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Should you get your printing requirements professionally done? When people first open their business, their immediate thought is to get the business going and keep initial costs down. As businesses take longer to get established, you need to spend on your marketing activity and print promotional material. Though these can be printed in the home/office laser printers, to keep costs down, you need to ask does that give a professional image to your business. Are you actually saving money? You need to think about whether or not you are actually saving money by printing things yourself. When you add up the cost of the printer, the ink or toner cost, the paper and then staff cost or your time cost, these will most cases far outweigh the outsourced professional printing cost. Moreover, if you do it yourself, your time could be productively used in your business in trying to get more customers. The chances of an in-house job will require more equipment to finish, and if this is not going to be a regular event, the investment in them could be made on income producing assets. At the end of the day, you may not have a professional finish, as the professional printer does this day in and day out, and hence the job coming out of them will be far better. Moreover, their equipment will be latest and could take paper stock of variety of thickness, so you will have choice of papers to choose from for your promotional material, but you will be restricted with the use, as most home/office printers can only take paper stock up to a certain weight. When you add everything up, you might not actually be saving money. Not when you compare to some of the online printing companies who can offer competitive price on all their printing, with a highly professional print job. Benefits of professional printing When you start hiring a company to do the printing, you will start to see that there are many benefits to having your items professionally printed. 1. The print will look professional. For some customers, when they look at your promotional material, such as a flyer, that might be the first element that they have seen about your company. You will want to make it look professional. 2. The cost of the printing will be the main thing that will attract you to professional printing. Whether it be small or large volume you have choice of digital or offset printing and you save money on your printing.

3. Your choices for paper and finishing are endless. Some of the options you may not be able to get it done internally. 4. It will save you a lot of time. Think about what you could be doing when you are self printing. You could be doing something that is more beneficial to your company that brings more income to your business.

About Data Colour Data Colour is a printing company, based in Australia. They cover most areas in the country and they have been in operation since 1991. They offer affordable printing, copying and design services. Their customers come from both businesses and individuals who want to get their printing done be it more business oriented ones or personal oriented ones like brochures flyers etc.. They are known for being fast and cost effective. They also offer the finishing touches to things like booklets with comb binding, wire binding, laminating and mounting. You can visit their website at

Should you get your printing requirements professionally done  
Should you get your printing requirements professionally done