Girls from Belarus - Why are they amazing!

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Girls from Belarus - Why are they amazing! Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. Are there differences? Yes, but you must live in all three countries to understand and recognize these subtle differences. Luckily I succeeded and I am here to tell you what the differences are based on my experience in all three countries. Women in Belarus, such as Ukraine and Russia, focus on families. The family will always be an important factor in Eastern European countries, and Belarus is no exception. You must understand that someone who has conquered the beauty of Belarus and is in a serious relationship will do anything for you.

This is the difference between Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Belarusian girls will try to contribute to relationships in an emotional way, but sometimes also financially. You must understand that this is a big factor because Russian and Ukrainian girls are more traditional. This means that in Russia and Ukraine, husbands also take over women's care. It will never change! Girls from Estonia, Poland and Serbia are a little more independent.

What do you like belarussian girls? Warning: Important Tips!

You have found a great girl and are ready for your first date. Of course it's important to get the game, and that's why I write these important tips to make you fall in love with yourself and your family! Family is number one Probably the most important rule of all. Your family is number one! It doesn't matter how smooth or cool you think. If your mother and grandmother don't like you ... Make sure you always leave a remarkable impression on your parents and grandparents. Bring flowers for women and a bottle of vodka for your father and grandfather. It might take time, but once they accept you, everything will be fine. If you really want to make an impression, I suggest you learn a little Russian. The older generation doesn't speak much English - you will definitely leave a killing impression!

Relaxing adventure This is not very popular in Belarus. If you expect a lot of conversation during your visit to Belarus, you might want to stay home. Most girls are only interested in finding long-term relationships, and you may be lucky, but I know from experience that this is not an everyday event. At least 3 dates are needed before progress can be made. They will test you and once they understand that you are only interested in one thing, they will drop you as fast as the lights. Oh yes, and they will tell all their friends! Impresses her best friend The impression of her best friend is the key. Now you don't want to buy flowers or chocolate,

because they might have sent a wrong message to your date. However, make sure you are always polite to her and involve her in a conversation when she attends one of your meetings. I guarantee that your date asks for a second opinion. So it's better, I'm fine!

Linguistic skills Many people admit that people in Belarus speak Russian, but the mother tongue is actually Belarusian. What difference do you ask? Russia and Belarus have the same Slavic base. However, Russia and Belarus developed separately. Belarusian is more Polish and Ukrainian than Russian. The vocabulary and grammar are similar to Polish, Ukrainian and Byelorus, while Russia only knows how to recognize individual words. And English? Because I have traveled frequently from Moscow to Minsk, I can honestly say that you only find English-speaking people in the capital. Almost nothing outside the capital.