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What is DataBaGG ? DataBaGG, is a cloud-based drive that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere across the globe. We offer an optimal online storage solution that will enable you to create a virtual file system either on your computer or on your handheld devices and smartphones. Now manage, optimize and access your personal or business-critical data with the ease. We endeavor to match innovation with simplicity and offer multiple platform applications to provide easy backup and data syncing to the cloud.

Take complete control of your data Everyone knows this very well that having a back-up of your personal or enterprise-critical data is utmost important. Losing document saved on either on your personal computer or hard disk drive is one of the common issues that you might have faced. At times, it is extremely hard to recover your data. And so, with the surge in technical advancement, a new way has come forth through which now you can save your important files or information without any fear of losing it due any unwarranted circumstances or events.

How online data storage is beneficial from personal and business perspective? When it comes to storing data, online data storage is something that quickly comes to our mind as it is one the most strategic methods to keep your data safe and secure which has come forth with the advancement in technology. Storing files or informational data remotely rather than locally has made it quite easier for the home and professional users to leverage the benefits of cloud storage. Save, retrieve and access your data without time and location barriers.

Some of the key advantages of cloud storage are: Not sure what cloud storage can actually do for you? Well, here some of the key advantages of the online data storage are:  Accessibility  Auto Syncing  Quick Sharing  Stringent Protection  Quick Recovery  Cost Effective

Data Accessibility Each one of us is using tablets, smartphones, netbooks or desktops on a daily basis and swapping files between each of these devices can be cumbrous and intricate. But, conversely we would say that you will not experience the same with online storage services. You can access your data with a complete peace of mind via any internet connection, whether you are using on a mobile browser or working on your computer.

Automatic Data Syncing File Synchronization is one of the best mediums which ensure that the folders containing your data should be saved in two or more distinct locations and is up-to-the-minute. This feature of cloud storage ensures that your data files are automatically updated across all of your devices, which ways the cutting-edge version of a file that you have saved on your desktop is also readily available on your smartphone as well.

Easy and Quick Sharing Through cloud storage services you and others can now easily access and share files across a different range of devices and locations. At times, sharing of files such as photos and videos can be bit difficult through email in case they are too large or you have a lot in number. By uploading your file to cloud storage you can quickly disseminate a URL and share your files with anybody you choose to share

Stringent protection provision Is cloud computing secure? Well, cloud storage serves as an ancillary layer of data security for your valuable and highly significant files. Backups are kept in a protected location that is tangibly detached from the originals

Quick Data Recovery Through data recovery provision of cloud storage, all your important and business-critical files and documents are stored in other locations so that in any event of unwarranted data loss you can restore them without facing downtime.

Cost Effective Restoring the back-up of your enterprise-critical data hasn’t been that economical before. Online storage services actually diminish the upfront capital expenditure that you may have to incur with traditional backup methods.


Cloud Data Storage  

DataBaGG, is a cloud-based drive that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere across the globe.

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