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The Importance of Data Administration for Organizations Database is the backbone of the IT environment of any medium to large organization. All such organizations therefore should have robust database management systems software (DBMS) installed. Major DBMS include Oracle, IBM DB2 and MS SQL Server and these need ongoing management. Database administration is complex, recurring and protracted work and requires considerable experience on part of database administrators (DBAs). Types of DBAs include 1) Systems DBAs (or physical or operations DBAs); 2) Development DBAs and 3) Application DBAs, each requiring distinct set of work and responsibilities. The work of Systems DBAs involves physical aspects of database administration, for example, software installation, configuration, patching, restoration, upgrading and data backup and recovery. That of Development DBAs include logical and development aspects such as design and maintenance, DDL generation, SQL writing and tuning, and collaborating with developers. The job of Applications DBAs involves managing application software (for instance CRM and ERP) in an organization. In smaller organizations, a single highly skilled database administrator or a small group might be sufficient to manage all types of databases listed above; large ones require different teams to manage different types of databases. Alternatively, large organization can outsource database administration job to external companies specializing in this sort or work. Datatech provides a host of database administration and related services: from server installation, design and implementation, data backup and recovery, data security, tuning, performance monitoring, documentation, and 24x7 general troubleshooting. Visit for further information.

The Importance of Data Administration for Organizations  

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