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architecture & planning At Swish Architecture & Planning we provide creative and diverse spaces for people to work, live, enjoy and thrive in. Experts in commercial properties; apartments, retail and mixed-use, we have developed a good understanding of development requirements and the need to optimise space in an urban context. We are able to deliver inspiring designs that realise your aspirations within budget and that far exceed expectations. We can work and liaise with the Local Planning Authority to obtain planning permission for any size project; we achieve this due to our extensive knowledge, experience, commitment and ability to produce accurate drawings. Our extensive knowledge of local planning policies is key and our relationship with local councils is invaluable. If you would like help or advice regarding your development project, get in touch to make the first step towards making it a reality.



The Gallery

Restoration & Conversion

Stage - Complete Style - Contemporary & Traditional Footprint - 580m² These nine luxury apartments offer unique contemporary, loft style, spaces finished to the highest quality. Each residence benefits from multiple aspects and enviable amenities in this central West Bridgford location.

Clever internal arrangements are key to the success of this design, whilst the care and attention given to the fixtures and finishes elevates The Gallery to become a development of the highest quality.

Impressive and beautifully restored, The Gallery reflects the heritage and poise of its past, while modern touches hint at a bright future. Its distinctive side face, formed from a combination of glazing, cladding and render draws the eye in highlighting a sympathetic modern development.



Stanford Street

Restoration & Conversion

Stage - Complete Style - Contemporary & Traditional Footprint - 1040m² This design accommodates 33 bedrooms over five apartments, each providing a generous open living space. In order to achieve this we have split floor levels to avoid disrupting the existing full height windows. The exterior of the building has been kept mostly unchanged except for the addition of modern PVC windows to improve the interior environment of the apartments.


Build Cost - £1M On a street with origins dating back to the 1300’s and neighboured by Georgian factories, this residential restoration project converts existing offices into five floors of contemporary apartments. Stanford Street is situated within the historic Nottingham Castle Gate district meaning a careful consideration of existing characteristics was key in maintaining the overall aesthetics of the development.


Brimington Road (Phase I) Stage - Feasibility Style - Contemporary Footprint - 9600m² With this site being contained within Chesterfield Council’s Waterside Basin Square Masterplan, we have created our design for 138 apartments within the context of future regeneration of the entire local area. Particularly focusing on views of the River Rother to the North-East we shaped the first phase structure into a broken U-shape to give as many of the 138 apartments as possible this desirable aspect. Treating our design as a part of the larger street scene we made a conscious effort to maintain the prominence of existing local landmarks by restricting the height and size of the scheme.



Build Cost - £10M Using locally measured stone we have tied the external style of the two buildings to the Chesterfield vernacular and further integrated the design into the fabric of the town with extensive landscaping at ground level to create a vibrant public boulevard along Brimington Road.


The Hive

Mixed-use Residential

Stage - Planning Approved Style - Contemporary Footprint - 760m² ‘The Hive’ is proposed as a four storey contemporary mixed use unit, consisting of fifteen apartments and four retail units. Situated within the heart of Beeston, this site originally hosted five retails units with four residential apartments above. With the expansion of the NET Tram network, the site was cleared and now, after the completion of works the site will once again become an integral part of the high street. Our design has a strong vertical emphasis with pastel yellow accents reinforcing this idea.


Build Cost - £1M Floor to ceiling glazing throughout takes advantage of the proposed height of the scheme resulting in desirable aspects across all of the apartments. All of which compliments an overall commercial aesthetic that is in keeping with the high end aspirations of Beeston’s High Street. The success of this project is in the progressive nature of our approach on a restrictive site resulting in a design that is an iconic symbol of Beeston’s regeneration. We are immensely proud of our persistence in securing planning for this project after a number of hurdles along the way.




Stage - Feasibility Style - Contemporary Footprint - 2500m² This design for 30 apartments is proposed for a square city block site surrounded on four sides by secondary streets. With four street fronts to consider we carefully approached this development in a way that maximises the quality of each dwelling whilst building a considerate urban addition to a Nottingham neighbourhood.

Developing the form further we have manipulated each elevation to create a visually varied street scene accented by bold injections of colour. The resulting design is a striking contemporary residence that contributes positively to the local area whilst maintaining a strong sense of presence and stature.

Taking a similar approach to urban design methods pioneered in larger cities, we have implemented an H-Shaped plan that creates two feature courtyards on the site whilst increasing the number of desirable corner apartments and opening up additional elevations to maximise daylighting in the scheme.



Lily Grove


Stage - Feasibility Style - Contemporary Footprint - 345m² We have designed this development of eight apartments in Beeston to improve the housing availability in an area served by the newly expanded NET Tram network.

The form of the building is conceived of as a series of staggered and step masses that grow upward from the neighbouring bungalow to the left to meet the height of an existing development to the right.

Generously designing the contemporary living spaces, we have introduced dual aspect apartments where possible with the addition of full height glazing and Juliet balconies. These techniques open up the scheme to its surroundings whilst bringing in natural light.

A three-storey block of framed, full-height glazing brings a level of prominence at the apex of the design, whilst stepping the remaining structure creates a varied and interesting elevation.


Combining these forms with a modern use of materials gives a comprehensive design of the highest quality that we believe will be a fantastic addition to Beeston’s housing stock.



Mixed-use Residential

Stage - Feasibility Style - Contemporary Footprint - 1350m² The proposed development consists of fifteen apartments above three retail units with eight additional single dwellings to the rear. Placing the apartment block and retail along the front of the site, we have designed the elevation as four distinct units rendered in various materials that clearly differentiate between the two typologies. The eight semi-detached dwellings are situated to the rear of the site allow for private gardens for each home as well as frontage onto a newly created boulevard.


Our design capitalises on a fantastic location within walking distance of enviable amenities including a leisure centre, library and park making it the prime opportunity for first time buyers and family homes in a new community setting. Situated opposite the Southglade Leisure Centre, this site is half-filled by a Supermarket retailer with the remaining area being covered by overgrown wasteland. The area is surrounded predominantly by terraced council homes of a similar style and areas of green fields and parkland.


Student Lodge

Student Residential

Stage - Complete Style - Contemporary Footprint - 2820m² Built on a site with considerable history relating to Nottingham’s industrial past, The Student Lodge offers 53 contemporary, high-quality student apartments in a superb location, chosen for its proximity to universities and access to shops and other facilities to support a student’s day-to-day needs.

Build Cost - £1.5M This project is an example of a contemporary, design being able to address the issue of a lack of quality accommodation for students in an iconic and memorable setting.

The Student Lodge is packed with excellent facilities and is fully furnished to the highest standards. Making innovative use of an existing office building the design is focused around a bespoke feature courtyard and required limited demolition works.



Brimington Road (Phase II)


Stage - Feasibility Style - Contemporary Footprint - 12000m² Situated within a key transport hub, with strong road and rail links we have designed 185 apartments with commuting professionals in mind creating multiple access points to the scheme providing the best possible routes in and out of the town.

Continuing the success of Brimington Phase I we have made use of local stone to connect the design to its context within the town. Our scheme conveys the civic strength of a landmark building with its bold archways marking the gateway to a future regenerated neighbourhood in Chesterfield.

Adjoining the Brimington Phase I site, this former Government office would form a second scheme in the Waterside Basin Square Development. Neighbouring existing tall structures afforded us the possibility to build upwards and open up new views of the Chesterfield skyline for future residents.



Cambridge House

Residential Conversion

Stage - Under Construction Style - Contemporary Footprint - 2500m²

Build Cost - ÂŁ1.5M

Our proposal for this former commercial building is a contemporary conversion of the office units into 42 apartments with a large emphasis on reconfiguring the elevations with cladding and expansive glazing to achieve a greater overall scheme.

Elsewhere vibrant and colourful aluminium cladding has reinvigorated a tired building with a contemporary sense of style alongside off white render that will reflect sunlight giving a sense of warmth and brightness to the exterior of the building.

Introducing floor to ceiling windows where possible throughout the project, we have improved natural lighting in the interior spaces.

The success of this project is in our careful consideration of divergent typologies by acting as the bridge between retail and industrial buildings.



Testimonials “Swish work hard to meet deadlines, and consistently exceed expectations in terms of design quality and planning success. Dino’s creativity, and deep knowledge of the planning system make him a great designer to work with. Every member of his team share his strong work ethic and are always extremely helpful with my projects.” - Paul Davey, Property Developer “I have recommended Swish to many friends in the construction industry, and always get great feedback. I know that I will continue to work with Swish in the future and hope we will continue in our joint success in bringing good new developments to Nottingham.” - Harry Warren, Property Developer “As a builder I have recommended him to many customers who required planning and/or help with a design and the feedback I receive is always excellent. In some cases, I have contacted Dino for advice on matters of which I was unsure and he has provided me with the answers very quickly and is always a great help.” - Kevin Briggs-Price, Contractor


Swish Architecture Ltd. Swish Architecture Ltd. 37 Gordon Road West Bridgford NG2 5LQ Telephone: 0115 88 22 777 Mobile: 0782 432 5278

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