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Tried and Tested Tips For Picking Up Women Picking up women is not as difficult as it is made out. Males who lack self confidence and are insensitive make the mistake of being overtly aggressive. Guys need to be completely at ease with their dating skills for attractive women. Primarily, women prefer to be accompanied by men who are exciting and lead an exciting life. Even if the guy has a boring profession, he needs to emulate the looks of a band leader, the way he walks, displays body language and dresses. Secondly, the best time to pick up women is bars or discos is after dusk while a stripper can be picked up on slow nights when she has less time to perform. Having a female companion also draws a woman's attention. Being different in one's approach from other patrons also helps. Tipping the bar tender, is a sure shot method of obtaining information. Women are attracted towards a male's aloofness. It intrigues them. Picking up women at bars is fairly easy but finding a woman with similar wave length as the partner and the personality that complements the partner is much more difficult. Sophisticated and cultured women look up to those men who have refined taste. Such women are normally available for pick ups at dinner clubs, libraries, charity gatherings or civic events, etc. A dinner club brings people with the same interest and background together for a pleasant evening. Chances of meeting women of one's choice are higher at such clubs where the males do not require special techniques for pick ups. Picking up women at charitable or social events have the advantages of locating women who are caring and are of lovable nature. In martini bars, the median age of women is 30 years and above. They are not only fun loving and enjoy flirting. Other places for approaching dates are shopping malls and parks. Follow Bruce Min's advice on dating Asian women and find your dream mate. Picking up women becomes so much easier when you have a guide to turn back to. Tried and Tested Tips For Picking Up Women, Copyright 2010 by

Tried and Tested Tips For Picking Up Women