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Scan and digitize books, magazines, corporate publications at most affordable prices. Data Entry India Offers Low cost book and document scanning service. To convert printed, handwritten book to eBooks, digital formats, contact and get FREE QUOTE. Data Entry India, leading data entry, back-office data management, scanning indexing and conversion service provider. Provide book scanning service to authors, publishers, individuals, and corporate. Scanning Services at Data Entry India are Ideal for: • • • • • • • • • •

Book scanning service Bound, Religious, and Medical books Destructive and non-destructive book scan Equipment manuals, Ledgers scanning Yearbooks, Newspapers, and Notebooks Library books, magazines, fragile documents scan Engineering books, yellow pages scanning Journals, catalogs, newsletters scanning Legal books, eBooks, deed books scanning Educational materials scanning and more

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Rapid and fast book scanning 60% more cost effective than others Round the clock availability of services Access to hi tech scanners and digitizers High quality scanning service No geographical limitations to outsource Suitability for indexing and categorization Improved information security Easy backup, data security and confidentiality

• Savings in storage space • Accepts all forms of scanning needs (book, communications, images, documents, technical documents, manuals, Microfilm and Microfiche etc) • Option to start with a FREE TRIAL and more Book scanning services at Data Entry India is cost-effective, quick, safe and easy to hire. Contact us via email for more details on or visit home page. Company: Data Entry India (DEI)

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