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Learn How to Pick Up Women Making friends with the lady of your choice is very useful before asking her out. The managers have a keen eye on the partners, at times providing them with some. So befriending the lady would make your chances better. A very useful and effective way to get closer to the lady you want to go out with, is by entering the club in the early hours. This is the time when the dancers exchange notes and practice their acts. They are usually cool and relaxed at this time. Getting them to talk is best done at this time because their minds are not focused on money making tricks yet. A polite conversation with them gives them the idea that you respect them. Instead of talking more yourself you should allow them to do the talking. This way the relationship grows faster. Never forget to show respect for the profession she is in. Sincere comments in this case are very important. Lies can be detected easily and that would raise doubts in her mind. Many dancers support their family with the help of the money. A compassionate attitude would make them open up further. Intimacy will grow only if you allow the lady to trust you. Since most of their customers watch their body at work it would do you good to appreciate her in a different way. Your compliments on her dress sense or the appreciation of the difficult tricks would place you in a better light. Display genuine interest in all the things she does outside the club. From time to time you could give her sound advice to solve her problems. In this case it is best not to be insistent. Give her the space she requires and yet make her feel you are a phone call away. This will gradually make her dependent on you to a certain degree. Learn how to pick up strippers from Bruce Min's free online newsletter at: Learn How to Pick Up Women, Copyright 2010 by

Learn How to Pick Up Women