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Almost everyone, from Bill Clinton to Kobe Bryant, knows that a good apology can be a huge help in erasing your sins. Although, a $4 million diamond ring did come in handy in Kobe’s case. And on the other end of the spectrum, Chris Brown’s emotionless begging for forgiveness to Rihanna had the world witness that his poor attempt can have the opposite effect. Knowing how to apologize is crucial because, assuming you believe in the axiom that no man is an island, it’s the glue that can hold relationships together. An apology is essential because without it, the relationship may forever be weakened, compromised, or worse, terminated. The offended party may hold back, withdraw, seek revenge, or hold a grudge for the rest of their life. But you don’t have to worry. Here are dating tips online to help you know the basic strategies that you should know by heart, so you will always have the right words to say any time you do your partner wrong. “I’m sorry” is only the beginning Using these two words alone is fine if you are a kindergarten teacher educating his students on how to apologize for stealing a seatmate’s red crayon or for pulling a girl’s locks. But for grown ups, this needs to be expanded, because the most important part of making an apology, in addition to the words “apologize” and “sorry,” is a clear and honest explanation of the offense one is apologizing for. One of our most important dating tips online: explain why exactly you’re sorry. The five steps to a successful apology Apologizing is considered an art form, but it has five key steps: 1) recognize the mistake; 2) give an explanation without denying your fault/s; 3) show remorse; 4) make amends; and 5) give the offended party the opportunity to air out his or her thoughts. A monologue done by the offender may generally be counterproductive. Just take a look at Tiger’s “no questions allowed” presscon / public apology. ”Always be genuine” is not a solid rule to follow Of course, it is great to be genuine, but there are “strategic apologies” that work by restoring the offended party’s self-esteem. Just like telling white lies about how your partner looks after giving birth to your firstborn. You can also apologize even if you don’t really mean it, and it may very well still be effective. It may take some time to work

It’s also important to think that giving out an apology is a process, and not something that can be resolved instantly. The offended party may need time to recover before they can respond to the apology. After apologizing and trying to resolve the issue, you can ask, “Is there something I can do to fix the things I’ve done?” If all else fails, time may be the only medication that can help heal the wound.