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Instant Intelligence Reporting Reporting Quick Start Guide

Version 2.1 : August 2011

The Report Blueprint Creating a report is as simple as defining a downbreak. You now have a report which can be saved and previewed Ensure you have your variables tree open and not you reports tree. To define a crossbreak, select the variable you want and drag it from the variable tree to the crossbreak panel. To define a downbreak, repeat the above step but this time, drag the variable to the downbreak panel.

What Does Flatten Do? Flatten runs multiple reports against the dimensions chosen. This enables you to create more complex templates within excel.

What Does Hierarchy Do? Hierarch allows you to run a multi dimensional report. It can on be run on Crossbreaks. An example would be running Age and Gender in the Crossbreaks would present the results with Age split by Gender.

Setting the Filters The Filter panel offers two types of filters which may be set for a report. Just like the crossbreaks and downbreaks, a variable only need be dragged into the panel to define it. A filter allows a report to be filtered on answers contained in a variable, such that if a downbreak of Gender is specified and a user filter of gender is specified, a user will be able to filter on Male and Female when viewing the report. Note If a user filter is specified, that same variable may not be specified in the report filters.

User Filters User filters are filters which give the user a choice of what answers to filter on once the report is run. Multiple filters may be specified.

Report Filters Report Filters are filters which are applied at the time of running the report and are invisible to the user. Users have no choice of how to change a report filter when the report is run. To set the report filters, drag a variable into the Report Filter panel and then click on the name of the filter once in the panel. The window shown contains all the answers contained in that variable, simply choose which answers to filter on and click the Apply button. Clicking on the Report filter in Designer View allows you to amend the report filter.

Note A measures panel will only be visible if you indicate that you have numeric variables in your variable tree (this is done in Study Admin).

What are Measures? Measures are numeric variables used to determine base size. You can set your measure to either apply a sum, mean or weight of your survey base size.

Preview the Report Now that you’ve crated your report blueprint you’ll have access to the Preview tab. By selecting the preview tab, you will run the report specified in the design.

Reporting Quick Start  

Instant Intelligence Reporting, Quick Start Guide

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