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Social Circle Secrets - How to Attract Women More! A true pickup artist is not always seeking out women to pick up, in truth; many times a pickup artist meets women simply through the process of having a large network of friends, associates, or colleagues. When you are learning how to attract women, if you do not have a social network of friends or you have a small social network, it is time to up things a notch or two! The minute you start meeting people from all walks of life, is the moment in time that you have tapped into one of the biggest secrets in terms of meeting and attracting women. Have you ever heard the expression, "When you stop looking, the one you are looking for will appear?" In a sense, the latter expression is very true; when you stop looking for women solely, and you expand your social interactions to embrace interactions with a variety of different people, you thereby create the opportunity for you to meet, interact with, and attract women! So how does one go about expanding a network of friends? There are plenty of fine opportunities for you to meet new people and make friends. You could engage in your favorite pastime, take up a hobby, and suddenly you will find new friends that share similar interests with you. The Internet is also a fine place to build up your social network so that you can increase your ability to attract women. Bear in mind however, that if you start socially networking on the net, your best bet is to play it safe and to secure yourself a good and solid social network. For example, if you were to start networking using social sites like MySpaceŠ or other social networking sites, you may want to take some safety measures when meeting new people. Not everyone is who they say they are, and it is easy to portray having one persona when you really have another over the Internet. To add to your social networking endeavors, you could also try to hook up with some friends that you liked in the past that you no longer have contact with. Old friends and acquaintances can really be a source where you can encounter a plethora of new, friendly, and beautiful women. Remember your best friend in high school? Do you remember the guys you used to hang out with in college? How about trying to see where they are at in their lives and if they are someone you still might enjoy hanging out with? Hey, what about that class reunion you have been invited to? Why not attend? You never know what kind of new people and faces you may meet through older friends and acquaintances. Like any other techniques you are advised to do when learning how to pick up women, you must realize that if you do not implement the methods provided to you, you will not reap the benefits! Start living your life, expanding your horizons, and getting in touch with friends now. When you do, you will be making significant inroads into your pickup artist success! Learning how to pick up women is, after all, the easy part; now get out there, live, be social, and attract women; you will find the hardest part to get over is the anxiety of doing nothing at all or waiting to act. Discover social circle secrets being yourself. Discover breakthrough techniques BEYOND the old style of pickup so you can pick up, attract, & seduce women by being your natural and true self! Sign up right now for Bruce Min's FREE online newsletter. Click here: Social Circle Secrets - How to Attract Women More! Copyright 2010 by

Social Circle Secrets - How to Attract Women More!  

A true pickup artist is not always seeking out women to pick up, in truth; many times a pickup artist meets women simply through the process...

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