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A lot of relationships begin in the same way: two people hookup, both parties cling to every word they say, every breath they take and every move they make. All is fine and dandy in the beginning of a serious relationship, but how will you know if you and your partner will make it past the threemonth hookup mark? How will you know if she is the right girl for you? I Love You Right This Moment Generally, there seems to be nothing going wrong with relationships at its early stages. Couples are inclined to agree on almost everything. But unfortunately, there are times when they eventually grow out of these simple agreements and eager displays of affection. And then there are times when those famous three words are said with uncontainable feelings all bared. Although, saying “I love you” is not always the right direction to go in. Those words should be reserved and only uttered at the appropriate time. It’s not a statement that you should be taken for granted, and tossed around like rice at the end of a wedding ceremony.

It goes without saying that being sincere in saying you truly care about your significant other is worth a lot more than falsely claiming you love her, and lying just only jeopardizes a potentially wonderful relationship. This applies to both the man and the woman in a relationship, since they sometimes both have the uncontrollable urge to intensify their emotions by projecting their affections to each other. This doesn’t mean couples won’t have the capacity to truly love each other, but they simply shouldn’t get caught up in certain happy moments, and then say things they don’t really mean. Show Her the Goods I’m sure you’ve heard of the adage “actions speak louder than words,” and this rings especially true in a romantic relationship. There are times when we have become so accustomed to hearing the same old thing many times over that for words to make any sort of impact at all, they need to be backed up by actions. So the next time you want tell your girl how important she is in your life, don’t forget to show her how you feel. You don’t have to go to extreme measure to do so, like buying her a high-carat diamond ring. You can show it in smaller ways like giving her a massage or taking her on a getaway trip. It’s so easy to tell a woman how you feel, but can you prove it? Although couples in a romantic relationship endure without saying “I love you,” there are many ways of showing affection to one another. The trick is to know how to spot them.

The Three-Month Hookup Mark: Showing Signs of Love