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What is VMware Virtual Machine

VMware is a virtualization software application which permits the administrator to operate multiple VMware Virtual machines. You can run multiple Operating Systems (i.e. Windows, MAC, Linux) simultaneously on single host machine. VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk Format) files are used to store the data that stores on hard disk of VM.

Reasons of Corruption in VMDK File Just like other applications VMDK files are prone to corruption and in such situations recover virtual machine VMDK file is the first concern of users. Meanwhile, listed below are some reasons that make VMDK files corrupt. Some Common Causes Are: • Virus Attack – 7% • Hardware Malfunction – 40% • Software Corruption – 30% • Human Error – 30% • Other – 3%

Professional VMware Recovery Software

VMware recovery software is one of the best tools to be used when VMDK files are corrupted, deleted or formatted. The tool will extract complete details out of inaccessible VMDK files and make them accessible to the user in effective manner. Useful Attributes of the software are:  Recover multiple VMDK files/folders altogether  Mount dismounted .vmdk without any hassle  Retrieve data from NTFS/FAT based VMDK file  Successfully works on all editions of Windows OS  Search file by name, extension, created, modified and last access date from recovered records

Advance Scan and Search Mode As per users convenience, VMware data recovery tool has provided separate options to “Scan” Virtual Machines and “Search” Virtual Machines. Scan Virtual Machines This option is useful when you know the direct location of Virtual Machine. Just “Browse” accurate path of VM and then click on “Scan” to start scanning. Search Virtual Machines In this mode, software will provide you two option for searching Virtual Machines. If you fail to get the path of VM then, apply any of these mode and then scan.  All Drives: Choose this mode, if you want to search VMDK Virtual Machine  Specific Drive: Apply this mode and select any one drive where you want to start searching VMs.

Download Free Trial Edition Install free version of this amazing VMware file recovery software and examine VMDK data recovery steps. Free copy let you scan, search, repair and recover even a single bit of VMDK item. But it restricts to save that data. Demo URL:

Limitless Recovery of VMDK File with Full Version Get multiple VMDK files/folders and data by getting full licensed version of VMware recovery software utility. Tool permits to save your entire recovered records in previous drive or new desired location via “Extract” or “Extract as Original” option. Buy Now:

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