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The kids were wearing shoes after the exciting games in Bounce Castle.

The kids were climbing over the steep in Bounce!

The kid was too young to go into the bounce castle.

The Young cute boy was lying down on the Bounce Castle and asked me to take a photo of him ! He said he get so much fun in the Bounce Castle.

Our team was responsible for monitor the discipline and safety of the kids in Bounce Castle.

She was one of our guests who always visited us!

Hello Kitty was the theme in the Christmas and New Year Festival 2007.

The time schedule of the Hello Kitty Creative Academy.

There were Daifuku, chocolate and accessories in Hello Kitty shapes with special recipes.

There were 3 different Inflatable Games placed in Tennis Courts and Putting Green for guest!

Christmas Party and Hello Kitty Countdown party were held on the Grand Ballroom.

Sport and recreation department manages Indoor and Outdoor faclities. Indoor faclities included Games world, kid club, health &Beauty Spa and Amusement Games Centre in 2007.

Outdoor faclities included Swimming pools, tennis courts, mutli-purpose courts, golf driving nets & archery court, team building centre in 2007.

Lifeguards and i in the kiosk near the swimming pools.

Part-time colleagues and I just finished a function and gathered at the Toby’s Game World.

My supervisor and I were having our dinner in the staff canteen.

Gold Coast Hotel  

The staffs and functions in hotel.