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the voice of italian packaging

ItaliaImballaggio is an independent magazine, published by Edizioni Dativo Srl, Milan, whose aim is to give voice to the Italian packaging industry in as capable and professional way as possible, while rejecting a conformism that all too often confuses information with advertising. The magazine is divided up into five basic sections - covering marketing and design, statistics and sector trends, management, environment and legislation and lastly, technological and product innovation - all of which including indepth features and news in brief. ItaliaImballaggio has another feature that has allowed it to stand out right from the outset: its graphics, painstaking in the way information is presented and in the visual impact, making the magazine more pleasurable to read and easier to consult. The cover, designed by well-known as well as up-and-coming packaging designers, communications experts, and - starting from 1999 - by worldwide well known artists ably represents the philosophy and the identity of the magazine.

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ItaliaImballaggio: rivista per gli utlizzatori e produttori di materiali, macchine, attrezzature e componenti per l'imballaggio (Marzo 2008)