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PROFILES OF SUCCESS Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons LTD Reading, Pennsylvania

Opthalmological Record Storage

Problem Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons LTD recently underwent construction and took that as an opportunity to improve and consolidate their patient record and eye chart filing system.

Solution The system that they chose to use was Datum’s MobileTrak5®. The proprietors were looking to keep the existing, modern look of the office, so they chose recessed track for the MobileTrak5® System. This gave the system a more sleek and innovative look, eliminating the decking and continuing the existing carpet underneath.

Datum utilizes design programs to create 3D color renderings for customers to see exactly what their unique storage system will look like in their facility, from size and scale to color and aesthetic appeal, before the system is purchased.

The unit itself is comprised of a MobileTrak5® System with 8 high 4Post™ reference shelving. The shelves are letter sized, and they include posting shelves for convenient, temporary workspaces. The ends of the mobile were completed with 3 piece melamine end panels in a complimenting color.

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Profiles of Success - Berks Eye  

Medical records stored in a moblie system.