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dell’acclamato e pluripremiato film “Me and You and everyone we know”. La sua “cosa” è una tenda arrotolabile, stampata su entrambi i lati con due frasi differenti. Su un lato si legge: “If this shade is down I’m not who you think I am” (Se questa tenda è abbassata non sono quello che tu pensi io sia) mentre sull’altro: “If this shade is down I’m begging for your forgiveness on bended knee with tears streaming down my face” (Se questa tenda è abbassata sto chiedendo il tuo perdono in ginocchio e con le lacrime agli occhi). Anne Walsh ha firmato il secondo numero, mentre il prossimo in uscita è a cura di Kota Ezawa. Costo dell’abbonamento annuale a 4 numeri di THE THING? 120 dollari. In fondo poco, se si pensa di avere in cambio un’opera d’arte! Luca Aragone, designer, ha conseguito nel 2004 il Master in Packaging Design presso lo IED di Milano. Attualmente collabora con studi di grafica e design di Milano.

THE THING art in your postbox Luca Aragone


Luca Aragone, designer, in 2004 gained his Master in Packaging Design at the IED, Milan. He currently works with Milan graphics and design studios.


Thanks to an art project born in San Francisco from the creativity of Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan (co-editors), Art enters into our post boxes with the purpose of giving visibility to original projects from emerging artists. The name of the projects is THE THING, that, on a quarterly basis, takes the shape of an object of daily use, revamped for the occasion by the artist at hand, packed up and subsequently sent via post to subscribers. The single artist though is not the only one to be involved in the project, in fact, behind each THING, there is a group of people that work in close contact with the same, who make their capacities available to help create a series of objects thought up by the “author”. The only condition laid down is that the artist-author accompany the object with a wording (after all we are speaking of a publication), so as to give new voice to the object itself and dialogue with the person receiving it through the use of a new language, as is in fact the task of Art. Another interesting characteristic of this project concerns the particular packaging accompanying and protecting the creations. All the packs are entirely made by hand, differently each time, and this is a pleasant and renewed surprise for the receiving subscribers. The author of the first “issue” of the THE THING is Miranda July, multimedial artist and polyedric personality. She is also the director, actress and scriptwriter of the acclaimed and multi-awarded film “Me and You and everyone we know”. Her “thing” is a roll-up curtain, printed on both sides with different sentences. On one side is written: “If this shade is down I’m not who you think I am” while on the other “If this shade is down I’m begging for your forgiveness on bended knee with tears streaming down my face”. Anne Walsh features in the second issue, while the coming issue will be by Kota Ezawa. Cost of the annual subscription of 4 issues of The Thing? 120 dollars. Not much if you reckon you get an art object in exchange!

IMPACKT 01 2008  

n. 1 anno 2008

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