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Marketing & Design The alchemy of desires HYPNÔSE HOMME LANCÔME


L’Oréal PDL Italia

Inter Parfums

Nose: Paoline Zanoni - Maurice Roucel Essence: Symrise Packaging: n.d.

Nose: Natalie Grazia Cetto Packaging: Paul Smith - Alan Aboud

Family Fougère amber Head: Fresh green and spicy Heart: Aromatic green and floral Base: Sensual, amber and mossy So full of contrasts and yet integral. A constellation of characters which gives a man charisma, endowing him with a hypnotic seductive power. For him Lancôme has created Hypnôse Homme, and has embodied it in a vertically twisting, heavy, angular glass bottle that expresses movement and energy (like the fragrance which is simultaneously amber and fresh). The master stroke of the small sculpture is the large, elegant and masculine shiny black stopper. For the “real” man who, in the commercial directed by Wong Kar-wai, is impersonated by a seductive Clive Owen, with catlike moves and bewitching green eyes.

Family Green woody Head: Grapefruit, bergamot, note of green ivy Heart: Transparent flowers, Haitian vetiver Base: Cedar wood, musk, mineral amber A journey, a story, an adventure of the senses and the mind…Perfumes, like books, transport you elsewhere. Composing them is like writing story. The story materialises in the fresh and energising notes on a warm and sensual background and the shape of the snow-white box which opens onto a black-mysterious “first page” with a disorientating trompe l’oeil effect. Marked with elegant colours jet black and blood red - and with the Olivetti lettering that has made many a great investigative journalist famous, the box reveals a shiny slender bottle, also in the shape of a book, lightly coloured in a magical green. Guaranteed to spellbind.


Passion for adventure POLO EXPLORER RALPH LAUREN

Beauté Prestige International

L’Oréal PDL Italia

Nose: Francis Kurkdjian

Nose: Olivier Cresp Essence: Firmenich Packaging: Ralph Lauren

Family Fougére with a heart of musk Head: Floral quiver of violet Heart: Boisé quiver of patchouli Base: Amber quiver Instead of a luminous “nothing” in which the transparency of the glass changes colour, the Narciso bottle appears “full” of opaque and thick pigment - a fascinating stone grey which stimulates the senses and imagination - giving no hint of what is inside. A pure, timeless shape, the very essence of mystery. For the rest, the packaging is sheer design, inspired by antique Chinese ampolla with the large shiny stopper, the heaviness of the stout bottle, the elegant and minimalist shiny grey box.. It all makes for chic. Like the sophisticated and charismatic fragrance, rich in nuances which emerge over time, characterised by the signature scent of the designer, that exotic oil of Egyptian musk he favours for himself.

48 • 3/08

Family Boisé amber Head: South African mandarin, Sicilian bergamot Heart: Cuban mahogany, Australian sandalwood Base: Argentinean mate, South seas amber Masculinity and sophistication emerge straightaway from the packaging of the new fragrance Polo Explorer. Designed to evoke the idea of exploration and travel, the bottle liberally draws on the world of adventure, starting with the green of the enamel which puts the finishing touch to the glass. The stopper is has a grip made of black rubber with an orange stripe, almost as though it wished to contain the explosion of energy springing from the fresh, boisé and amber perfume it contains. Designed and created to take its wearers around the world, Polo Explorer has a fresh, masculine and rough signature whose key

ingredients are South African mandarin, Sicilian bergamot, Cuban mahogany and Australian sandalwood.

Black flower TOM FORD FOR MEN

Nature is culture TOKYO BY KENZO

Nose: Tom Ford Essence: Givaudan Packaging: Pochet

LVMH Italia

Nose: Marie Salamagne Essence: Firmenich Packaging: Serge Mansau - Kashiwa Sato Family Aromatic electric woody Head: Ginger, grapefruit, lemon Heart: Shiso, cardamom, mate, green tea Base: Pink pepper, bitter orange, guaiac wood, nutmeg An explosion of light dances in fragments between the tangled branches of the trees; the colourful brightness of the headlights and lamps glides by quickly, creating long trails in the too short night of the Japanese megalopolis… The classic bamboo which has always inspired Kenzo fragrance packaging takes on a hue of light and modernity to suggest the joyful adrenaline rush of experiencing Tokyo by night. So the traditional bottle (by Luigi Bormioli) “bent by the wind” is coloured in black and racing headlights, while the box goes wild with the phantasmagorical colours of nature. Like the explosive yellow of ginger, lemon and grapefruit which open the unusual fragrance; or the bright green of the herbs which make up its heart, together with the vibrant red of the berries and the inky darkness of the woods and spices which add depth and lastingness to the fragrant base of precious perfumes.

Estée Lauder div. Estée Lauder Italia

Family Classic woods Head: Mediterranean citrus fruits, oil of lemon leaves, Calabrian bergamot, mandarin peel, riot of basil, violet leaves, ginger Heart: Tunisian orange blossom, black pepper, tobacco leaves, flower of Moroccan grapefruit Base: Amber, cedar wood, Virginia patchouli, vetiver, oak wood, leather, skin, roe deer The heart of the first masculine fragrance by the famous Texan designer and man behind the renaissance of the Gucci brand, is a clever blend of rare and precious ingredients in their purest form; a luxurious and complex bouquet. Tom Ford, the name of the fragrance, is presented in a bottle with clean, rounded contours, decorated with thin stripes that exalt the golden transparency of the fragrance. The pack is “Tom Ford” down to the last detail, from the haute couture details such as the little golden cord which adorns the neck to the 18 k gold plated tags with the trademark in chiselled letters. Accompanied by a gold on black box, the perfume is a remarkable development of flowery notes: the sensuality of the incense, the infusion of black pepper, the absolute of the tobacco leaves and the exclusive Moroccan grapefruit flower, hand picked three times a year.

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ItaliaImballaggio: rivista per gli utlizzatori e produttori di materiali, macchine, attrezzature e componenti per l'imballaggio (Marzo 2008)