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Fact: Not all guys would want to have adult sex all the time. However, there can be an exception: If a guy is not in the mood, he’ll go for it if a woman initiates adult sex. When a woman initiates, it makes things sexier and a lot different. Generally, a guy is the one responsible for initiating adult sex. While women will often refuse sex when not in the mood, guys will not initiate sex when they’re not in the mood. See the difference there? Here are the top reasons why: A Game’s On If an important enough game is on the tube, it may be possible to keep our mind off sex for more than ten minutes. The male species are simple creatures, so TV can be terribly distracting. That’s why many guys fantasize about having a woman on top, while holding a remote and peering around the side of her body to see what’s on. Most of us do not have the ability to do that, so we just give up sex to catch that big game on the boob tube. Too Many External Stress Factors Both men and women can agree on this one: stress messes up a person’s libido. When tough times happen in a man’s career or personal life, they can be forced to withdraw mentally, of course. When my dog passed away, sex was out of my system for weeks. I decided not to tell the girl I was dating though. Telling her “I can’t do it with you right now because I’m so sad about the death of my dog” didn’t seem like the most prudent thing to do. Performance Anxiety When I’m inebriated, my libido is fired up. However, I’m also quite worried about getting it up when heavily intoxicated, because when my libido and anxiety duke it out, anxiety sometimes wins. What If Somebody Sees or Hears Us? As a sort of anxious sex partner, I can be thrown off by anything that can be out of the ordinary. I don’t want to be heard by people from a neighboring apartment, or being spotted doing our rather spontaneous outdoor activity. I’m starting to sound not very fun, do I?

Over Masturbation Guys masturbate gingerly when single. Now, this doesn’t change much when we start dating, but we do pay more attention to the frequency of this activity. Frequent masturbation is tiring; it dulls the libido and can lead to performance anxiety. So when sex comes along, we tend to shy away from it because we may have been working too much on our own.

Top Reasons Why Guys Won’t Initiate Adult Sex