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We predict what notebook Sarah wants to buy next month.

Find the right customer, at the right place, for the right product, at the right time.

Datatrics History

April 2012 Founded


October 2016

April 2018

Office in Utrecht

New headquarters

Move to Enschede


Next Best Actions

Customer Journeys



DMP & predictive insights

Actionable predictive marketing

Serving relevant content

Facebook, Google, Instagram

GDPR/AVG interface

Many different marketing tools

We connect to 120+ channels out of the box

Attract new customers to your channels

Datatrics helps retailers to:

Increase conversions on your channels

increase online conversions

Retarget high potential customers

increase customer loyalty

Nurture and engage existing customers

create personalized journeys

With Datatrics you can create customer journeys that are:


More relevant

More personal

On every touchpoint


Integrate your data sources E-commerce

Connect your internal data sources Connect external data sources

Email Marketing

Social Media

CRM & Support


Datatrics API


Weather Information

Demographic Data

Traffic Intensity


Plug and play solution No long and expensive implementation

Actionable application No dashboards or graphs

Data-driven customer journeys No more silos of customer data

Machine learning out of the box No need for expensive data scientists

Data-driven marketing No static business ruling





€ 500

€ 1200

€ 2500 +

Visits p/m

Visits p/m

Visits p/m

Conversion increase fees

< 250.000

250.000 - 500.000

> 500.000

5 - 15 % conversion increase

+ € 100

+ € 200

+ € 400

15 - 30 % conversion increase

+ € 200

+ € 400

+ € 800

30+ % conversion increase

+ € 300

+ € 600

+ € 1200

Prices are monthly (ex VAT). Conversion increase fees will be invoiced quarterly. + Starting rates in the advanced tier increase depending on your website traffic.

Many (international) clients already use Datatrics

E-commerce & Retail Teaser  
E-commerce & Retail Teaser