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Welcome to newsletter #11. I can’t believe we’re already on our eleventh newsletter! Time seems to speed up when you get older doesn’t it! We better not waste any time telling you about what’s in store for you this week then had we? This week we’ll investigate the simple steps you can take to build the relationship you always dreamed of with your Thai women in our featured article. We look at the amazing Lasik eye surgery you can have in Thailand that could see you ditch your glasses for ever…. and it’s cheaper than you think.

13 Thai Phrases

And we’ll tell you about the best cooking schools in Thailand. Not only will they turn you into a culinary hero, but they’re also a great place to meet beautiful Thai women.

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Featured Article - 7 Steps To A Truly Fantastic Relationship With Your Thai Lady. Spotlight On Featured Member – Meet Aor Thai Adventures – State of the Art Lasik Surgery Clinics in Thailand. Be Free Of Glasses at a Fraction of the Cost! Dating Without The Dilemma - Best Cooking Schools In Thailand...A Great Way To Meet Women. Thai Phrases – Polish Up Your Thai With These Handy Phrases Our Favorite Places – Discover Where the Locals Wine & Dine FAQ – Got Questions? We’ve Got the Answer Now It’s Your Turn – Get in Touch With Us and Don’t Forget to Check Out What’s in Store in Newsletter #12

If you’ve had a busy week then now’s your chance to enjoy some well earned “you” time. Grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, sit back in a comfortable chair and let us guide you to a magical place – a country where the people smile a lot, where the food is to die for and where the right women are waiting to make your acquaintance. Let’s get to really know Thailand… Nathamon




Spotlight About Me Hello..My name’s Nida, my nickname is Aor. I’m living with my father, my step mother and two younger brothers. My dad works with State Enterprises, my step mom has a small restaurant. My brothers are teenager and studying. I was quite shy kid. I finished Bachelor degree in business computer field. After graduation I didn’t like to work about what I studied, I like to work about services or job that required of English speaking but I’m not the expert in English, I can communicate only relate to my work and it’s informal English. MyWork I’m a salesperson at King Power Group which selling duty free products. I work in Perfume and cosmetics selling department at Suvarnaphoom airport. I like airport and happy to help the tourists sometime while I’m working. I can see that the tourist very enjoy traveling to Thailand. Sometimes I see they’re traveling with family or honeymoon made me wanna travel and look happy like that so but my work time isn’t suit for travel long weekend or holidays because I work 5 days and have a day off and have to work in shift so my day off is good enough to do some household work and relax at home only. I think about continued studying in Master degree about Tourism because I like to service foreigners. I like to do business with Japanese because they’re nice, and courteous, people from England or European always polite and have good manner, Australian look like energetic people and easy-going, Laos and Cambodian are open and friendly. When I assist the tourists to get some convenience I feel so good and think that I can do more than selling products to them.

Nida (Aor)


What I Like I have a dream traveling to Japan and Switzerland, I like the unique culture in these country and beautiful environment and natures there which is so original classic in my opinion. I like these 2 countries and saw the pictures from TV and magazines since I was young and wish that one day I will go there. Certainly, I’d like to travel more natural place in Thailand. The most thing I like to do is cleaning and decorating my house. I like to make the house has good smell, I and my sister like aroma things such as candles and incense. I like old style and wood furnitures. When we have time, we like to go JJ market or a market that they sell old stuff or antique products. I think they’re value as artworks. I can enjoy only looking at them because they’re all beautiful and classic. Secondly, I like watching TV, listening music and reading to relax from working. When I have enough time I, my sister and my friends like to go a temples for making merit. And another I’m trying to do daily is meditation and praying. My story I was afraid of loving for a while and didn’t want

to date with anyone for many years. I used to think about being single forever but since I know this website, everything has change, I have hope again and would like to give myself a chance to know that a Thai lady like me would meet a dream man in this life or not? What I am Looking For My ideal man is a nice man who has stable financial status, high responsibility, love family, house, calm, not too serious, caring, love me the way I am, love my family, respect me and the most important is honesty and have only one love is me or in my definition called “ a family man”. I dream to have a small house that full fill with happiness, everyone eat, laugh and cry together and support each others. I’d like to be a good housewife, take care of everyone in the family, decorate the house and do some activities together when have free time and spend most of my time with family as much as possible. I’m looking forward to the date with my hope.


7 Secrets to a Truly Amazing Relationship with your Thai Lady

In spite of the cultural differences between you and your Thai girlfriend, with love, compassion and an open mind you can create a relationship that transcends culture – allowing you to be at home together anywhere! As you begin to deepen your relationship with your Thai girlfriend, you’ll no doubt experience confusion, maybe even shock or embarrassment, as you uncover what seem to be vast cultural differences between you. Sometimes the gulf between you may seem too wide – the frustration can lead to hurt; the hurt can lead to defensiveness or withdrawal. You might feel foolish or naïve. You might worry that you’re being taken advantage of. You might even try to force her to adopt your cultural ways, finding hers too “strange” or “foreign” to deal

with. The bad news is that the harder you struggle, the more uncomfortable these feelings can become – ultimately dooming your relationship to failure. But here’s the good news. With patience, compassion, and a willingness to be open-minded, you just might find the gulf is not as wide as you imagine. Think of building your relationship as a journey you are taking together, not a destination by itself.Sure, the path can be difficult. There will be times her behavior mystifies you. But guess what? Your behavior will be just as strange to her. That the path is difficult does not necessarily mean you are destined to fail. If you’ve read our previous issues about the 7 basic cultural differences between Thailand and the West, you’re miles ahead of many of the Western men who come to Thailand in search of the perfect wife. Ask anyone who has had a long, happy relationship – in any culture – and they’ll give you the same advice I’m about to give you here.


7 Secrets to a Truly Amazing Relationship with your Thai Lady 1. Be patient. You come from a culture that is more aggressive, more individualistic, and more confrontational. The idea of moving slowly and patiently as you develop a relationship might be strange to you. You’ll want to get physical quickly – holding her hand or kissing her goodnight – or even hopping into bed -- to demonstrate your affection for her. Know this:she will find that quickness extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing, and is likely to pull away or shrink from your affection, no matter how much she likes you. Being Thai, she is inherently shy, modest, reserved, and concerned about her reputation – and she expects you to respect that about her. 2. Communicate gently. Since Thai people value harmony and peace in relationships, it’s rare that we express our feelings, opinions, or desires directly. Your Thai girlfriend will most likely not express these things as openly as would a Western woman.She will smile, nod, and agree, rather than risk disharmony by speaking up for herself.She might drop hints, or talk around a subject rather than face it head on. You, as a Westerner, might think she is being less than honest with you when she does that. If you truly want her to speak her mind, tell you what she wants or what she thinks, you must make it safe for her to do it. Raising your voice, making light of or disagreeing with her opinions, or embarrassing her when she speaks up will only make her withdraw and become more indirect. 3. Understand her needs. For the rest of her life, your Thai woman will be committed to her family. Whether you live in Thailand together, or move

to your home country, they’ll never be out of her mind or out of her heart. You must understand she’ll always feel the pull toward taking care of her parents, giving gifts to her siblings, and helping her extended family. You might feel that she’s constantly asking you for money or gifts for her family – that you’re just their ATM. You might grow resentful and suspicious that you’re being taken advantage of – that it’s not you she loves, but your money. If you’re involved in a relationship with a Thai woman of good family and reputation, you need to expect that you’ll be considered a provider not only for her, but for her family as well. It’s up to you to understand that need, as well as to gently communicate your financial boundaries so there are no misunderstandings.. 4. Express compassion. Compassion literally means “feeling


with” someone. You may be the “strong silent type.” You may not be accustomed to speaking gently, or expressing your feelings of uncertainty openly. You might even worry that doing so makes you less “manly” somehow. But learning to freely offer the depth of yourself to another person, particularly to your Thai lady, can do much to build strong, deep bonds between you. If your Thai partner says or does something you don’t understand, ask for help in understanding it. If you have difficulty understanding her English, express compassion for the fact she’s trying to speak in a language that isn’t her own. If she’s struggling with trying to come to grips with your culture, express compassion (or feel “with” her) for the difficulty she’s facing. Expressing compassion doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree – it just means that you’re willing to let her be, and willing to be where she is, so you can feel what she’s feeling. 5. Let her be herself. Just like you don’t enjoy being with a woman who tries to change you, it would be unfair and inconsiderate of you to expect her to be any different than the way she is. She


has her own preferences. Her own likes and dislikes. Her own rituals and superstitions. Her own emotions and reactions. She might not get as rabid about football as you would like. She might not enjoy big greasy hamburgers or blood-rare steaks. She might prefer making love with the lights off. Your job in the relationship is to love, respect, and support her for who she is, and if you want a really stellar relationship, celebrate how different she is from the women of your home country. 6. Be curious and keep an open mind. Part of the wonder of any successful relationship is exploring and delighting in the differences between you, and learning from the experiences you share. Remember how big, exciting, and wondrous the world seemed when you were a little boy?Every experience was an adventure. Colors, sights, smells, and sounds seemed more intense, more joyful. Every day brought something new to learn and grow from. In any relationship – particularly a crosscultural relationship – you can regain that sense of exploration and wonder if you’re willing to drop your defenses just a little and let yourself be open and curious. No doubt

08 in your time in Thailand, as well as in your relationship with your Thai lady, you’ll be exposed to many new and different ways of looking at the world. Let yourself explore them, and realize that just being open doesn’t mean your way of looking at the world is threatened. 7. Keep your sense of humor. No doubt there will be times when you make mistakes -- finding yourself embarrassed, uncomfortable, or confused as you navigate the inter-cultural waters with your Thai partner. She will make many mistakes. But guess what -- so will you. If you can remember that nobody is perfect – that life is a rich tapestry of endless opportunity for human error, you’ll have a much easier time of it. Laughter is the great human leveler. We Thais understand that perhaps better than many in the West. We know that laughing when someone makes a mistake is a way to help everyone save face and avoid embarrassment and humiliation. If you’re truly committed to a lifelong relationship with a good Thai woman, your sense of humor will be a blessing to both of you.

In conclusion … Any long-lasting, fulfilling, loving relationship is hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. The hard work doesn’t stop when you exchange vows – it actually begins right then. But in a relationship between a genuine, warm Western man like you and a decent, wellbrought-up Thai woman, there might be more challenges than with a woman of your own culture. You value different things. You approach life differently. You think and express yourselves differently. You relate to others differently. Your job, if you want a truly amazing relationship with your Thai partner that lasts a lifetime, is to embrace the challenges, commit to the journey, and celebrate the differences between you. If you are successful, you’ll build a relationship so strong you can be at home anywhere – in Thailand, in your home country, or anywhere in the world your journey takes you!


Thai Adventure Articles State Of The Art Lasik Surgery Clinics In Thailand Be Free Of Glasses At A Fraction Of The Cost When you’re trying to find low cost Lasik surgery, it’s often worth looking into travelling to another country. One of the most affordable places to have Lasik surgery these days is Bangkok. If you’re looking for comfort, high tech medical equipment, fully trained surgeons and low prices then Bangkok is definitely worth a look. The surgeons in Bangkok have often trained in the United States. What’s more, you can usually get an appointment within two days. Once you’ve had your consultation you can even often have the surgery the same day if you want. Of course, while you’re in the country you could also enjoy a nice vacation too. The money you save on the actual operation could be put towards fun time. Below you’ll find the top 5 Bangkok Lasik surgery clinics. Clinic #1: TRSC International Lasik Center The TRSA International Lasik Center is more like a hospital than a clinic. You can find it in Silom and it’s supposed to be the largest Lasik center in Asia.

The people who visit the clinic mainly tend to come from different countries. With that in mind you’re provided with your own personal assistant who will guide you through every step of the process. From your consultation to the recovery period, your assistant will always make sure that you know what is happening. The staff speaks fluent English at the clinic, which helps you feel comfortable right from the start. You can even find discounts on various websites that can be used to pay for treatment with this clinic. Clinic #2: Bumrungrad Hospital The Bumrungrad Hospital is well known for its dentistry and plastic surgery sector, as well as Lasik. It’s clear that they focus upon International clients as the staff speaks fluent English. It’s estimated that the clinic receives around $186,000 USD a year from foreign patients. It’s also known on the Thai Stock Exchange as one of the largest private hospitals available in Southeast Asia. The only thing that puts people off when they go into this clinic is the fact that it


doesn’t look fantastic ascetically. However, the level of service that you receive is outstanding.

money. The clinic takes its reputation quite seriously and provides only the very best care and advice.

Clinic #3: Laser Vision: Professional Lasik Center

Clinic #5: Bangkok Hospital Lasik Center

Staff members at the Laser Vision Center undergo training to learn more about foreign cultures. This helps them provide a better service to their foreign patients. You’ll be provided with a free brochure, which explains the process of the operation and how it will work. They can also provide you with positive testimonials from their previous patients. You’ll find that this clinic has more of a personal, friendly feel than many others in the area.

If you’re looking for a more professional service, then head to the Bangkok Hospital Lasik Center. The treatments you’ll receive here will definitely rival those given in the Western World. The center focuses mainly upon the treatments and no fancy gimmicks. You’ll find many other Lasik centers have a spa experience. If that’s not what you’re looking for then this is the best place to head to.

Clinic #4: Rutnin-Gimbel Excimer Laser Eye Center If you’re looking for a center that has specific Ophthalmology experience then this is definitely the best choice. More than 30 surgeons who specialize in eye surgery work at the center. They don’t recommend having the consultation and surgery on the same day. Instead they want you to go away and think whether the surgery is for you. This proves their credibility and shows they care about their patients and not just the


Dating Without The Dilemma Best Cooking Schools in Thailand… A Great Way to Meet Women

If the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the best way to a woman’s heart is through cooking with her man. Cooking is one of the most ethereal, romantic and sensual things one can do, and as such attracts those kinds of people. These people have a zest for life, a need to fulfill their cultural questions through taste; these people are passionate and interested in broadening their horizons. If this sounds like the kind of woman you want to meet then you should enroll in one of the many cooking classes and cooking schools in Bangkok. Thai food is incredibly complex in flavors, but simple in its creation. A lot of Thai food resembles the romances formed there, fresh, bright, simple and sometimes spicy. You don’t have to know how to cook to enroll

in these classes, but you should have an interest in the world of food. Women love to learn new cuisines, many would say that it is in a woman’s constitution to learn how to make food that her family will enjoy, and so a lot of women find their way to cooking schools in Thailand to explore just those options. These are some of the best women you’ll find because of their thirst for knowledge and love of flavors and culture. This is any man’s dream. Some of the best places to learn how to cook and also ignite your romantic side are the following: Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School This world-renowned center of French cuisine has opened a campus in Bangkok


that has classes that focus on Thai food and Thai fusion. A lot of French influence still stands in Southeast Asia, in India, Vietnam, and beyond. These flavors attract some of the most incredible women who are considering or already have a career in the hotel/restaurant industry. If you love to travel, this is a great way to find a traveling partner and also a great way to find someone who might want to live their lives passionately with great food and drink. The Oriental Hotel This luxury hotel conducts its own cooking classes that teach you all about indigenous animals, vegetables and how to prepare them. These women will be committed to learning but less concerned with having a serious hotel career as with le Cordon Bleu. This kind of woman will generally be Westerners who love the food there and want to bring this experience back home with them. BaiPai Thai Cooking School This place is all about flavors and spices. They are less adamant about a plate looking like a piece of art as they are about understanding the art of using Thai spices properly. The kinds of clientele they claim to attract are people who are livelier and less serious, who love to eat as much as they love to cook. Less strict and more learning about how to accent a dish, you will likely find women here that have a little more flair in their personality. UFM Baking And Cooking School Making an entrĂŠe is one thing, but having the patience to meticulously measure


ingredients to the gram for baking will lead you to the kind of women who don’t cut corners. Baking desserts also shows the side of someone that is indulgent, someone that has a need for sweetness in their lives. Take a trip over here and try your hand at making breads and finding some company to share it with. Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School

come through in your dishes. The freshness here is all around you with the water and the tropical vibe that always seems to be new every morning. This is a cooking school that draws people who are interested in taking a bit of the perfection of Koh Samui home. An excellent place to meat beach bunnies and start a chat.

A woman who has found her way out of Bangkok and into a cooking school in Chiang Mai definitely has a wandering spirit that is open to new experiences. These classes are hands on and really show you how to prepare specific dishes, but it’s also in a beautiful and relaxing place that allows you to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy your free time afterwards. Go there and find her while figuring out how to make her favorite dishes.

Samui Institute Of Thai Culinary Arts If you’ve made it to Koh Samui, you already have a love for all things beautiful that will


Thai Phrases Probably the most faded thing to speak about is the weather. However, it can be a practical thing to start your conversation with your Thai crush. While you’re sitting home freezing she is sitting right in the tropic. Many Thai girls have never experienced real cold, let alone snow.

How is the weather in Thailand? Arkart Tee Prahteet Thai Pen Ngai Barng Krub

Is it very hot? Arkart Raun Mark Mai Krub

Here it is so cold. Tee Nee Arkart Now Mark Ley

I like it hot. I will come to see you very soon. Pom Chaub Arkart Raun Lae Ja Pai Har Koon Reo Nee

I bought the plane ticket, you better believe it! Jing Jing Laew Pom Suer Tua Krueang Bin Laew Lah


Our Favorite Places

Tea Room Lebua at State Tower Bangkok When planning dates, eat and drinking are safe bets because you’re more than likely to have a good time. However, we suggest you think outside of your typical bars and restaurants, and partake in the classy experience of afternoon tea. You might think that tea parties are girls-only, but settling into a comfortable couch with finger sandwiches and cakes within arms

reach is both relaxing and fun. Plus, ambient music replaces the usual blaring bar music, making possible to have an actual conversation with your date. The Tea Room at Lebua, State Tower Bangkok is where the you and your Thai date can relive the English tradition of afternoon tea that dates all


the way back to the mid 18th century. It’s a popular past time amongst just a small number of local Thais, so chances are you will get to lead your Thai lady through her first afternoon tea experience. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of this teeming city, it can be most pleasurable to enjoy a quiet afternoon with the company of a lovely lady from who’s also eager to get to know you! In the unique and luxurious ambiance of the Tea Room at Lebua, you and your date will be served a selection of sandwiches, delicious pastries and scones accompanied by the finest leaf teas. The Victorian Afternoon Tea serves freshly-brewed Harney & Sons tea, plus delicate savories and pastries,

and the traditional home-made scones with Devonshire clotted cream and jam. If you want something extra romantic, The Dome Afternoon Tea set has the delightful addition of a glass of G.H Mumm Cordon Rouge, Brut Champagne along with fresh strawberries on ice with crème chantilly. Don’t be afraid of a little romance... your date would love to have you hand-feed her a fresh strawberry!

Yvonne Liang


A regular contributor to Date Thai Ladies, Yvonne live in Bangkok near the Chao Phraya River. When she's not writing, Yvonne loves to get relaxing facials and massages. An avid reader, her favorite author remains Roald Dahl.


If you have questions about dating and meeting one of our pre-screened Thai ladies, then chances are you will find the answers here. If not, please contact us and we will update this section to help other members in future newsletter issues.

Thailand is a beautiful and exotic country and our job is to give you the opportunity to meet some truly fantastic ladies in a safe and structured program conducted against a spectacular cultural backdrop.

We send a Concierge to introduce and facilitate communication. We arrange for What are the Personalized Dating Events? our car service and professional driver to take both parties to the venue and home Thai Lady Dating Events™ are the natural again. extension of the online dating site. When a guy is interested enough to want to Membership in the Thai Lady Dating fly to Thailand to meet a lady, he often Events program is for a full two year opts to go through our Thai Lady Dating period. We do that deliberately to allow Events™ program. a guy plenty of time to come over to Bangkok on more than one occasion and We arrange any number of dates with any not feel rushed or pressured. In that twonumber of ladies. They may be from his year period, we’ll arrange as many dates connected list. They may be from a list for him as he’d like with as many ladies that we assemble for him to select from. that want to meet him. But all of the ladies that we recommend via this program are Platinum members. We take the success of our Dating Events guys personally and we’re ready to make We have personally met each and every sure he finds someone who is truly one of them, and we have carried out compatible with him. The Dating Events extensive background checks. We can program is really what our business is all say with full conviction that they are the about. same person they represent themselves to be on our site. Do you meet in person in Thailand or in my home country? The dates we coordinate are one-on-one, arranged according to the tastes of both All of our meetings take place in Thailand. parties. Whether it’s coffee, lunch, dinner Our company is based in Thailand and we dates, outings, or day trips, we arrange things that are fun, safe and relaxing to do subscribe to the “old-fashioned” doctrine that a true gentleman should court a lady together.


in surroundings comfortable to her (i.e. her screened Thai women who are waiting home turf). for a man like you to cherish and respect them, and to find true, long-lasting love We also know that Thailand is truly one of and live happily ever after. the most spectacular destinations in the world, complete with a thriving nightlife, Join us on our next Live Dating Tour pristine beaches, a rich culture and a huge Event. array of the world’s finest food and drink. These women are highly intelligent. They know what they want and they are fun to You can use this knowledge to find what be around. We should know because we YOU seek in our Members section. interviewed and screened each one of them in person. To make the most of your newfound knowledge come and join us on the Meet them now in person. Click here to register for a Live Dating Tour Event. inside where you can meet a many pre-


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