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modern Cinderella, able however to transform herself into a bold, sensual and infinitely fascinating heroine. The bottle plays with the deep blue shades of night and the delicate range of its thousand nuances give it a fascinating depth. The universe of the full moon and its silvery glow is found in the silver lettering engraved on the glass, which recall that on the stroke of midnight, anything can happen…For the fragrance, François Demachy (parfumeur créateur of maison Dior) has created not a classic floral bouquet but a brand new, modern, opulent scent with a strong personality: a fairy-tale fragrance with a mysterious heart that tunes with the notes of amber patchouli.

Urban charme and poetic chic NAF NAF

The glass bottle imitates the design of perfume bottle of the past. It has a sober yet incredibly sophisticated shape which creates an elegant modernity. It is decorated with the historical Prada logo, reproducing the crest and knots of the Savoia royal family, embossed on the classical and smooth packaging, slightly off-centre on a pale green background, the characteristic colour of the maison. From the imposing bottle to the freshness of the iris, the apparent contradictions find a balance in the sensuality and the emotional and physical aspects of the fragrance. Infusion d’Iris does not fit in with the standard stereotyped female scents but is a blend of contrasts, a clever combination of pale Florentine iris and Sicilian mandarin with galbano, lentisk, incense, vetiver and cedar wood.

Jacques Bogart Italie

Classical effervescence VERSACE

Nose: Bernard Ellena Essence: Symrise Packaging: Thierry de Baschmakoff (Aestete)


Family Floral oriental fruity Head: Mango, candied apple, bergamot Heart: Orchid, iris, rose Base: Vanilla, raspberry, blonde wood, patchouli, musk A magnificent object with an elegant and flowing shape animated by delicate raised dimples, the bottle of the new perfume Naf Naf is cone shaped and echoes classical atmospheres. The stopper too is classical and elegant, printed with the logo whose shape and golden colour recalls those of precious perfumes of other ages. The delicate box, resembling old lace, evokes the same mood. Golden and joyous, the whole is distinctly glamorous just like the fragrance it contains , a bold combination of mango, bergamot, iris, rose, musk , vanilla and patchouli.

Like in a dream PRADA INFUSION D’IRIS Puig Italia

Nose: Daniela Andrier Essence: Givaudan Packaging: Miuccia Prada Family Flowery boisé Symphony of notes Pale Florentine iris, Sicilian mandarin, orange blossom, galbano, lentisk, benzoin, incense, vetiver, cedar wood

The colors of the Mediterranean VIVARA EMILIO PUCCI LVMH, Italia

Nose: François Demachy - Natalie Gracia Cetto Marie Aude Bluche Essence: LVMH Packaging: Helle Damkjaer Family Flowery green radiant feminine Head: Galbano, Calabrian bergamot, bitter almond Heart: Sambac jasmine, orange blossom, narcissus Base: Florentine iris, vetiver, patchouli Emilio Pucci imagined the famous print Vivara while he was flying over the Mediterranean and watching the

An antidote to banality ANTIDOTE VIKTOR&ROLF L’Oréal PDL Italia

Nose: loc dong Essence: Iff Packaging: Euroitalia Family flowery Head: Living, dew drops, hydroponic guava, icy black currants, purple wisteria, lilac Heart: Lotus flower, white water lily, living atmospheric orchid, living jasmine angel wing, living azalea snowbird Base: Musk, warm and delicate woods, Moroccan cedar wood, bourbon vetiver, Cachemere wood, cedramber The packaging studied for the new Versace fragrance is a sophisticated packaging which perfectly reflects the soft and sensual fragrance it contains. The precious and linear bottle recalls the stark shapes of modern design. However, at the same time it provides the frame for a classical symbol dear to the maison: the golden medusa which is raised like a bas relief. The box, silky to the touch, elegant and feminine, is a soft ivory colour embellished with golden shimmers, taking up the classical themes of the medusa and Hellenic Greece. All this elegance contains a flowery, fresh and effervescent fragrance, characterised by dew drops, softened by juicy hydroponic guava and enhanced by frozen touches of black currants.

sun glinting on the waves. Now the motif of bright, shimmering colours naturally adorns the stopper of the bottle making Vivara a trompe-l’oeil object of design. Designed by Danish designer Helle Damkjaer it has a rounded and soft shape like pebbles on the beach. It is not just a simple perfume bottle but an astonishing object, gifted with a perfect balance of shape, material, print and colour. Apparently simple, the bouquet contained in this jewel is in fact multifaceted. The head notes are a veritable invitation to travel: Calabrian bergamot, bitter almond, sambac jasmine, while the deliciously poudré Florentine iris gives the composition an elegant sensuality.

Wake me up! (the essence of a man) ATTITUDE GIORGIO ARMANI Helena Rubinstein Italia - L’Oréal

Nose: Pierre Wargnye - Alienor Massenet Essence: Iff Packaging: Fabien Baron Family Woody oriental Head: Mint, bergamot, Guatamala cardamom Heart: Sambac jasmine, French lavender, nutmeg Base: Amber, Indonesian patchouli, tonka bean Cleverly orchestrated and rich with fecund contradictions- flowery and virile, classic and modern… the fragrance of Antidote is designed to astonish, an antidote to “seen it already”, ideal for a man who is by no means classical. As unique as a tailor-made suit, multifaceted and particular, Antidote comes in a sober glass bottle, with blunted edges, designed by the famous Baron. There is an effective contrast between the mysterious emerald green of the liquid which colours the bottle and the shiny black stopper, embellished by a sealing wax stamp which drips towards the metal plate at the centre of the bottle. The dip tube is invisible and the box is spotlessly white, with black ribbons embossed with the name of the product entwining with the sealing wax stamp that seals a container with a strong symbolic value.

Nose: Oliver Cresp - Annik Menardo - Alberto Morillas Essence: Firmenich Packaging: Baron & Baron Family Fougère Head: Sicilian lemon, coffee absolute Heart: Ceylon cardamom, lavender Base: Chinese cedar, opopanaco, amber The mystery: a black monolith engraved with a series of geometrical motifs, dominated by the impassive reflecting metal stopper (it reveals nothing of the content and the noncolour is all-enveloping). There is no logo. Only the name of the designer, engraved at the top of the bottle, identifies the product. The revelation: the stopper works like a cigarette lighter and the stone sculpture- can it be real? - is transformed into a familiar artefact, male icon of fire, releasing a loveably bitter and sophisticated fragrance (but afterwards the sweet heart opens onto the base of intense woods). This is the bottle-sculpture designed by studio Baron - truly omnipresent for Armani’s new perfume for men, which has no need to assert itself to be powerful, nor any need to flaunt itself to demonstrate its elegance. The cleverly embossed, cultured and sophisticated metallic box in Art

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Italia Imballaggio 03_08  

ItaliaImballaggio: rivista per gli utlizzatori e produttori di materiali, macchine, attrezzature e componenti per l'imballaggio (Marzo 2008)

Italia Imballaggio 03_08  

ItaliaImballaggio: rivista per gli utlizzatori e produttori di materiali, macchine, attrezzature e componenti per l'imballaggio (Marzo 2008)