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Impackt is an instrument for navigating, for locating a critical position - or also for losing ones position - in the great sea of packaging, taken as being a cultural form in the widest possible sense, the means by which we relate to merchandise, consumption, the world. Impackt sets out to be a vehicle of knowledge and lateral reflection which crosses and re-crosses the boundaries of many different sources of knowledge (theoretical, literary, artistic, technical, anthropological, etc). Impackt, a magazine-guide with strong impact in terms of graphics and content, will arouse the interest of a discerning public, aware of new trends and ready to be disoriented as a critical act

Tourist guide to the physical and psychological landscape of packaging

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Italia Imballaggio 03_08  
Italia Imballaggio 03_08  

ItaliaImballaggio: rivista per gli utlizzatori e produttori di materiali, macchine, attrezzature e componenti per l'imballaggio (Marzo 2008)