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Halloween is your last chance to go on a date hookup before the “cuffing season” begins. Cuffing season is the time when you “hole up” for the winter, making you more likely to end up locked up than on a date hookup. So, get your “Vampire Diaries” inspired costumes covered in fake blood for these top reasons why Halloween can be the easiest holiday to go on a date hookup. • Sexy Costumes This is the only day of the year when seriously skanky costumes are completely allowed. It gives flirty girls the green light to rock in sexy nurse outfits, vampire bride corsets or French maid costumes. Skip on being a toilet paper mummy because this is all about stockings and stripper heels. Get ready for that girl next door, your buddy’s sister or even the receptionist at the library to suddenly look smoking-hot. • Sexy Alter Ego

It shouldn’t be just the girls who can get into the spirit of fun and frivolity. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to go from super geek to god for one night. Leave your academic books at the door and go as your favorite role model for the night. Be a dashing James Bond with the girls or a charming Jack Sparrow at the dance floor. And when in doubt, wear a mask ala-Phantom of the Opera and go for a make out session in those dark corners. • Role-Playing All that dressing up in costumes, drinking and partying amps your chances of those girls you lust for to role-play. Yes, you may have been battling through fierce resistance in making your naughty nurse fantasies happen with your girlfriend all year, but come Halloween, oh, it’s on! Women are more liberated, so they enjoy dressing up and being in character. Dress as Hugh Hefner, look for a bunny and reap the benefits. • Sexy Parties Forget playing pool at your local sports bar. Halloween is an event which guarantees fun parties, booze and fancy dresses. So, make the most out of it. If you don’t have a party to go to yet that promises scantily clad women in costumes, loads of blood red vodka, and “Sex and the City” inspired games, throw your own shindig. • Sexy Games Truth or Bare, Pass the Orange, Plant the Kiss on the Lips instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and Strip Twister.

These are the kind of games you can play on Halloween. I’m pretty sure you can think of naughtier variations.