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Useful Dating Advice For the Shy Dating a lady needs a certain amount of planning like any other serious job. Though it may seem easy it does require good psychological study. Unless you study the mentality of the girl you will not know whether you are on the right track. Some dancers have the tendency to play along. Make sure that you don't pursue her for long. You could be a laughing stock at the club. Your attitude right from the start should be straight. Let her know your purpose and the intention to take her out for a date. Any attempt to spend a weekend with her is obviously going to be rejected. These are intelligent girls who keep meeting various types of people everyday. They judge people well. The manner of talking should also be polite. Do not try to take them for granted. They are not hard up of men and adulation is a regular affair for them. Sincere interest in them could gradually make them take an interest in you but remember to be patient. Urgency may be misunderstood. Giving her gifts can be a good way to start. Never make the mistake of asking for her real name or address .It means you are trying to keep a track on her and that she would definitely not want. An honest appreciation of her dancing ability is a must. This is because they thrive on the appreciation of their customers. It helps them to assess themselves. A clean remark or praise gives them the confidence. No critical analysis is required here. Try doing something new like buying her a ticket for a concert or a game that she likes. It is important that you find out her preferences through your conversation. To win a girl, give her the freedom she needs to pursue her career. Learn how to pick up strippers from Bruce Min's free online newsletter at: Useful Dating Advice For the Shy Copyright 2010 by

Useful Dating Advice For the Shy