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Picking Up Women For Non-Pickup Artists! When men wonder how to attract women, they never consider that it is their state of mind that is actually influencing whether or not women find them attractive! It is true; when I advise men on how to pick up women, one of the first things I tell them is "change your mind, and you will change how women perceive you!" A man needs to truly be comfortable with who he is and what he has to offer a woman if he wants to be successful in the dating game. Self confidence is an asset that dating men must possess or they are doomed to fail each and every time they try to pick up a woman. Most men falsely assume that in order to pick up women, that women expect a man to do something, to behave in a certain way, to say the right things, or the treat them with particular care or attentiveness. While the latter is in fact true, at least in part, what a man is thinking when he is attempting to attract women is far more important than being attentive and possessing the right things to say at the right moment in time. True pick up artists are really successful because they are confident in their abilities to attract women and that confidence is revealed in the male's exterior persona! A man's mindset can be a huge obstacle to the art of attracting women. Men with low self-confidence may indeed have all the right words to say; may be quite handsome and attractive, and may even know how to show a woman a good time, but the lack of self-confidence will eventually leak through the faรงade and it will deter the woman from getting to know the man better. Low self-confidence becomes extremely evident when men try way too hard to pick up women. Low self-esteem equals awkward moments, long silences, and an uncomfortable atmosphere all around. Women love it when a man is confident enough to handle a little lingering silence, and when a man does not force the conversation to flow just to get over issues with dating and/or social anxiety. Believe me, there is absolutely nothing attractive about desperation, and what you are thinking on the inside when trying to attract a woman really shows whether you want it to or not! Women prefer men that know that are important, special, good looking and attractive and who are not afraid to let their confidence show. Now bear in mind, that showing off too much confidence is equally dangerous to the male attempting to pick up women. As a pick up artist at work, the fastest way to send women running off into the wilderness is to become overly zealous about how attractive you are. Not a single woman in this world appreciates someone that acts like a narcissist or someone whose ego is so large that neither he nor the woman he is attempting to attract can fit in the same room with it! A balance must be found when trying to attract women, one where a man can really feel comfortable with himself as he attempts to pick up the women of his choosing. When a man is comfortable with whom he is, only then can he increase his attractability levels. A man that has balanced emotions, realistic expectations of himself, and one that is level headed about his approach to attracting women is the one that really gets women to pay attention! Discover picking up women tips to attract women being yourself. Discover breakthrough techniques BEYOND the old style of pickup so you can pick up, attract, & seduce women by being your natural and true self! Sign up right now for Bruce Min's FREE online newsletter. Click here: Picking Up Women For Non-Pickup Artists! Copyright 2010 by

Picking Up Women For Non-Pickup Artists!  

When men wonder how to attract women, they never consider that it is their state of mind that is actually influencing whether or not women f...

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