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VOICE OF VILLAGES In Andhra Pradesh presently there were approximately 28 thousand villages. Of these more than 70% were backward areas. How pity is this? There was a famous saying that “INDIA LIES IN ITS VILLAGES” but what is happening today?

So many villages don’t even have schools, some don’t have electricity at all, and some even don’t have water facility. Imagine their lives without having basic requirements. In India more than 75% of population in villages is below the poverty line. They are somehow are being suppressed by others. The problem is at the roots. City people enjoy luxury but villagers won’t. At present they were facing 10 hours power cut by the government. There were days that they faced even 12 hours power cut. There were so many problems apart this. We are exhausted by seeing all this nonsense. So this department has born to solve those problems that “villages” as well as “villagers”

facing. So we set up the department called “VOICE OF VILLAGES”. There were no proper schools in villages. They have to walk-

- Approximately 5km to study. The worst thing is there is no water facility at all. People have to walk to get 2 bucket full of water. Some villages do not have sufficient toilets. Is this is right way they are living, is they don’t have equal rights? SO, this is what VOICE OF VILLAGES is. We have to visit one village once in a month and will know all their problems that they are facing and try to resolve them. People in villages don’t know exactly the right choice of presenting their problems. Even if they do, they don’t get any sort of help. So being educated persons we should represent their problems and should try our level best in resolving them. LET’S JOIN OUR HANDS TO CHANGE THE LIVES OF VILLAGERS AND TO CHANGE VILLAGE. Ultimately our goal should be INDIA LIES IN ITS VILLAGES


its all about villages

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