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Document Imaging Products February 2014

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Kodak’s Innovative Technology


Interfaces and Drivers


Software included with Kodak Scanners


Multipurpose Network Scanners Kodak Scan Station 700 / 720EX


Document Cameras sceyeX and sceyeX Mono-Pro


Document Scanners Kodak ScanMate i900 Series Scanners


Kodak ScanMate i1120 Scanner


Kodak i2400 Scanner


Kodak i2600 / i2800 Scanners


Kodak i2900 Scanner


Kodak i3000 Series Scanners


Kodak Tr¯uper Series Scanners


Kodak i4000 Plus Series Scanners


Kodak Ngenuity Series Scanners


Kodak i5200 / i5600 Scanners


Kodak i5800 Scanner


Kodak i1860 Scanner


Kodak A3 and A4 Flatbed


Software and Solutions Kodak Asset Management Software


Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System


Kodak Capture Pro Software


Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software


Kodak Capture Pro Network Edition


Kodak Capture Pro Auto Import Edition


Kodak Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint 41 Kodak Info Activate Solution


Kodak Info Insight Platform


Service & Support Kodak Service & Support for Document Imaging Solutions


Performance Plus Service Contract


Scanner Hotline Support


For detailed product specifications, please see the Scanner Overview Flyer


Join our world of Document Imaging Kodak Alaris’ Document Imaging solutions enable customers to capture and consolidate data from digital and paper sources, understand and extract valuable insight from the contents, and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Our offerings include award-winning scanners, capture and information management software, an expanding range of professional services and industry-leading service and support. With customers ranging from small offices to global operations, Kodak Alaris delivers superior systems and solutions to automate business processes, enhance customer interactions and enable better business decisions.

Kodak Scanners feature Innovative ­Technology • Automatic document feeders (ADF) as standard • ADF capacities of 20 to 750 pages • Extremely wide range of document sizes and types • Scanning speeds of 20 to 840 images per minute • Scanning in simplex (single-sided) and duplex (double-sided) modes • Scanning in black-and-white, greyscale, colour and Dual Stream • IEEE-1394 (FireWire), USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or SCSI3 interfaces • Network scanning solutions • Perfect Page Scanning on all scanner models • Ultrasonic multi-feed detection (up to five independent sensors) • A wide range of accessories and options • Optical resolution up to 1,200 dpi • Flatbeds with book-edge scanning • Intelligent document protection (on select models)


Innovative Scanner Technology from Kodak Alaris Advanced features available on most models: Perfect Page All Scanners come with Perfect Page as standard. Perfect Page helps to deliver high quality images from a wide range of documents regardless of colour, contrast or condition. It processes even the most difficult and challenging original documents with consistently high quality. Dynamic Threshold functions calculate the output of each individual Pixel on every page without manual intervention or the need to re-scan a document. In addition, functions such as the automatic alignment of documents (deskew), imaging to the actual paper format (contour tracing and cropping) and automatic orientation to the readable orientation ensure the best possible representation of scanned documents. Perfect Page scanning allows you to scan a wider range of documents without the need for pre-sorting, changing scanner settings, or post-image processing. Perfect Page also improves the OCR read-rates and accuracy – all of which means higher productivity with minimal or no manual user intervention. Dual Stream Kodak CCD Image Sensors produce two images of each scanned document page: black-and-white and colour or black-and-white and greyscale, so you can use applications that process two images simultaneously. SurePath Paper Handling Technology Our automatic document feeders accept and feed batches of mixed paper sizes and weights. The document transport technology treats your originals with care and ensures that they reach the output tray in optimal condition and in the correct order. Ultrasonic Multi-Feed Detection The ultrasonic multi-feed detection developed by Kodak is extremely reliable and detects glued documents as they are fed into the s­ canner. Precision Lenses For many years, precision lenses from Kodak have provided optics of extremely high quality for capture devices. Kodak’s legacy of experience and innovation in paper transport, illumination and image sensors means that you can expect consistently excellent imaging output, time and time again. Kodak Tricolour Plus CCD Image Sensors Kodak CCD Image Sensors have their origins in space technology. They deliver optimal image quality in black-and-white, greyscale and colour.


Interfaces and Drivers IEEE-1394 FireWire Interface Commonly known as FireWire, this interface enables scanners to be connected using plug-and-play technology and allows for real-time data transmission. USB 2.0/USB 3.0 Interface The plug-and play interface enables scanners to be c­ onnected to standard PC using Windows or Linux-OS. Ethernet (10/100/1000 Base-T) Network Interface Network connectivity allows stand-alone devices such as the Kodak Scan Station to send documents directly to storage, printers or e-mail destinations. TWAIN and ISIS Drivers Indispensable for integration in various scanner applications, TWAIN and ISIS drivers are bundled with all Scanners. Linux Drivers Based on the OpenUSB Project, we provide open source and production quality “ScanTWAIN” application for Linux, as well as “TWAIN 2.0 for Linux” with full programmatic scanner control and SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) support. Available for select scanners.

Software included with Scanners Smart Touch Feature This feature makes everyday scanning tasks as simple as possible. You can scan easily documents to nine different destinations, such as file, mail, printer, e-mail, fax, application, Microsoft SharePoint Software and third-party-software for upload to Cloud-servers. Smart Touch allows you to predefine scanner settings, destination, editing and preview as well as shortcuts to create your own custom setup. File formats include TIFF, JPEG, PDF, searchable PDF and more. Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software The i2000, i3000 and i4000 Series Scanners come bundled with Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software, an entry level batch scanning application with document separation and barcode recognition. Output to file, e-mail or Microsoft SharePoint Software in various file formats. Please visit for a feature comparison with Smart Touch and Kodak Capture Pro Software.


Network Departmental The multifunction ­networked scanner loaded with smart features and ­remote ­administration NEW PRODUCT

Designed to let you digitise, archive and send documents to any location on your network, the multifunction Kodak Scan Station 700 and 720EX aim at any businesses looking to improve office efficiency, clean up paper clutter and lower operating costs. Connecting directly to an IT network, the compact Scan Station 700 provides a convenient way for everyone in an office to digitise and index documents for easy sharing and saving. Use the large intuitive 10” LCD touch screen to log onto your network to send documents to a range of customisable destinations – simultaneously if you like – such as shared folders, printers, USB portable drives, email, secure FTP, cloud destinations and Microsoft SharePoint servers. The ScanStation 720EX also supports fax out-and-in with an integrated FAXModem, as well as connectivity to Kofax FrontOfficeServer. The integrated image viewer allows you to browse scanned documents and make changes or even re-scan pages if needed. The Voice Attachment feature provides the option to add helpful verbal messages to documents.


Kodak Scan Station 700/720EX

OCR built-in to help with searching With built-in OCR capabilities supporting 14 languages, searchable PDFs can easily be created, along with TIFF, JPEG, PDF and PDF-A files. With scanning speeds of up to 50 pages per minute and our Perfect Page image processing technology, the Scan Station 700 helps ensure quality images are created every time at the touch of a button. An optional DIN-A4 and DIN-A3 tethered flatbed is available for exception documents, should you need. The Scan Station 700 provides a host of security features, including PDF private key encryption, secure login using LDAP. Now with a host of powerful remote administration functions and a setup wizard to give system administrators control over your networked Scan Station 700 devices. The Kodak Scan Station 720EX is also available for 3rd party software integrations. Please contact us, if you have an enquiry or integration 足opportunity.


Document Cameras Capture your document instantly while you are reading it *

For Free 3-Year warranty

sceye is an innovative document scanner for the professional desktop, compatible for both Windows and Apple Macintosh. A laser projects a frame on the desktop. Just place a document into that frame, and a snapshot will be taken. The image will be processed, de-skewed and cropped to its actual dimension. An OCR engine will read the content, and the scanned image can be stored as a PDF, searchable PDF, TIF or JPG instantly. Not even a mouse or a keyboard is required. With sceye, you can scan anything: small receipts, stapled pages or pages directly from a folder or binder, passport or a book. sceye is USB-Powered and therefore an excellent choice for mobile applications. The Twain driver eliminates the need for manual corrections, after a snapshot is taken. sceye is great for customer facing offices, like in a bank, insurance, doctor, pharmacy or government, or when scanning a document in the context of a process. sceye has a stylish design and a small footprint – it fits everywhere. A scan takes just 2 seconds and provides visual and audio feedback.


sceyeX and sceyeX MonoPro

sceye scanners are: • Easy - No Buttons – just open it up and it’s ready to go. • Flexible - Enables you to scan: books, cards, small packages just as easily as scanning paper documents. • Fast - Several automated features make sceye extremely quick to use. • User-friendly - No need to remove staples or unbind documents as sceye sees the documents how YOU see them. • Maintenance Free - There are no moving parts. sceye scanners come in two different versions: sceyeX - designed for a full automatic capture process for a high number of documents and with outstanding image quality in black and white, grayscale and colour sceyeX Mono-Pro - „the specialist camera“ Without a colour mode but with an extra boost on image sharpness and clarity sceye and sceyeX are maintenance free, and come with a 3 years warranty

*) in select countries


Personal The stylish, affordable and mobile, compact desktop solution ideal for scanning to preset locations and the cloud *

For Free 3-Year warranty

They may be the entry-level models in our ScanMate range, but there’s absolutely nothing ‘entry’ about the super compact Kodak ScanMate i940 and i940M for Apple Macintosh OS. Perfect for semi professional and SoHo users, it’s a mobile ­office solution with all the imaging features you’d expect from Kodak. With a three-year warranty* for free, out of the box we’ve included NewSoft Presto! Biz Card software, TWAIN and ISIS drivers – for easy integration with other scanning software and our Smart Touch technology which allows you to scan and save documents quickly and easily. So, create searchable PDFs, email attachments, scan to file, Microsoft SharePoint and even to several cloud applications such as Evernote and – all at the touch of a button. Compact but packed with features The super compact ScanMate i900 Series Scanners are stylishly designed - in black - with a cover which forms the 20 page paper feeder when open, the auto off function when closed, while protecting them from general office wear and tear, too. The perfect scanners for people who want to digitise items quickly and fold away so they doesn’t consume unnecessary


Kodak ScanMate i900 Series Scanners

desk space. The scanners can be powered by the USB interface of your computer, if no mains outlet is available. But when it comes to scanning documents, the ScanMate i900 Series is a regular little whirl wind handling up to 500 pages per day - scanning documents both sides at up to 40 images per minute. Everything from plastic ID cards, business cards, extra long documents, the ScanMate i900 Series can handle pretty much anything you want to throw at it. With our Perfect Page imaging technology, you get top quality, crisp and clear images first time, every time so you improve your work productivity avoiding time rescanning documents. The Kodak ScanMate i940 supports current Windows and Linux operating systems, the Kodak ScanMate i940M supports current Apple Macintosh OS. Priced to be affordable addition to your working life - proof that good things do come in small packages. Linux drivers available for download on our in the support section. Compatible with Kodak Asset Management Software (see page 43).

*) in select countries


Personal Complete out-of-the box desktop document organiser for small business and home office use *

For Free 3-Year warranty

The Kodak ScanMate i1120 Scanner is designed for entry level users looking for a cost effective, powerful yet intelligent imaging solution to scan business cards, create PDFs and digitise other documents. It’s perfect for removing paper clutter from your desk to enhance information finding and sharing and lowers the risks associated with paper storage and ultimately improves personal productivity and organisational efficiency. At the push of a button, both sides of documents are simultaneously scanned. With our Perfect Page ­imaging technology you can create high quality images the first time so you can get on with the things that matter like running your business without wasting time adjusting settings. Super compact, the Kodak ScanMate i1120 takes just minutes to set up, and seconds to scan most documents, with the smart touch feature. Then these are automatically stored in folders, printed or sent to popular applications like email, Microsoft Word, Excel or SharePoint for easy sharing. You’re ready to go out of the box • NUANCE ScanSoft PaperPort 11 Software – the popular feature-rich application to organise, find and share electronic 12

Kodak ScanMate i1120 Scanner

documents and pictures and c­ reate PDF documents quickly and easily; • NUANCE OmniPage 15 Software – advanced OCR capabilities help you create searchable electronic documents once they’re scanned; • NewSoft PRESTO! BizCard5 Software – the ideal way to scan business cards and synchronise them with your PC, laptop, PDA and phone. The flexibility to evolve with you The Kodak ScanMate i1120 is perfect for ad hoc office and personal scanning but should your document scanning needs grow, bundled TWAIN and ISIS driver support means easy connectivity to enterprise-level imaging applications without the need to buy new hardware. Linux drivers available for download on our homepage/support center. With the combination of free software, compact size, doublesided high quality scanning and integration options, the Kodak ScanMate i1120 is a compelling investment for users embarking on document scanning for the first time.

*) in select countries


Workgroup Smart Touch functionality­ means smart scanning and unmatched efficiency ­improvement *

For Free 3-Year warranty

If you don’t require the daily volume performance offered by our higher capacity i2600 and i2800 models, the i2400 is the entry point to our Kodak i2000 Series Scanners delivering a compelling workgroup-level solution. Able to process up to 2,000 pages per day at 30 pages per minute, the i2400 Scanner comes with Perfect Page imaging technology and also uses next generation dual indirect LED ­illumination which eliminates traditional lamp warm up time, so you can just crack on and get scanning safe in the knowledge that the very, very best, crystal clear images will result. It’s smart to have your head in the clouds The i2400 Scanner comes with our Smart Touch technology which eliminates the laborious and time consuming steps of scanning, editing, naming, choosing a file format and saving images to a predefined application or folder. Just pre-program this information, allocate a ‘task’ number which staff then use time and again when digitising the same document types - it’s the smart way of automating repetitive tasks to improve efficiency.


Kodak i2400 Scanner

Requiring no specialist training, Smart Touch supports a variety of destinations, including scanning to Microsoft Word, SharePoint, folders, print and even cloud applications. Bundled with Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software. Designed to be flexible The stow and go design of the i2000 Series Scanners let’s you store the i2400 upright when not in use, then pull it out when you need it so it doesn’t interfere with your everyday activities. A tethered A4 and A3 flatbed option is available as an accessory for the times you need to digitise odd sized or bound pages. Like the other scanners in the series, the i2400 scanner comes with a comprehensive software bundle comprising image capture and document management software, along with various drivers to allow easy integration with a range of enterprise applications. Energy Star compliant, the i2400 comes with a three year advanced unit replacement warranty* and supports Windows and Linux operating systems. Bundled with Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software. Compatible with Kodak Asset Management Software (see page 43). *) in select countries


Workgroup/Departmental Start your critical business processes at a touch of a button capitalising on breakthrough indirect dual LED illumination *

For Free 3-Year warranty

With businesses today all looking to cut costs, improve productivity, generate competitive advantage and ultimately profits, the Kodak i2600 workgroup and i2800 departmental scanners are designed to help you convert paper-based information super fast and get your business processes working quicker. The multi language graphical LCD display on each scanner – along with our Smart Touch technology – allows you to programme each specific process for staff to then start multiple step scanning at the touch of a button. The upshot? You get information to decision makers rapidly so money to be gained isn’t left waiting for choices to be made. Scanning with the light fantastic The first manufacturer to offer dual indirect LED document illumination, Kodak’s i2600 and i2800 Scanners offer excellent reliablity, use less energy, and have radically enhanced image clarity, consistency and colour stability. LED does this by ensuring even light distribution when images are scanned, with optical resolution up to 600 dpi on both machines.


Kodak i2600 and i2800 Scanners

Both the i2600 and i2800 Scanners come with a comprehensive software bundle including TWAIN, ISIS, and WIA drivers, along with Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition, Nuance PaperPort and OmniPage. Two performance levels to meet all workload needs With high recommended daily scanning volumes and speeds the scanners the scanners are hungry for paper. For exceptional scanning of oversized, bound or fragile documents, an A4 and A3 flatbed optional accessory can be added. As with all Kodak scanners, the i2600 and i2800 are designed to process a range of document types: small or large, thick or thin, along with ID, business and even embossed cards. The i2600 and i2800 Scanners support current Windows operating systems and Linux Ubuntu, backed by a three-year warranty* for free. Bundled with Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software. Compatible with Kodak Asset Management Software (see page 43).

*) in select countries


Departmental A unique combination of rotary and flatbed scanner in one compact design


For Free 3-Year warranty

Upgradeable to

Unique design packed with industry innovations • First high volume, feature-rich rotary A4 scanner with built-in flatbed and imprinter option eliminates the need for two separate devices in space constrained offices, allowing all kinds of exception scanning such as book pages, magazines, passports, in addition to applications, forms, invoices and other regular A4 documents. • First to include a larger than average capacity 250-sheet feeder/elevator which means operators can process more mixed-sized paperwork in one batch. In addition, a selectable rear-exit paper path allows the rotary scanner to cope with thicker documents or longer items up to 4.1 metres long, perfect for digitising paperwork like ECG charts for example. • First workgroup scanner to feature Kodak’s new Intelligent Document Protection feature which monitors the condition of paper being scanned. Stopping the scanner automatically to prevent damage from precious documents. • First Kodak workgroup scanner to feature an optional postscan imprinter so that documents can be stamped with a customisable reference, date or code once processed. • First Kodak workgroup scanner to digitise documents at 300 dpi without throughput speeds being effected, thereby improving OCR accuracy. 18

Kodak i2900 Scanner

With speeds of up to 60 pages per minute at both 200 and 300 dpi, the duplex Kodak i2900 scanner has recommended daily volume of 10,000 pages a day, and comes with dual LED illumination to ensure quick scanning starts as well as exceptional image clarity and colour stability. Years of Kodak scanner imaging development come as standard Equipped with our Perfect Page technology which automatically adjusts images without user involvement to ensure best quality scans every time, the i2900 has a programmable LCD display which can be used to provide instructions to operators as well as allowing them to use our Smart Touch functionality to start business processes, scan to various predefined locations, all without the need to even open an application on a PC. The i2900 is compatible with TWAIN, ISIS and Linux-based scanning applications and comes with a free three-year advance unit replacement warranty to guarantee performance and availability, crucial for those users where the scanner is integral in their electronic workflow. This is upgradeable to a next business day on-site service by a field-engineer for a small additional cost. Bundled with Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software. Compatible with Kodak Asset Management Software (see page 43).

*) in select countries


Low Volume Compact, powerful and built to last, the most affordable scanners mean no compromises


For Free

NEW Now with integrate book-edged flatbed

3-Year warranty

Upgradeable to

Designed to handle paper sizes up to A3 and cope with low or large paper volumes right up to the recommended maximum of 20,000 pages per day, the Kodak i3000 Series Scanners are ruggedly built to deliver consistent throughput and uptime – perfect for office environments where reliability, performance and image quality are key. And given the ever increasing demand on budgets and need to deliver return on investment from IT spend, the i3000 Series Scanners are competitively priced and come with a free three-year advance unit replacement warranty* – the first time A3 scanners in this category have had this impressive level of cover. An upgrade is also available for next business day on-site service by a field engineer for a small additional charge. Petite dimensions. Powerhouse performance. Four models complete the range. The Kodak i3200 are designed to handle 50 pages per minute and up to 15,000 per day, with the Kodak i3400 rated at 90 pages per minute and 20,000 pages daily for those customers where volumes are greater. The i3250 and i3450 scanners feature an integrated DIN-A4 book edge flatbed for bound, stapled or exception items.


Kodak i3000 Series Scanners

Both scan at 3oo dpi without processing speed being impacted – perfect for OCR applications where image clarity is key – and users also benefit from two paper path options: rotary or straight through. This means that long (up to 4.1 metres), thick or unbendable documents can be catered for without risk of damage. Features to guarantee document management success The i3000 Series Scanners include Kodak’s new Intelligent Document Protection feature which extends the paper jam protection provided by Kodak’s Ultrasonic Multi-Feed detection. This helps protect documents from physical damage caused by forgotten staples or obstructions in the paper path. As you’d expect, both the i3200 and i3400 Scanners come with our Perfect Page technology built in which optimises image quality and intelligently manages a host of image process tasks such as colour, brightness and contrast adjustment, auto crop and blank sheet detection. Optional A4 and A3 flatbed accessories for scanning of exception items can be connected. A post-scan rear-side imprinter is also offered as an option should you need to prove that documents have been successfully scanned. The Kodak i3000 Series Scanners. Powerful. Compact. ­Affordable. And built to cope with whatever you throw at them. Bundled with Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software. Compatible with Kodak Asset Management Software (see page 43). *) in select countries


Low Volume Low volume production ­scanners in two-form factors ideal for exceptional scanning jobs


With both an integrated automatic document feeder (ADF) and flatbed combined, the compact duplex Kodak Tr¯uper 3210 Scanner is designed for office environments where space matters and an all-in-one flexible unit is needed. Handling up to 90 pages per minute with a document volume of up to 15,000 pages per day, when using the 200 page ADF is an easy job for the scanner. The Tr¯uper 3210 Scanner easily copes with fragile or bound documents when operated in flat bed mode. The duplex Kodak Tr¯uper 3610 Scanner features only the rotary design – perfect for mid sized volumes or situations, when a small footprint is needed. Rated throughput speeds are the same as its sibling, the Tr¯uper 3210. Both models can scan documents of unlimited length so ideal for ECG print outs, oil well logs, patient records, long forms. Anything. Features and software to reduce the cost of scanning Ultrasonic multi-feed detection catches double-feeds automatically so rescanning batches is avoided. And settings can be adjusted to allow envelopes or documents with attached photos or sticky notes to pass through without stopping. These features reduce the extra steps needed to separate documents, thereby


Kodak TrÂŻuper Series Scanners

reducing rescans and document preparation time. An optional, easy-to-use pre-scan imprinter is also available should you want to record the date and time a document is scanned, reference numbers and so on. The TrÂŻuper 3210 and 3610 Scanners come bundled with Kofax VRS 4.5 image enhancement software for crisp and clean images which help businesses achieve greater accuracy of scanned information. High quality images are captured at up to 600 dpi, with a whole host of innovative features included all intended to reduce operator intervention and ultimately lead to a lower total cost of scanning. These include blank page deletion, auto orientation and advanced colour dropout which allows users to simultaneously remove up to six custom colours in a multicolour document to ensure optimal OCR, ICR and barcode recognition.

*) in select countries


Low Volume/Mid Volume Premium low volume ­production scanners offering lots of extras NEW Now with even morece performan *

When more capacity is required over our departmental scanners, why not try Kodak’s new low volume production scanner series, the i4000 Plus? Powerful yet power less Two models complete the range. The i4200 Plus which handles 30,000 pages per day with a speed of up to 100 pages per minute, and its more powerful brother, the i4600 Plus which has a capacity of 50,000 pages per day with speeds of up to 120 pages per minute in colour at 300dpi. They’re both perfect for small to medium size businesses wanting to cost effectively automate document capture and document management. Both models use dual LED light to capture the images, meaning no warm up time and a massive reduction in power consumed. Start scanning and there’s instant response. And power isn’t the only way of keeping your costs down. A whopping 500,000 documents can be scanned for just € 34 spent on consumables (namely the separation and picker rollers). That’s about 10 times less in cost, than competitive products.


Kodak i4000 Plus Series Scanners

Designed to make scanning that much easier The i4000 Plus Series have been ergonomically designed so perfect for office environments where there’s a mix of operator experience. A 500-page front loading feeder with our Sure Stack technology stacks documents properly in the exit tray after ­being digitised so that paper doesn’t get mixed up or jams occur. With the switchable straight-through paper path feeding, even hard paper such as cards or stiff envelopes can be processed, too. In addition, up to nine pre-set scanning destinations can be selected so that – at a touch of button – you can output to common places. It just makes the whole process of scanning paper that much easier. Optional imprinter and tethered A4 or A3 flatbed can be attached to both models, and should an i4200 Plus be purchased and greater throughput processing power be required at a later date, it can be upgraded to deliver i4600 Plus performance. The i4000 Plus Series features the latest version of our Perfect Page Imaging processing technology with auto orientation, auto crop, and de-skew and iThresholding, which comes with new features such as streak and punch hole removal. The most advanced feature for forms recognition and data extraction removes up to 5 unwanted colours from documents. Bundled with Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software. Compatible with Kodak Asset Management Software (see page 43). *) in select countries


Mid Volume Advanced document h ­ andling improves workflow efficiency, with razor sharp scans achieved through industry leading imaging and camera ­technology


Some of the fastest production desktop scanners in our range, the Kodak Ngenuity Series Scanners are true workhorses ergonomically designed and packed with smart features to streamline your document workflow and simplify production scanning. They’re ideal for bureau environments or departments where throughput is a necessity not just a nice to have. With a 700-page paper feeder – that’s 40% bigger than other scanners in their class – Ngenuity Series Scanners can cope with a staggeringly wide range of documents - up to 311 mm wide and 200 metres long, with paper weights from 30 to 1,200 g/m2. That means tracing and rice paper, legal and A4 documents, airline receipts, EKG graphs, and photos - even hard items like stuffed envelopes and plastic cards can be processed using our straight pass through feature. Four models complete the range. The duplex black & white, 9090 DB, and duplex colour 9090 DC both handle ‘up-to’ 90 pages per minute (ppm) and daily cycles of up to 90,000 pages. The larger capacity, 9125 DC, ups throughput to ‘up-to’ 125 ppm or 125,000 per day, with the top of the series, the 9150 DC, delivering ‘up-to’ 150 ppm or 150,000 per day. And given it’s ­duplex – scans pages both sides in one pass – that’s an impressive 300,000 images every day. 26

Kodak Ngenuity Series Scanners

State of the art technologies deliver enhanced image quality Kodak Ngenuity Series Scanners all come with Kofax’s hardware VRS so advanced colour and image management without any degradation in performance. Top-of-the-line SharpShooter Trilinear protectively sealed CCD cameras enable all models to deliver 600 dpi optical capture and output to ensure higher OCR, ICR and bar code recognition rates with more reliable forms processing. An optional imprinter can be attached pre and/or post scanning with up to 72 characters available should records like time and date be required. LED lights used in all models require no warm-up time so you can get on and start scanning confident that image quality will be optimal the moment you turn the scanner on, with the lights designed to last the life time of the scanner with normal use. That translates to consistent images and less time calibrating cameras. NEW: consumables for greatly improved TCO – only € 34 for 500,000 scans. Our customisable control panel provide fast access to common features and is designed to help people with disabilities as it’s so user-friendly. The Ngenuity Series Scanners. Fast. Feature Rich. Easy-to-use. Ngenious. *) in select countries


Mid Volume/High Volume Class-leading intelligent imaging in production scanning ­environments


Our latest generation production scanners - the new i5000 Series – deliver class-leading intelligent imaging, reduced total cost of ownership, improved quality and accuracy of images produced. Designed for intensive paper processing environments typically found in service bureaus and the financial, healthcare and government sectors, the Kodak i5000 Series Scanners are perfect for organisations wishing to reduce budgets on the one hand, yet cope with the demand to maintain and provide scanning services. Two models complete the series – the i5200 rated at 140 pages per minute (ppm), and the faster i5600 able to process 170 ppm at 300 dpi colour, dual stream and image processing features all switched on. The i5200 Scanner, with a 750 sheet automatic document feeder and unlimited throughput can be upgraded as volumes grow to i5600 performance. Industry-leading features The Kodak i5000 Series Scanners offer a range of innovative features all designed to improve efficiency and enhance productivity, including: • NEW: Interactive Multifeed - a feature that will allow operators to choose to accept the images from a page that triggered a multifeed or rescan the page displayed on the colour LCD panel.


Kodak i5000 Series Scanners

• Dynamic Flow - A breakthrough digital architecture optimises internal memory allocation which speeds up scanning, image capture and processing; • Over 30 Perfect Page imaging features such as streak filtering, dual stream output, auto colour detection and de-skewing result in improved throughput and accuracy and lower total cost of ownership; • SurePath and SureStack technology reduce paper preparation and handling time by improving feeding and stacking of scanned documents with different weights and sizes. The scanners process documents 304.8mm wide and up to 4.8 metres long, and a thickness ranging from 25 to 200 g/m2. The Kodak i5000 Series Scanners are simple to use thanks to an intuitive colour LCD touch screen which can be programmed to simplify common tasks, with consumables free if our Performance Plus Service Contract* is purchased. Kodak i5000 Series Scanners support current 32 and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems and can be easily integrated with other enterprise business systems through TWAIN and ISIS drivers. Also available as hardware VRS-models (i5200V/i5600V). Compatible with Kodak Asset Management Software (see page 43).

*) in select countries


High Volume High volume, low TCO, ergonomic, feature rich – introducing our flagship production scanner with combined workstation *

Let’s get to the point. The pedestal-based Kodak i5800 is the fastest scanner we’ve ever made. With all our advanced imaging features enabled, 210 pages per minute at 300 dpi can be processed with no degradation in performance or limit on daily volumes so you can operate 24/7 should you need. That’s class leading and sets us apart. And we’ve made it cost effective to run. With consumables costing just € 34 per 500,000 pages scanned, the total cost of ownership is significantly lower than competitive products. This makes the i5800 the perfect scanning solution for high volume, mission-critical environments found in service bureaus or medium to large businesses tasked with handling a vast amount of paperwork such as mail, insurance claims, invoices or application forms. NEW: Let the scanner do the sorting The new option is able to sort documents based on size into two different output trays, for example to separate checks from letters. Or separate patch sheets from document stacks, greatly reducing manual work and dramatically improving the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). White light, best quality images With over 30 Perfect Page imaging features and quad LED 30

Kodak i5800 Scanner illumination the i5800 produces spectacular scan quality and comes with our breakthrough digital architecture – Kodak ­Dynamic Flow Technology – which optimises internal memory allocation to speed up scanning, image capture and image processing. Along with five sensor multi-feed detection and SurePath and Sure­ Stack controlled paper handling, the i5800 provides a unique combination of features for demanding environments to avoid paper jams and misfeeds, thereby keeping productivity up and operating costs down. NEW: The new Interactive Multifeed - a feature that allows an operator to choose to accept the images from a page that triggered a multifeed or rescan the page displayed on the scanners LCD Panel, improves handling and efficiency even further. Other new features include hole-fill, intelligent edge fill, autobrightness and Auto-White, for better looking images. The 750 sheet elevator designed feeder can cope with paper from 45 g/m2 to 200 g/m2 as standard. An optional feeder accessory allows paper of between 25 to 75 g/m2 to be processed as well. Going up, going down – ergonomics to make scanning comfortable The i5800 comes features an electric height adjustable pedestal for a comfortable working position and people with disabilities, with programmable function keys making complex and repeat tasks one-button easy. The i5800 supports all versions of current Microsoft Windows operating systems in 32 and 64 bit, and comes with TWAIN, ISIS and WIA drivers for easy integration with leading document management software systems. Please consultant your local Kodak representative for options and enhancements, as well as for service and support options. Compatible with Kodak Asset Management Software (see page 43). *) in select countries


High Volume Speed, capacity and features. Everything you’d expect from our flagship models


The ground-breaking i1860 with up to 200 pages or 800 images per minute. Offering unlimited daily scanning capacity 24/7, is ideal for the most demanding environments and for customers who don’t wish to compromise on either speed or quality. Floor standing design with easy operation Incorporating a motorised height adjustable floor-standing design, the i1860 comes with colour touch-screen OLED display to give operators full access to the scanner’s controls. The superb ergonomic design and quiet operation makes it user friendly, with space in the base unit for a PC to ensure a tidy office environment. The 500 sheet feeder is included, plus pre and post imprinter positions are built-in as standard allowing you to record useful auditing information such as where documents have been saved or verification that images have indeed been captured. Features you’d expect from the king of production scanners The i1860 Scanner comes with all the features you’d expect to optimise productivity in businesses which have high volume workloads. SurePath paper transport and ultrasonic multi-feed detectors eliminate jams, plus our Perfect Page imaging technology along with dual XENON bulbs guaran32

Kodak i1860 Scanner

tee crystal clear scans each and every time. In addition, new electronics ensure optimum scanning performance even on the toughest of paper documents. The i1860 features an integrated patch code reader and image addressing. The Kodak Capture Pro Software option makes it easy to index, share and store documents in enterprise-class electronic document management systems. With no compromise on build quality or performance, the i1860 Scanner offers a class leading platform for any business requiring a cost effective yet feature rich solution, from the production scanning leader, Kodak.


Accessories - Kodak A3 and A4 Flatbed Simply plug and scan

Giving you choice is what is inherent in our scanner range, and the Tethered flatbed option reflects this. Some documents require flatbed scanning, for example Books, Magazines or Passports. Other documents are too delicate or ­irreplaceable to risk any damage. Get enhanced image quality The Tethered Flatbed provides the latest Perfect Page imaging technology, including automatic cropping, rotation, colour detection and iThresholding. “Ease of use” is our mission Kodak’s exclusive Smart Touch feature allows you to scan to file, email, Microsoft SharePoint Server, publishing or other desktop applications with just one touch of a button. Flatbeds are available in the following configurations Picture Saver i2400 Scanning i2600 i3000 i4000 Systems i2800 i2900 Series Series PS50 Scanners Scanner Scanners Scanners PS80 Legal Size (A4)

New A3 Size


Kodak Asset Management Software

The Kodak Asset Management Software saves you time and money when managing a fleet of Kodak Scanners Businesses with many scanners in multiple locations face challenges related to tracking, managing and supporting these devices. Our new Software permits IT directors and system administrators to remotely monitor those scanner performance and status, deploy drivers and profiles and updates, and gain insight to identify trends and streamline processes. Kodak Asset Management Software Server features a webbased dashboard and management tool with data collector for scanners. The dashboard offers comprehensive information including scanner location, software and driver versions, consumables usage and supply levels, and available scanner updates. Via the dashboard administrators can also update scanner 足drivers, software or settings. Other functions include - Registration, installation, and configuring of scanners. - Remotely monitor and troubleshoot scanners e-mail alerts - Management, storage, and secure scanner profiles and user settings. - Multiple login accounts with different levels of privileges for secure operations. - Supports popular Web-Browsers Asset Management Software works with all current Kodak Scanners and select legacy products. Asset Management Software is available on our website for download as 30 day trial version. 35

Software and Solutions Out-of-the-box profits!


For Free 3-Year warranty

Now you can help customers transform a lifetime of memories so they can be easily shared, preserved, printed and displayed in exciting ways. The Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System instantly creates a high-value new market and revenue stream for your business: helping people turn hundreds, even thousands of their pictures, postcards and other memorabilia into digital files. It’s easy: consumers bring in their memories, you quickly and safely scan them, restore and enhance image quality, and return digital images on DVDs, portable USB drives, CDs and even Kodak Picture CDs. Plus, you can promote an array of photo specialty products created from their new digital files. Trust in Kodak for photographic excellence The out-of-the-box Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System PS50 and PS80 are versatile solutions for retailers. The simple to use and quick to learn software features automatic picture orientation, red-eye removal, contrast enhancements, colour correction and more, so that digital images are often better than the originals. With output resolutions up to 1,200 dpi, the duplex System scans both sides of paper prints in one pass which is key given 36

Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System

many people scribble notes on the back of their photos, which are just as important to keep. Labour-intensive manual feeding virtually eliminated The Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System PS50 handles up to 50 photos per minute and the PS80 up to 85 photos per minute. You can easily digitise thousands of prints in an hour. The Kodak PhotoSelector accessory, in conjunction with the optional Tethered Flatbed in DIN-A4 or DIN-A3 a足 llows 足scanning of whole picture book pages, without removing the p足 recious photos. The PhotoSelector recognizes the photo 足contour, and delivers all photos separately with one scan. This makes the System the best performing yet most affordable bulk photo desktop scanning solution on the market today. And with low initial investment and minimal staff training, integrating it with your current photo services is fast and cost effective so that the system literally starts paying for itself from day one. Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Systems are backed by a threeyear warranty for free*.

*) in select countries


Software and Solutions Simplify scanning. Automate indexing. Maximise connectivity.

You have forms, documents, records and much more. Simply put, Kodak Capture Pro Software 
makes your paper productive by streamlining the process of transforming paper into information. 
Quickly convert batches of paper into high-quality images. Capture and index critical data and deliver it to databases, 
applications and people automatically. Send smarter information to ECM systems and Microsoft SharePoint with extensive 
integration to streamline workflow and processes. Leverage your Kodak Scanners– and multi-function printers or more than 230 scanners from other 
popular manufacturers – in desktop to high volume production environments. 

 Simplify Scanning • Optimise image quality automatically. Intelligent Quality Control automatically flags questionable images and optimises image quality without rescanning. Auto orients, crops, and deskews images. • Save time with one-scan/dual-stream output. Scan once and get colour/bitonal, or greyscale/bitonal images. Enhance OCR from B&W images while retaining colour images for archiving.


Kodak Capture Pro Software • One capture solution that grows with your needs. From desktop to distributed to high-volume environments, it’s ideally scalable. Plus you benefit from one familiar interface for Kodak Scanners and those from other manufacturers. Support in 17 GUI languages and 126 OCR languages. Automate Indexing • Protect your data integrity with double data entry indexing and guard against entry errors. • Index faster with drag-and-drop OCR, and speed operations with zonal OCR/MICR, 1D and 2D barcodes, and indexing for up to 999 fields. • Process surveys and other checkmark forms. Flexible mark detection accurately detects marks in specified zones and populates corresponding index fields with results. Maximise connectivity • Speed interaction with ECM systems and SharePoint. Comprehensive integration and complete connectivity with multiple ECM solutions, SharePoint, and secure FTP. Standard interface, ability to import SharePoint index configurations directly into Capture Pro Software, multiple column types, and more. • Automatically import document images from your network No need to scan – continuously import and process document images. • Improve accuracy and productivity from output. Send batch statistics to databases. • Boost indexing speed and accuracy. Streamlined database lookup also assures captured index fields are correct. • PDF options for any need Searchable PDF, encrypted/ protected PDF, PDF-A, compressed colour PDF, PDF bookmarks, fast Web view and others. Capture Pro Software is available on our website for download as fully functional 30 day trial version. 39

Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition Software Bundled with i2000, i3000 and i4000 Plus Series Scanners: Quickly convert mixed paper documents into high-quality images. All popular file output formats are supported including RTF, TIFF, JPEG, PDF and PDF/A formats. OCR functionality is embedded for searchable PDF creation. Capture Pro Limited Edition provides efficient job separation. File naming can be automated using barcodes, drag-and-drop OCR or manually. The software enables professionals users to quickly to convert documents into scanned image files. This allows processing of loads of documents with high efficiency. The graphical user interface (GUI) supports 16 different languages. Capture Pro Limited Edition can be launched at the touch of a button from the connected scanner. Documents can be scanned directily with pre-defined settings into any folder, e-mail or Microsoft SharePoint destinations. Capture Pro Limited Edition can be easily upgraded to the full version of Capture Pro.

Kodak Capture Pro Network Edition Indexing

Output Server Module Server

Auto Import

Capture across your world – Capture Pro Software Network Edition • Centrally manage multiple capture and indexing stations anywhere on your network • Remote administration and batch monitoring • Utilise auto import, link workstations and more 40

Kodak Capture Pro Auto Import Edition Got files? Import them – Capture Pro Software Auto Import Edition • Import image files from MFPs and other sources via network folders • Benefit from the same imaging, indexing and output capabilities you get with scanned images • Can run as a service; no operator needed

Solutions for SharePoint Vizit Essential™: is an fast and efficient file preview and viewing solution available for Microsoft SharePoint. Vizit Essential offers cutting edge search, collaboration, workflow and third party integrations. It greatly improves SharePoint 2013 usability by extending the platform’s preview and viewing capabilities with important formats including PDF, Email (.msg, .eml, .emlx), TIF, DWG and hundreds of other file types. Vizit Pro™: offers powerful document management and collaboration features creating a complete SharePoint ECM experience. Extensive Annotate, Mark-Up Content and a wide array of annotation features with audit trail drive organisation wide collaboration. With Vizit Pro users can initiate the capture of paper documents from any SharePoint library, as well as Reorder Pages, Split and Merge Image Files and Edit and Manage Document Properties. Vizit automatically retrieves SharePoint columns from your library and makes adding meta-data easy by enabling viewing while the user is indexing the document. Vizit Pro also offers two search capabilities within its interface to assist users in finding and using SharePoint files.


Kodak Info Activate Solution Activate Information Streamline Processes Optimise SharePoint

Kodak Info Activate Solution is a distributed enterprise capture, management and workflow solution designed to streamline the onboarding of electronic and paper documents into transactions and business processes in a SharePoint environment. The use of Info Activate Solution adheres to defined governance policies so documents are correct metadata to efficiently find and retrieve content when needed. • Kodak Info Activate is best suited for document-oriented, ad hoc, non-production capture environments. It is ideal for small, mid-size and enterprise organisations capturing documents in multiple, distributed locations to manage business processes in their SharePoint environment. • Onboard paper and electronic documents into a business workflow with a single click – radically simple user interface designed for knowledge workers • Built using SharePoint as a platform • Browser based, easy to set up and use • Govern the consistency and accuracy of critical business data Optional on-the-go document capture. 
Use the Info Activate Solution Mobile App to capture, index and submit documents from your 
Android and iOS smartphone. Documents 
captured on-the-go are automatically enhanced 
to achieve the best image quality. The Info 
Activate Mobile App is available from the Apple 
or Google App store and is used with the 
optional Info Activate Mobile Module. 42

Kodak Info Insight Platform Tame Content Harvest Insight Achieve Intelligence The Kodak Info Insight Platform provides intelligent analysis and understanding of incoming documents and digital correspondence, regardless of format and structure. It learns from the behavior of expert users during information evaluation and processing with the goal to extract and enrich key information delivery to the appropriate business processes. The product and solutions suite helps organisations make better decisions faster and frees up valuable time to seek new business opportunities. •K  odak Info Insight is well suited for a broad variety of businesses with a large number of end customers. Business applications like digital mailroom management, claims processing, customer on-boarding, response management, invoice reading, expense management etc. • End-to-end solutions that drive business efficiency and improved customer engagement • Save time, money and resources by automating information management processes • Handle all input channels with a single platform and in a single process • Improve quality and consistency of your customer interactions


Service and Support Kodak Service & Support for Document Imaging Solutions is one of the largest and most experienced service organisations operating in 120 countries worldwide. We are equipped to handle all your service and support needs!

Startup Assistance Accelerate the deployment of your investment with Startup Assistance for Kodak software. With Startup Assistance, Kodak Service and Support or partner personnel work with your team in the installation of your Kodak software, configuration of the system and the operator and administrator training required to enable operations in the shortest time possible. Startup Assistance comes standard with Kodak Capture Pro software and Kodak Info Activate software. The amount of time allotted for Software ­Assistance varies for each software product. Visit the for more information on Kodak Document Imaging software and the support options available for each.

Software Assurance Software Assurance for Kodak software is a comprehensive maintenance and support offering that ensures you get the most out of your software investment on an ongoing basis after installation. The benefits include receiving the latest software updates, version upgrades, and access to document management expertise unequaled in the industry, keeping your software investments current and maximising your operational productivity through expedited problem resolution. Access to this exceptional technical support is easy via phone and web. Visit for more details. In addition, our expert technical support team is available for optional consultation on special configurations, system integration and much more, making Kodak Alaris your one source for your ever-changing business process needs.

Consistently delivering the right part at the right time Kodak Alaris’ on-going investment in a sophisticated infrastructure helps ensure that we provide the level of support required to keep you ahead in today’s global business environment. At Kodak Alaris, parts are managed on a global, national and local basis with strategically located depots to ensure that the right part is available, where and when it’s needed.

Service on other manufacturer’s equipment In addition to all our own products, we provide warranty and maintenance agreement support for over 100 manufacturers of scanners, storage, micrographics equipment and more, meaning you can use us as a single point of contact for all your support needs. For a complete list of supported manufacturers, contact your reseller or visit us at


One stop shop for all your service needs In addition to all our own products, we provide warranty and maintenance agreement support for over 100 manufacturers of scanners, storage, micrographics equipment and more, meaning you can use us as a single point of contact for all your support needs. For a complete list of supported manufacturers, contact your reseller or visit us at

Performance Plus Available for: Kodak i2900 • i3000, i4000, i5000 Series Scanners, Truper- and Ngenuity Series and i1860 The Performance Plus suite of contracts is designed to meet your specific business needs. It helps protect your productivity, avoids unexpected charges and, keeps your scanner performing optimally while protecting your business processes. Kodak Service & Support for Document Imaging Solutions is efficient, professional, and fast. We service your scanner at your location and give you priority response time, arriving onsite within four or eight working hours. And, not only are labour and parts covered at no charge, a usual amount of scanner consumables are also covered! The Performance Plus suite caters for all types of organisation and needs from occasional to heavy usage. It brings a new meaning to “Total Service Coverage”.

Performance Plus Offerings Lite users are those performing non missioncritical scanning where other scanners exist for use within the office space. Users want to avoid unexpected high service costs from equipment breakdowns and, are happy to purchase consumables as required. Annual manufacturer equipment service ensures scanners are working to optimal performance. In addition to Lite level, Standard users have non mission critical scanning equipment where other scanners exist. Users wantto avoid unexpected service and inflationary costs over the anticiptaed scanner life. Consumables costs are included and the business requires a replacement unit for prolonged issues. In addition to Standard level, Advanced Users form part of business critical processes. Fast response to issues is required during extended working days. In the event of an issue or disaster within the environment effecting the scanner, the user needs to be up and running fast with the facility of a replacement loan scanner. Occasional operator training is required from the manufacturer. See next page for details.



Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

Yes (2) Yes (1) 1 Yes No Yes



Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

No No 1 Yes No Yes




8 Hour + 1 Day 3 Year


8 Hour + 2 Day 1 Year



Yes (2) Yes (1) up to 4 per year (3) Yes DR Lite* Yes

Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm

4 Hour + 1 Day 3 Year


As Required

As Required

As Required Option As Required Yes DR Professional Yes

As Required

As Required As Required As Required

User Defined

*( DR Lite ) A Disaster Recovery Lite unit is loaned for a maximum period of 2 weeks to a nominated recovery site location, following the complete loss of the main unit and its location, after which the unit can be rented from us or replaced from our channels - DR Lite can only be activated when both the environment and the scanner(s) have failed and are beyond timely and economical repair. All Performance Plus Service plans are available to be renewed for the serviceable life of the equipment & include all Parts, Labour and Travel. Firmware upgrades are performed (if required) during a Preventative Maintenance or Service visit (1) R  eplacement unit is provided on the basis of the main unit failing to the point of not being able to perform the functions required. A nearest compatible unit maybe supplied. Excludes KODAK i5800 Scanner as unit to large to ship. (2) Consumables are limited to “normal usage� on scanners operating for 40 hours max per week. (3) Preventative Maintenance (PM) visits vary by scanner type. Low Volume production scanners have minimum one PM per annum. Mid Volume production scanners up to three PM visits per annum and High Volume production scanners up to four PM visits per annum.

Response Time Target Repair Time Duration Coverage (excl. public holidays) Consumables Replacement Unit Preventative visits Scanner Hotline Disaster Recovery Firmware updates Asset Management Software Installation and Training

Performance Plus Offerings

Scanner Hotline Support for Kodak Document Scanners: Scan Station 700 • PS50, PS80 • ScanMate i940, ScanMate i1120 i2400, i2600, i2800 • i2900 • i3000 Series Scanners Sceye Document Cameras

The 'Worry-Free' Scanner Hotline For the cost of a national telephone call (in most countries), customers can now contact specially trained product specialists to rapidly resolve any technical, installation or driver issues. The hotline will also handle the advance unit replacement process if necessary, and initiate the shipment of a replacement unit**.

Benefits • The dedicated product specialists provide first-level support, diagnose the problem and give advisory help for hardware installation. • The hotline is available in major European languages from 9:00 to 17:00 (CET and GMT). • S can Station 700: 12 months Warranty with Advance Unit Replacement (AUR) in 4 business days*, optional Warranty Enhancement to 24 or 36 months with next ­business day* replacement. •P  S50, PS80: 12 months Warranty with Advance Unit Replacement (AUR) next business day*, optional Warranty Enhancement to 36 months with next ­business day* replacement. • i940, i1120, i2400, i2600, i2800: 36 months Warranty with Advance Unit Replacement (AUR) next business day*. • i2900, i3200, i3250, i3400, i3450: 36 months Warranty with Advance Unit Replacement (AUR) in 4 business days*, optional Warranty Enhancement to 12 or 36 months on-site through a Kodak engineer next business day* (only available if bought with product and paid in full). • s ceye: 36 months Warranty with Advance Unit Replacement (AUR) in 4 business days*, optional Warranty Enhancement to 36 months with next b­ usiness day* replacement.

Kodak Scanner Hotline Support The list of all Hotline Support telephone numbers, countries and supported languages is available at E-mail Support

Fax enquiries

+44 870 242 3458

* Geographical limitations apply ** The replacement unit will be either new or re-conditioned and the replaced scanner shall become the property of Kodak Alaris.


Contact information For further information, please see how to contact us at:

© 2014 Kodak Alaris Inc. Kodak Alaris will be the Company’s trade name for its global business. The Kodak trademark and trade dress are used under license from Eastman Kodak Company. Apple Macintosh, BizCard,, ­Evernote, MS Excel, Kofax, Linux, Microsoft, NewSoft, Ngenuity, Nuance, OmniPort, PaperPort, Presto!, ScanMate, sceye, MS SharePoint, Tr¯uper, Ubuntu, Vizit, MS Windows and MS Word are ­trademarks. Specifications subject to change without notice. DoldeMedien 13-14 - February 2014

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