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Recovering And Using Poor Data Is Cost Effective : The Makings Of A Good Data Conversion To state an actual example, if a bushel of apples provides one or two apples that are beginning to spoil that will not make the remainder from the apples bad or perhaps useless. The same is true of a data conversion. Frequently conversions are not completed or not even started out because some portion of the data is bad or perhaps some way viewed as unusable. Don't leave the good data behind as a result of some bad data. Be aware it is not unusual to find some questionable information in the legacy data files. This could be Social security numbers some of which have an invalid format or perhaps are entirely lacking from the patient report. In this case one alternative is to provide a record of the bad as well as missing numbers. Your client can then find the correct SSNs and enter them manually. It is certainly better to do handbook data entry on a few records compared to all of them. If the brand new system requires a ssn , insert 999-99-9999 or perhaps 000-00-0000 which are appropriate formats but worthless numbers. The presence of both number will alert the staff to get as well as insert the correct ssn. Guarantors are another good example. In the event the legacy data will not provide the patient connecting information required by the brand new system, the guarantors can still be converted as well as identified as such however , not linked to any patient records. An electronic checklist can be provided with info to be used by the top office or billing staff to make the right link. Having the guarantor demographic information available makes the manual effort relatively easy and relatively resistant to data admittance errors. In other cases where a satisfactory formula to repair or perhaps work around the bad information cannot be found, the actual conversion team can provide a list of the bad data with information to help a staff member locate and fix the information. In additional situations where the information cannot be repaired or perhaps used, it is simply not included in the data transformation. This happens less frequently than most of us would certainly think. However, these are business selections. They are not technical selections. Technology should be utilized to help validate the data and provide options for migrating it to the brand new system. It is a blunder to allow technology to produce a business decision. The data collected over some period of time has great worth and a significant amount of money was spent acquiring and recording this. This author's suggestion : contract with a good migration team and exchange as much of the data as you can to your new program. data migration tools

Recovering And Using Poor Data Is Cost Effective _ The Makings Of A Good Data Conversion