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Riding a classic horse drawn carriage and dining in gourmet French cuisine may sound like a nice date to you, but chances are these kinds of activities won’t rank very high in his fun-ometer. Here are fun and sexy Internet dating activities you can both get into without sacrificing the romance. Are you feeling lucky? Ditch that depressing image of fluorescent lights and old slot machines. Today’s casinos have already gone fancy, and you can find them scattered across the country. In addition to much classier game rooms, they have high-class restaurants run by top chefs. After having a sumptuous meal, you can both head on to the tables for some friendly games of poker. Take cooking lessons They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and what better way to do this than spicing things up in the kitchen together? Look for classes offered near you and sign up for something a bit exotic think Japanese or Thai. You’ll have loads of fun learning new culinary techniques and even more while consuming your hard work. Go for a cool road trip Look up car rental companies that cheaply lend badass cars like Bimmers and Audis. Rent one for a day and go on a nice mini road trip. Set your sights on a quaint little town with many interesting shops or just plan a scenic route through the country. He’ll dig being behind the wheel of a powerful machine and you’ll definitely love the glam feeling in riding in a high-end car. Pamper yourselves A girly activity your Internet dating man won’t mind at all is a couple’s massage at a chic spa, because it can get pretty hot getting rubbed down together. There are many spas that offer holiday specials, so go online and find one in your area. Buy him a manly drink Wine tasting was all the rage a while back, but it’s all about whiskey tasting right now. There’s something macho-sophisticated and sexy about taking a sip of the serious stuff, plus you’ll actually learn a thing or two. Don’t know where to find one? Ask your local liquor store owner

and can point you to the right direction.

Sexy Internet Dating Activities You Can Do with Your Beau