Mycelium based furniture


Superpower of Fungus | my:celium

Health Benefits many fungus have a great impact on the human body and mind, they can even cure mental illnesses like anxiety and depression

Penicillium notatum

Biggest Health Challenges by 2030 Depression Cancer Antimicrobial Resistance Diabetes

Fungus offer sustainable and Eco-friendly solutions for a lot of mankinds biggest problems of the future. Fungus are getting more and more attention in the medical field, because of its great impact on the human body and mind.


Lentinula edodes

anti-viral anti-inflammatory anti-tumorous effect cures allergies boosts immune defense

my:celium | Technology Shift

Technology Shift - Biotechnology on the Rise Every era has its technology. An en depth understanding of biotechnologies will be crucial to keep up with the development and be prepared for the future.

„A combination of nano-, bio- and information technology will revolutionise healthcare...“ Trend Report 2030, ESPAS

Mechanical Engineering

Information Technology


How might we...? | my:celium

How might we empower people to respond to future health issues and enhance our knowledge in the field of biotechnologies? introducing them to the kingdom of fungi!

my:celium | Introduction to Fungus

How to grow fungus - a short introduction to this species Growing and reproducing mushrooms is nearly impossible in a home environment. It requires a lot of experience and a sterile laboratory-like work space to succeed...

bunsen burner


Introduction to Fungus | my:celium

failed clone - contaminated

petri dish

hepa - filter flow hood, gloves, alcohol, etc.


Mycelium vs. Mold I learned how cultivate and grow fungus and how to extract the pure mushroom culture (mycelium) and the biggest challenge is to avoid contaminations sterile working is crucial! successful clone

Minimal Set up I tried to clone fungus with a very limited set up (disinfection detergent, petri dishes with agar agar nutrient, scalpel, lighter, gloves, breathing mask)

Keep it Clean I tried to work as sterile as possible, but because of the fact that I was not using a recommended glove box or HEPA-filter flow workbench, I had a quite poor success rate (many contaminated petri dishes).

Culture Incubator To encourage the mycelium to grow, I kept them in a warm but breathable box.

Grow Environments I tried out different environments to grow fungus fruits out of the extracted cultures. As there is a high humidity (plastic bag/bucket to keep them humid) and a constant temperature needed for the fungus to grow, it was hard to achieve that in my home or school environment.

Colonizing Phase In the first stage of mushroom growth, the white fluffy mycelium hyphae is growing all over the substrate, in this case the substrate is coffee grounds.

Fruiting Phase When the mycelium has infected all the substrate it will start to grow mushroom fruits.

my:celium | Components

grow sphere - upper section tinted glass simulates forrest shadow double walled glass (rotate the outer shell to open/close it) up to 8 bulbs capacity

rotating platform for easy takeout water humidifier and temperature regulation unit

grow shere - lower section simulates underground up to 10 bulbs

individual lightning as different fungus have different needs

Components | my:celium

my:celium The my:celium system provides you with the environment and tools that are needed to cultivate fungi. It introduces you to the kingdom of fungi in an easy and engaging way.

With my:celium you can grow delicious and healthy mushrooms - be part of the process that is usually hidden from the human eye by bringing the beauty of nature into your home.

grow bulb clone pen

pen station culture archive and educational hub projects fungus info and tutorials

my:celium | Process

How my:celium works


take a sample or the mushroom tissue quick and easy with the pen (no lab or sterilizing needed)


sample will be stored inside the pen, fungus culture will start to grow along the nutrition stick inside the pen



a piece of the fully grown fungus put a piece of the culture sti culture on the nutrition stick can into a new grow pod filled w growing substrate be used to grow new fungi (= equivalent to a plant seed)

ick with

Process | my:celium


colonizing phase _no daylight _temp. 10 - 15 °C _humidity 90%


fruiting phase _individual lightning _temp. 20 - 22 °C _humidity 90%

Utilize the power of fungi to your personal needs. You will learn about this humble and highly underrated species and will start to love them.

Klick here to see the full story of the my:celium system


SMART Sharing System for cleaning appliances


Sharing is Käring KÄRCHER @ smart_home Team project March - June 2013 in cooperation with

population boom

limited space

limited ressources


“The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.� Socrates

Sharing is Käring | Trend


The ‘SHARECONOMY ‘ trend, away from private property towards shared resources, has spread to all areas of life.

Hiring & giving away Swapping Flat sharing Co-working Car sharing Mobility Child care Finance

Sharing is Käring | App

Start KÄRCHER app.

Choose „dirt scan“.

Take photo of dirt.

App | Sharing is Käring

Tool suggestion.

Find sharing station.

With its smart sharing system, Kärcher can find its way into every urban household. A smartphone app provides advice on cleaning matters, shows where the nearest Kärcher equipment is located, and allows the user to book the required devices. The payment of the sharing service is made online.

Sharing is Käring | Sharing Station

A sharing station consists of different modules. The basic module provides a variety of configurations for the station. The station is therefore easy to adapt and maintain. At the station, it is also possible to buy original Kärcher detergents and accessories such as towels for the steam cleaner. For this purpose, a vending machine module can be used.

1 module

Sharing Station | Sharing is Käring

innumerable variations

on campus

in housing estate

Dominik team member

tape rendering


cardboard prototype


Rethinking the Loading and Transportation of Ore

Autoloader // Haultec

Individual project

November 2014 - January 2015

in cooperation with

Autoloader_Haultec | Research

Kiruna UmeĂĽ

Design 1.365 meter below ground

LKAB invited us to visit their mine in Kiruna - the world‘s largest underground iron ore mine. For more information about our research trip check out the video on vimeo.

production drilling -1.045 m

workshop -775 m

That‘s me

safety room -1.365 m

control center on ground

interviews on ground

identifying user characteristics

analyzing mining process and tools

brainstorming on concepts

Design Process | Autoloader_Haultec Analyzing and structuring material from field trip _Knowledge about _mining process / vehicles / tools _LKAB stakeholder analysis _LKAB strategy _Atlas Copco strategy _Identifying user characteristics, persona _Trends (Social, Environmental, Technical)

Visual social persona diagram

Brainstorming on concepts

Priorizing in multiple iterations

Most potential design fields

Scenario role play

Personal review of all material

Autoloader_Haultec | Problem

How could we eliminate the haul and return time? Loading

Return Haul


The shorter that cycle is, the lower the cost per ton gets. There is a lot of potential in reducing the haul and return times to increase the efficency.


Concept | Autoloader_Haultec

Separating the loading from hauling and dumping



Haul and Dump

splitting big rocks

autonomous loading machine

several autonomous trailers

Autoloader_Haultec | Concept

Load-Haul-Dump bucket capacity:

32 t (4 m3)

4 min 00 sec

loading: hauling, dumping, returning:

cycle time:

Stationary Loader + Wagons Loader output: wagon capacity:

32 t (4 m3)

5 min 15 sec

0 min 15 sec


1 min 00 sec

3 min 45 sec

+ 50 % rock-split-factor

1 min 30 sec

hauling, dumping, returning:

3 min 45 sec

8 t / min

4 m3 / min

cycle time:

21,3 t / min

Increasing efficiency and flexibilty by dividing the workload

Autoloader_Haultec | Concept

long-distance transport transport to surface

hauling & dumping

Integrated System These automated wagons could be used all over the mine and can adapt to different situations and mine layouts.

transport on level

Concpet | Autoloader_Haultec

Collective Cognitive Haul-Dump Wagons

automated operation/navigation information exchange self-organizing redundancy („back up“) battery-powered inductive charging


Technical Package


Sketching + Photoshop rendering

CAD modelling

Model making

Final Design

Autoloader // Haultec A flexible, efficient and economic system for underground mining.

Autoloader_Haultec | Components

boom rail + cover rock breaker

conveyer belt (2x) rake shovel

rail (rubber cover)

cable rail + cable When the loader drives into the drift and unwinds the cable, the rail will keep the cable in a certain distance to the loader. The cable will be placed on the tunnel‘s edges and is protected.

Drive mode | Autoloader_Haultec

11.993 Sandvik LH 621 Atlas Copco Scooptram ST-2G 7.109 4.997 Autoloader 2.500 Haultec Compare the size of the Autoloader and the Haultec wagon to regular LDHs.

To shrink the vehicle, the boom arm slides on the rail to the back of the loader, and the front conveyor belt slides on top of the second one. The loader is decreasing to a minimum length to have a low turning radius. For the narrow tunnels that is a crucial factor.

Alex Liebert Atlas Copco

Paco Lindoro Atlas Copco

Patricia Boeg-Jensen LKAB

Final presentation Feedback

Scale model


Autoloader // Haultec A flexible, efficient and economic system for underground mining.

Urban Terrain

3SRT_Benelli enters urban terrain Team project October 2013 - January 2014 in cooperation with

A sustainable vehicle concept for individual mobility in urban areas

3SRT | Conflict

growing cities

more traffic rising costs €

Desire for individual mobility remains

Let‘s go!

more restrictions §

noise, pollution, lack of space, stress

qualitiy of life decreases :-(

1.2 persons / car short ranges

Future mobility challenges have to be faced in city environment

Research urbanization | 3SRT

There are currently 23 megacities with population over 10 million Tokyo Mumbai Mexico City New York Sao Paulo Shanghai Kolkata Delhi Beijing Chongqing London Dhaka

Buenos Aires Los Angeles Karachi Cairo Rio de Janeiro Paris Rhein-Ruhr Osaka Manila Moscow Istanbul

Tokyo Mumbai Shanghai Beijing Delhi

1900 | 1990 | Top

2010 | 2030 | 2050 |

urban country

2 persons per second move into a city

5 cities in 2025

36 cities more than 10 mio. inhabitants in 2025 (now 23)

Benelli enters urban terrain

3SRT | Technical package

To prove our technical concept, we worked out different prototpyes. This Lego prototype _consist of parallelogram frame _includes seat adjustment _includes a hydraulic cylinder _automatic shape shift function triggerd via switch


To get an idea of the dimensions of the package which we planned to implement, we built a very quick mock up.

1:1 mock-up

Design | 3SRT

The overall paradigm of the design is “form follows function�. The core frame has to be shaped in a specific way to offer the shape-shift functionality. Every component of the exterior influences every other in a very strong way. Every component has to be carefully synchronized with every other one. Prototyping during ideation is a must.


We had to learn more about the behaviour of different types of textiles, when they are stretched over a frame structure. _What kind of surfaces can be created? _What tension will result on the surfaces? _What is the effect of overlapping layers?

Textile shaping

3SRT | Shape & shift

Length: 2.3 m Height: 1.3 m Width: 1.3 m

cruise mode

The 3SRT will offer a mode that is optimized for driving fast and save on f reeways in the suburban area. Therefore the wheelbase will increase and the centre of gravity of the vehicle will be low.

Length: 1.8 m Height: 1.5 m Width: 1.3 m

city mode

For the usage in dense city traffic the wheelbase will be shortened and the seat will move into an upright position. This offers a good field of view that is needed to navigate through this environment.

Length: 1.2 m Height: 1.3 m Width: 1.3 m

park mode

The 3 SRT is able to shrink to a minimum size when it’s parking so that every space can be used. No time-consuming searching for parking space anymore.

Park scenario | 3SRT

3SRT | Modell making

Modell making | 3SRT

The physical model consist of 3D printet parts that we finished, coated and covered with textiles.


neon lights

purple yellow

shades of grey

Individualizing | 3SRT

The 3SRT will offer a variety of customization possibilities, so that everybody is able to adapt the vehicle to his or her personal style and needs. You will be proud to say

„Thats my style“

For more information check the full project report on


selected works from Master "Advanced Product Design" (Umeå Institute of Design) Bachelor "Industrial Design" (FH Joanneum)

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