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The cost of alliances part 3 March 2018 Edition We continue with the question of “What is the cost of alliances”, and cover the Distribution Giants of Healthcare

How can there only be 3 or 4? As we covered in the second edition of how a group purchasing organization is an organized approach to healthcare contracting and pricing with a manufacturer and or supplier, we will now look to who really takes the beating in the GPO landscape, and how they are fighting back.

Cardinal Health in Joint Venture with Henry Schein A hip-hop artist recently used the verse, “what’s better than one billionaire..two”! Cardinal Health has by far been the HEMI engine behind GPO’s as a global distribution partner to ensure pricing, logistics, and pricing are strongly enforced to the acute and non-acute market. In 2014-15 Cardinal officials thought to separate their acute and non-acute business, but they passed this extreme undertaking with the best market play possible. Once Henry Schein was tagged as the official non-acute arm of

Cardinal Health, the market landscape changed.

McKesson The pharmaceutical giant is just as strong as a power player as Cardinal and Henry Schein servicing items from feminine hygiene products to medical devices, but also has a very powerful set of information technology systems at their fingertips. McKesson recently purchased a North Carolina based healthcare entity to strengthen their IT base of knowledge and expand their own reach. Where Cardinal and Henry Schein are strong in their supply chain and logistics, McKesson is truly competing as a country would in the Olympics.

Issue Date 2018 The Year = Rebranding? So far thousands of updating emails occurred in the healthcare industry. Is 2018 the year of rebranding and renaming your company?

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Owens & Minor (O&M) Owens & Minor is still a strong competitor to Cardinal/Henry Schein, and McKesson, but does not seems to have the same goals in mind. O&M strong hold within a hospital setting is that they plant an O&M internally to be at the ready for a hospital’s request and logistical demands.

Will my GPO and Distro Build my next hospital or any other construction? Let’s explore more about this important topic.

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“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, just do not stop”. The Chairman of Dauntless Holdings Group, Joey Lawrence, explains the rebranding boom of 2018. “I know about 10 companies, alongside Eiikon that took a page out of the universal calling to rebrand this year, but I did not know so many got the memo. Eiikon, LLC was created out of opportunity and an inspiration of the burning question of “why”. I was always motivated by 5 strong mentors, and all of them continued to tell me, “never stop”. Once I was told to stop a program that was beyond mind blowing, I had to figure out how to slowly keep moving forward, thus, Eiikon (pronounced icon). Eiikon, LLC became Eiikon Healthcare Alliance in December 2017; which was a crowning achievement to failures, non-recognition, and, then graduation.

partner, we quickly learned our beloved Seagate Alliance was also rebranding to Pandion Optimization Alliance. At the end of that phone call we reached out to our other GPO partner, and found that the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) was changing their name and business structure after selling part of their non-acute business to Premier. The name Acurity was said, and my team looked at each other like “wow”. Returning to Charlotte for the holidays I saw a banner saying Carolinas HealthCare System is Atrium Health!

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2018 is truly the year of the new care scent for healthcare entities”.

In numerous conversations with our GPO


Can a GPO build a hospital? If your GPO can only show you healthcare items, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals, and no construction contracts…change your GPO immediately. Your GPO must see that the construction boom is not just for the construction companies, and GSA programs. FEMA approached Eiikon Healthcare Alliance through the Healthcare Committee of the Minority Chamber of Commerce looking for GPO contracts for US territories, and South Florida. During the expo with the FEMA representative, Eiikon Healthcare Alliance learned the very little GPOs are bidding on construction contracts. Having a powerful GPO contract with a construction partner, and a distribution partner contract like Grainger, a GPO or Distro should be looking

to the construction opportunities in their markets to see where they could win in the bidding process. Think how Eiikon Healthcare Alliance thinks in the international market. “If we build the hospital or clinic, we technically own the entity from the ground up”. After winning the bid for construction, one motivated GPO can supply the new construction from vending machines to the hospital beds, and pharmaceuticals. Once a GPO has completely embedded themselves to the new construction, there’s a very slim chance the GPO is forgotten at the budget committee table.

Eiikon the cost of alliances part 3  
Eiikon the cost of alliances part 3  

The edition covers the distribution engines behind GPOs and the market landscape they cover.