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“Enterprise email archiving solutions can safely store an unlimited number of emails per day for easy retrieval, 24/7. Email archive solution is used to prevent mail server overload, breach of crucial business data, and to address the issue of e-discovery and regulatory compliance.�

Enterprise email archiving solutions are standalone IT applications used by companies irrespective of size and type. The solution helps to safeguard business critical data apart from archiving the older messages in a separate database independent of the users of the network. Problems of email server overload and storing older emails to address company regulatory compliance can also be addressed smartly when accessing a mail archival solution. Why You Need to Spend on an Archival Solution? Email has become a significant mode of business communication today. Electronic mails exchanged in a corporate enterprise on a daily basis contain revenue details of a company, key objectives and decisions of top-level executives, brief history of the organization, and so on. These messages therefore need to be securely stored to eliminate chances of a third party intrusion. An email archive solution is used to store all older mails in a central database for access by authorized users only. Thus, the problem of not finding important mails at any time can be well tackled utilizing an archive system. Electronic Discovery and Litigation

One of the primary considerations for using enterprise email archiving solutions can be attributed to the issue of e-discovery and lawsuits. Electronic discovery means producing emails at the court of law when required. In case, a customer lodge a complaint against a company, during a lawsuit, the concerned firm can retrieve the required data to prove innocence and safeguard its reputation. Of late, the importance of e-discovery and litigation has compelled many organizations to think seriously of storing all mails in a secured place. Email archive solution automatically moves the older messages in a database that is accessible by users from any location. Such a solution is connected with your company email server for independent functioning without taking a user’s assistance. Complete Data Security and Privacy It is the client who possesses the encryption key; hence he/she can control the access of relevant business information and numerical data. Your data never comes out in the open for viewing and using by third parties. Thus, breach of data security is impossible when you begin utilizing an archive system. Reduced IT Hassles No more the IT department needs to personally monitor inbound and outbound mails once the top management decides to utilize enterprise email archiving solutions. New messages get delivered to your inbox on time, and older ones automatically get transferred to the centralized data for access, 24 hours by the authorized personnel. Save on Company Capital Corporate enterprises can lower their spending by utilizing mail archive. Majority of organizations are using a cloud-based archiving solution since it doesn’t need to be purchased, installed or downloaded at any time. The solution provider hosts the application on the cloud for easy access by anyone from any region of the world. An on-house or on-site email archive solution must be bought and installed within the office premises for usage purpose. Expandable As Per Business Needs

A cloud-based or non-cloud based solution is highly scalable in the sense you can expand the same to meet your urgent business needs. In other words, the system can expand itself to hold a large volume and type of electronic messages or data.

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Enterprise email archiving solutions can safely store an unlimited number of emails per day for easy retrieval, 24/7. Email archive solution...