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One reader’s predicament in her adult dating relationship that I recently came across with got me thinking about how much more of a hater BFF than the girlfriend. Anyway, I’ve been having quite a tough time dealing with my friend’s boyfriend lately. We got off on a good start, but it has become increasingly apparent to me that this guy is a complete pussy. So in behalf of the pernickety BFF, here are a few reasons you might want to check out why your female friends may hate your boyfriend. He makes you sad Herp derp. If he’s treating you bad, we’re definitely not going to act like it’s okay. He thinks his shit doesn’t stink When he acts “over” everything, it’s not the way to endear yourself to people especially his girlfriend’s friends. He flirts with other girls Seriously? He says bad things about me to her even if they will surely get back to me Aha! What?! After that badly-executed slip by my best friend at the salon, now I’m suddenly “the kind of girl who needs constant validation,” and “if it was him, he wouldn’t put up with that kind of behavior.” Wow, thanks man. At least one or more of his pals suck I mean seriously suck. Like womanizing, pretentious, obnoxious, and manipulative suck. Social moodiness He has the ability to ruin nights because of his ineptitude to act a civilized human being around large groups of people when he’s out adult dating with my best friend. It happens frequently

that I can’t even remember the last time my friend turned to us to apologize, saying, “Sorry about him, he’s just in a bad mood lately.” At which point the evening culminates with him dragging my best friend home early.

Adult Dating Tips Reasons Why Your BFF Dislikes Your BF