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4 Most Useful Pick Up Tips For Men The most experienced daters will tell you that there are a few cardinal pick up tips for men because men never seem to get right the art of picking up a date or seducing a woman with their charm. They most often blunder somewhere and are then left red-faced! Follow the rules given here and be confident on your first date: o Firstly, do not use the standard excuse of 'haven't we met before?' to any woman. She will see right through you and your first chance of securing a date will go kaput. Introduce yourself forthrightly and ask to take her out openly instead of using covert methods to do so. o Secondly, one of the most important rules amongst pick up tips for men is not to lay on the charm too thickly. A smart woman will quickly catch on to the overzealous attempt to seduce her and chances are that you will be given the royal brush-off! Talk pleasantly and then slowly start working your charm. 'Slow and steady' is the mantra here. o Thirdly, do not bore her by talking only about yourself. Nothing puts off a woman more than being stuck with a man who can only talk about how wonderful he is without giving a chance to her to contribute to the conversation. Be interested in what the woman has to say. o Fourthly, do not be a cheapskate if you do manage to pick her up. Taking out a date to a place where you can use your discount coupons will throw your chances of dating her again right out of the window! If you do have any seduction plans this stinginess will definitely put a spanner in your wheel! Try and follow these pick up tips for men to hone the art of dating and seduction and you may be pleasantly surprised. Bruce Min is the macho man giving you his tried and tested pick up tips for men For some more tips on how to attract a woman try visiting his website for some unusual ideas. 4 Most Useful Pick Up Tips For Men, Copyright 2010 by

4 Most Useful Pick Up Tips For Men