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Dating Asian Girls Tips For White Men When you approach Asian women, you want to make sure that you don't lean in when you initially start your conversation. If you are going to neutralize your body language, you will lean back a little bit, and approach them with your body angled sideways, not with your chest directly angled in front of them. This will show you to be neutral about the whole situation. You almost come off with a don't care attitude and show that you don't care if you stay or leave. This is really the mindset that you want to initiate the conversation with. You are making sure that you don't come across as being needy or obsessed with the lady. You want to constantly think smooth, apathetic, and indifferent. Again you want to make sure that your chest is focused and pointing or angled away from them. Your head only turns slightly to initiate a conversation. Don't turn your whole body so that is directly facing the lady that you just initiated the conversation with. If your chest is angled correctly, you will face them with one of your shoulders pointing at them instead of both of them pointing at them. This body language will convey to them that you are willing to leave the conversation at any time. You will also come off as less needy, and focused on other things as well. Now if the lady that you are speaking with seems to want to continue interacting with you, then you should angle your body just a little bit toward her. This will open up the body language a little bit more. This may show that you might be a little bit interested in her. You only do this if she shows that you wants the interaction to continue. If she doesn't, then continue to keep yourself angled away from the direct contact angle. So the lesson is to lean back more often than leaning in. This will spark attraction with Asian women more. To your success, Bruce Min If you want more free tips on how to attract Asian women, then read my free newsletter at: Dating Asian Girls Tips For White Men, Copyright 2010 by

Dating Asian Girls Tips For White Men