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It's Important to Know How to Attract Women Dating a lady is not as simple as it seems. A certain amount of intelligent thinking also needs to be done in order to get the lady you want. When the girl goes up to her chosen customers to demonstrate the lap dance either you should watch looking interested or leave with a smile indicating a free mind. It is definitely not wise to sulk seeing other customers in close proximity. She must be made to understand that you have no intentions of interfering into her business affairs. Before leaving the club it is of course polite to tell her that and also to assure her that you would return to see her performance again. Having done this you are sure to see that she will soon take a fancy in you. If she does not, then it is a sure indication that either you are not preferred or may be she is going steady. Getting too emotional may break your heart. If the girl you have chosen refuses to meet you repeatedly do not get furious for the simple reason that she may be the cautious type and so may be judging you. Do not feel crestfallen if she says no. Do not keep persisting, as that will only irritate her further than bring her closer. Stop requesting her but do not display any displeasure with her as that would eliminate all chances of getting to date her in the future. Whether a lady would accept your invitation or not would depend on where you decide to take her. A far off destination or a flat could be risky for her. A dinner or movie would be a better choice for a date. It is of vital importance that she feels secured in your presence. Keep jokes handy for suitable occasions. Learn how to pick up strippers from Bruce Min's free online newsletter at: It's Important to Know How to Attract Women Copyright 2010 by

It's Important to Know How to Attract Women