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Even if you did not graduate from one of the horniest universities in the country, it is very likely that some time during your college endeavor, a potential boyfriend looking for sex gave you his most seductive smile and asked, “So, what’s your major?” And after finding out about your college major, maybe this young eager beaver co-ed tried his luck by trying to impress you with his familiarity with your field. We have come up with the most terrible pickup lines from guys looking for sex for a few college majors. If somebody tries to use one of these on you, run fast on the opposite direction. Architecture majors: Can you grant me permission to erect an edifice on your private property? Art majors: So you’re an art major… I can let you draw me naked anytime. Biological Science majors: I love studying anatomy… especially yours. Computer Science majors: I would love to examine your back end. English majors: Are you into John Donne’s written works? Why don’t I help you study by getting metaphysical together? Finance majors: You are looking to be the next hot commodity. I would love to take you home and to a deep study of your major assets on my spreadsheets. French majors: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? Geology majors: How would you like to go on an expedition to explore the rocks in my jock? History majors: You know what they say: History has a tendency to repeat itself. Let’s try

to break that cycle by having a one-night stand. Library Science majors: You can come over anytime and catalogue my library. Math majors: Do you mind if I do a rough estimate the slope of your curves? Music majors: They tell me I have a high level of expertise in playing the organ. Paleontology majors: Do you want to see a type of bone that won’t go extinct? Physics major: Is that a radioactive dress? Because there sure is a lot of fallout. Political Science majors: Are you working on the Locke-Rousseau paper? How about we re-enact the State of Nature? Sociology majors: Do you want to do something taboo and just pretend it’s a norm? Theater majors: I was just cast as Don Juan DeMarco on an upcoming play. Mind if you help me do a little research on his character?

Horrendous Major-Specific College Pickup Lines When Looking for Sex