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Are you nervous about an impending first date? Fret not, for we have a step-by-step adult dating guide to give you lowdown on what to expect so you can shine! Getting Ready When you open the door for him, you want him to think, “Wow,” but without looking like you’re trying too hard. Maintain the balance by matching your sexy jeans with a nice offshoulder tee or a fantastic strappy tank something that shows a bit of skin but not too skanky. Give yourself an extra 30 minutes to get ready, so you don’t have to hurry or make him wait. At the Door Even if you talk frequently, the first official moments of a real date can get nerve-wracking because of so much build up. Just be cool and calm his jitters by giving him a nice greeting of a warm hello and quick hug. You can even crack a joke just to break the tension and diffuse any pressure. On the Way You may be inclined to ask a lot of questions to get him to open up, but that can make him feel like he’s in a job interview. What you can do to keep the conversation moving instead is make funny observations like saying, “Do you ever make eye contact with other drivers at a red light? I hate it when that happens!” Don’t worry about awkward pauses you can always default to asking what’s on his music player. Since he selected the songs, he’s sure to have things to say about it. At Dinner If you’re not sure about him picking up the tab or how much food you can order, ask what he’s getting and order a dish around the same price range. When the check comes, offer to split or share. If he insists on paying, don’t push it. Just thank him and offer to buy him a drink next. Saying Goodnight If you want to go adult dating with him again, bring up something you talked about earlier (“So when do I get the chance to kick your butt in Dance Central?”) Are you ready for a kiss?

Don’t rush to get in the house when he drops you off. Move closer to him without losing eye contact. If he takes your hint, he’ll lean in for the kiss! The Next Day Just be cool and let him make first contact. Texting him first can make you look overly excited. If he’s into you, chances are you’ll be hearing from him by the end of the day. While waiting, enjoy that awesome rush you get after a fantastic date it’s exciting to not know what’s going to happen next!

Adult Dating Tips for a Successful First Date