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Learn How Email Archive Software Is Beneficial For Modern Day The importance of email archive software cannot be ignored. Old company data can be retrieved quickly on the event of litigation and eDiscovery requests. Cloud email archive also works best at times of disasters like mail server breakdown.

Be it a large corporate house, or a departmental store, electronic communication has become part and parcel of all business activities. Company data is stored in the form of simple text messages and attachments. Attachments include word documents, slides, and PDFs. This means a lot of information is stored in an organization’s mailbox, and such data needs to be archived, searched, accessed, and retrieved for future use. With the advancement of technology, email archive software has solved the problem of storage and retrieval of electronically stored messages. Even a few years back, companies used to charge per gigabyte of storage. This was becoming extremely inconvenient and expensive for all businesses. There was a myth that information can only be stored off-premises and, so organizations ended up paying several dollars for availing the benefits of a hosted solution. However, with the advent of cloud based solutions, people realized that data storage is possible at economical rates. In this article, we will learn about the benefits of cloud email archive for modern businesses.

No company likes to get tangled in complicated litigation issues for not adhering to regulations and eDiscovery requests. Then, especially in the US, firms are sued both for warranted and unwarranted reasons. However, cloud based solutions help you search, locate, and retrieve old company data. These documents can be produced in a litigation case to prove that your enterprise has not violated any rules. So, you are in a position to defend yourself in a lawsuit because confidential data can be retrieved quickly to prove your innocence. Being prepared for electronic discovery request is important for organizations controlled by GLBA, SEC, and HIPPA standards. Cloud email archive works best at times of unexpected disasters. It has an embedded security system to keep all old messages, text, and attachments safe and secure. On the event of any unforeseen disaster such as server breakdown, old mails can be recovered quickly. Your company might end up losing substantial revenue when the mail server fails, and retrieval of year-old information becomes practically impossible. However, with email archive software, you can retrieve and access all business data anytime. A Look at Some Special Benefits A lot has been said about the general benefits. So, let’s have a look at some special advantages: Hardware, infrastructure, and licensing require no heavy expenditures, and; therefore, IT costs become automatically low. The best technology is used, and the solution is flawless. It is easy to install and implement because installation doesn’t require the use of complicated equipment. Installation is done within a few weeks. Software is available to even remote users. This means companies having multiple locations can reap maximum benefits. Managing mailboxes, storage options, or permissions is easy and can be done with the simple click of a mouse. You are only required to pay for users who are making use of the system. Adding and removing users is very simple. Moreover, proper monitoring is possible for both client and internal mails. Installing it will help your enterprise and its staff to abide by government compliance rules and internal policies.


Learn How Email Archive Software Is Beneficial For Modern Day Businesses