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spring/summer 2018 A complete overview of the SS18 trends we believe in, curated and designed to delight and inspire. Peruse, ponder, purchase. #mydassie


Welcome to the best of Spring/Summer 2018. We aim to raise the bar each & every season, in terms of both quality and design, in order to inspire you to incorporate the art of Good Living into your lifestyle and create a home that you are truly proud of. This season, we continue to place emphasis on natural materials and an earthy colour palette taking us into Summer with a relaxed and contemporary feel. Our new trends will guide you through design that is bold, authentic and timeless with a heartfelt focus on honest, handcrafted materials. We are keeping the dark tones from the cooler months and bringing them into Spring with renewed vigour. Greenery continues to flourish by embracing natures neutral and bringing the outside in! Rustic Minimalism is our focus this season, taking it back to basics with our new offering of organic naturals like rattan and bamboo. And finally we can’t wait to embrace the warmer months with a little outdoor entertaining, Al Fresco style! Our designs remain as humble as our beginnings, inspired by our travels to all four corners of the earth and precious time spent learning from our talented Artisans who continue to amaze us with their inherent skills passed down through generations. We are so excited for you to explore our trends and designs for this season, as well as for you to all connect with the people behind our products, with your support, helping us fight poverty through trade.

Roxi Zeeman


Beautiful Black

This season, we are keeping the dark tones from the cooler months and bringing them into Spring with renewed vigour. Create contrast with the lighter colours of the season by introducing beautiful black accents throughout your home in the form of furniture, accessories and statement pieces.



Greenery continues to flourish this season. Embrace nature’s neutral and bring the outside in by filling your home with bouquets, buds and blooms displayed in handmade artisan vases and stunning antique planters. Seize the vitality of the new season and breathe life into your home. Spring has never felt so welcome.


Al Fresco Dining

Gather your loved ones and go al fresco this season. Scatter coloured ceramics and glassware amidst a rustic feast of flavours and hues combined with natural materials. Partner up hand painted tableware with natural lanterns, trays and serveware bringing an element of celebration to a simple summers eve.


Organic Naturals

Take it back to basics with our new offering of organic naturals. Focus on necessity with simple rattan and cane furniture to bring a sense of rustic minimalism to your home. As the warmer months set in, strip away excess in a home that is calm, simple & welcoming that guests will want to stop and stay a while in.

Image by Brent Darby We launched Dassie in 2013 after moving to the UK and finding a lack of unique, handmade, feel good homeware available on the market. Combining our collective career experience as well as inspiration and knowledge gained on our global travels, we created a brand based on honesty, integrity and simply great design that inspires others to live well. Taking inspiration from the worlds of fashion, different cultures and our African roots, we are committed to offering our customers handmade treasures that are lovingly created by talented artisans. Each item is representative of the hard work and skills developed over generations; woven with ounces of culture and years of heritage. We are proud of the platform we have created for the artisans that we support and are committed to continuing to grow organically whilst remaining socially and environmentally responsible. Thank you for being part of this journey. David and Roxi Zeeman

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dassie symbols

To guide informed and inspired conscious consumerism, we have created the Dassie Symbols to enable our customers to learn and understand the humble beginnings of each of our unique products. All of our products have a story to tell and we want to share them with you.

Made predominantly by women.

Crafted using traditional mouth blown glass making techniques.

Pure. Produced from raw materials derived from living matter.

Created and directed in a cooperative structure, with proceeds reinvested into the community to enable self-sustainability and economic development.

Made under fair wages and in fair working conditions, supporting the development of working communities all over the world and adhering to the principles of fair trade.

Made from organic or bio-based fibres using organic processes throughout every step of textile production. This process avoids the use of harmful bleaches, dyes, and finishes.

Made using mango wood. Mango trees can grow to between 20-30 metres high, but as the tree approaches this size, they become more difficult to harvest and

eventually stop bearing fruit completely. On mango plantations, before the trees reach this size, they are replaced with young mango trees and the harvested wood becomes an additional source of income for mango farmers. The tree is cut and replanted every 7-15 years, continuing a sustainable cycle that ensures there is no harm to the environment.

Dassie Symbols | Page 3

An absolute original. One of a kind, with a true sense of history and authenticity.

Produced with no harmful adverse effects on the environment. Kind to the earth.

Produced using century old, traditional techniques, which are learned and passed down through generations. These techniques are regionally specific.

Created by hand, a true testament to the skills and hard work of the artisans who produce it. Each item is one-of-a-kind and truly unique. No two will ever be identical, which is their real beauty.

Produced using recycled or reclaimed materials that have been salvaged and reconditioned for reuse. This process has a positive impact on the environment and minimalises the flow of waste to landfills.

Made by artisans working in small businesses in developing countries in Africa with high unemployment rates. Allowing them to use their skills to earn a fair living and support their families and local community.

Look for the icons on our products and use our guide to find out more.


Ceramics| Page | Page5 5 Tableware

all NEW

Organic Collection: Courgette

Eat well all year round with our beautifully laid back organic range. Pick your own veg; mix and match hues to add subtle colour with these tableware classics. Delight in the rich green of the Courgette range. A rich and nourishing tone that will bring the vibrancy of nature to meal times. Treat yourself to the whole collection or mix and match with our other vegetable hues to create a collection all of your own.

Courgette Carafe BPC229

Courgette Jug BPC228

Courgette Side Plate

Courgette Dinner Plate



Courgette Pasta Bowl BPC282

Courgette Rice Bowl

Courgette Nibbles Bowl



Courgette Serving Bowl BPC224

Courgette Mug Courgette Salad Bowl



Courgette Utensil Pot BPC227

Courgette Platter BPC220

Courgette Espresso Cup BPC231

Tableware | Page 7

Organic Collection: Mushroom

Tableware | Page 9

Nature’s cleanser, mushrooms are a brilliant source of vitamin D. Our mushroom organics collection will bring light into your life even on the darkest of winter days. Treat yourself to the whole collection or mix and match with our other vegetable hues to create a collection all of your own.


Mushroom Dinner Plate BPC192

Mushroom Carafe BPC176

Mushroom Side Plate BPC191

Mushroom Jug BPC100

Mushroom Pasta Bowl BPC284

Mushroom Rice Bowl BPC171

Mushroom Nibbles Bowl BPC102

Mushroom Serving Bowl BPC174

Mushroom Mug BPC101

Mushroom Salad Bowl BPC157

Mushroom Utensil Pot BPC193

Mushroom Platter BPC103

Mushroom Espresso Cup BPC190

Organic Collection: Beetroot

Beetroot is one of the most exciting colours of nature. Naturally supportive and nourishing, it’s the perfect addition to your daily tablescape, whilst adding a touch of colour to proceedings. Treat yourself to the whole collection or mix and match with our other vegetable hues to create a collection all of your own.

Beetroot Carafe BPC155

Beetroot Jug BPC168

Beetroot Side Plate

Beetroot Dinner Plate



best SELLER Beetroot Pasta Bowl BPC283

Beetroot Rice Bowl

Beetroot Nibbles Bowl



Beetroot Serving Bowl BPC121

Beetroot Mug BPC120

Beetroot Salad Bowl BPC154

Beetroot Utensil Pot BPC197

Beetroot Platter BPC151

Beetroot Espresso Cup BPC194

Tableware | Page 11

Organic Collection: Fennel

Tableware | Page 13

Fennel is a natural healer and soother, which bodes well for your family’s kitchen. Subtle enough to blend into your home, yet special enough to make an impact. Treat yourself to the whole collection or mix and match with our other vegetable hues to create a collection all of your own.

Fennel Carafe BPC150

Fennel Jug BPC166

Fennel Dinner Plate BPC200

Fennel Side Plate BPC199

Fennel Pasta Bowl BPC285

Fennel Rice Bowl

Fennel Nibbles Bowl



Fennel Serving Bowl BPC132

Fennel Mug BPC130

Fennel Salad Bowl BPC153

Fennel Utensil Pot BPC201

Fennel Platter BPC131

Fennel Espresso Cup BPC198

MEet the Maker Punwipa Sripusa “I had fantastic training which taught me everything I know today.�

Punwipa works at our Thai ceramicist, hand throwing, forming and glazing our product range. At 23 years old, she lives with her family just 5km away. Punwipa works with many of her friends, and she has now been working there for 4 years. Punwipa speaks of her fantastic training that has allowed her to grow in her role - she was trained by her head of section and still works closely with her now. She has loved working on development and is excited for the new additions to the Organics collection, as she loves the pink tones and hand finish of the Beetroot range. In her spare time, Punwipa likes going to the salon and to Warorot food market with her friends. She also likes to make the journey to the beach when she can.

Tableware | Page 15

Tableware | Page 17

Oyster Collection

The beauty and rarity of an oyster pearl is reflected in this stunning new collection for AW17. Ideal for entertaining guests, yet not so delicate to negate everyday use, it’s that unique opalescent sheen that makes each piece truly special.

Oyster Side Plate BPC205

Oyster Ceramic Cup BPC128

Oyster Dinner Plate BPC206

Oyster Nibbles Bowl BPC207


Oyster Pasta Bowl BPC133

Oyster Salad Dish BPC134

Oyster Platter BPC127

Riviera Collection: Pebble

Tableware | Page 19

Inspired by the breathtaking coastline of the French Riviera, this stunning collection of ceramics is made up of effortless pieces. Handcrafted by artisans the Riviera range is available in three striking finishes; Pebble, Sand Dune or Midnight Blue. Smooth, elegant and timeless, Pebble is the newest addition to this collection and is a wonderful way to embrace the soft grey stony beaches of the Riviera from afar.

Riviera Mug (Pebble) BPC113

Riviera Side Plate (Pebble) BPC117

Riviera Tapas Bowl (Pebble) BPC119

Riviera Dinner Plate (Pebble) Riviera Pasta Bowl (Pebble)



Riviera Oval Platter (Pebble) BPC114

Riviera Artisan Platter (Pebble) BPC110

Dipped White Teacups (Assorted Set of 6) BPC219

Dipped White Collection

Simple yet striking, our new dipped white collection is natural and neutral. Perfect for your everyday routine, but too beautiful to not display proudly. It’s a fresh update for the new season that you’ll never want to hide away.

Dipped White Tagine (Large) BPC212

Dipped White Tagine (Medium) BPC213

Dipped White Decanter BPC214

Dipped White Pouring Bowl (Large) BPC137

Tableware | Page 21

Amaris Collection

Whether you choose to display these stunning big bloom pieces or use them to serve your culinary creations for guests, the Amaris collection is sure to impress all with its soft floral design, offset by a hardy, semi-matte black glaze.

Amaris Large Bowl

Amaris Platter



Amaris Plate BPC274

Earth Collection

Escape the chaos of the outside world with simple, grounding design. Go back to basics with our brand new clay collection, available in two colourways: classic Natural or daring Graphite.

Earth Pudding Bowl (Graphite) BPC058

Earth Side Plate (Graphite)

Earth Dinner Plate (Graphite)



Earth Pasta Bowl (Graphite) BPC056

Earth Hugo Platter (Graphite) Earth Mug (Graphite) BPC060


Earth Fig Bowl (Graphite) BPC090

Tableware | Page 23

Mug Collections

There’s one thing tea drinkers and coffee lovers have in common - they all appreciate a lovely mug to drink from! Add to your own collection with our diverse, artisan-made, ceramic drinkware and accessories, and set yourself up for the day.

all NEW

Raashi Mug (Ochre)

Rashi Mug (Bluestone)


Ebele Coffee Filter (Cashmere) BPC288


Rashi Mug (Cotton)


Ebele Mug (Cashmere) CS012

Hagan Ridged Mug (Cashmere) BPC187

Ebele Coffee Filter (Linen) BPC287

Ebele Mug (Linen) CS010

Hagan Ridged Mug (Salmon)


Coffee Filter and Mug Set (Coal) BPC286

Ebele Mug (Coal) CS011

Hagan Ridged Mug (Sky) BPC189

Tableware Glassware

Adorn your table with highlights of translucent colour with our glass dinnerware offerings. Choose from spectacular mouth blown plates and bowls, and recycled glass drinkware and jugs. Available in the rich and vibrant tones of Amber, Pink and Blue, with elegant clear options available too.

Tomber Stacking Glasses SHU008

Celier Assorted Glasses SHU003

Tableware | Page 25

Freya Water Glasses, Set of 6 Assorted (Pink) SHU013

Freya Water Glasses, Set of 6 Assorted (Amber) SHU012

Ani Wine Glass (Pink) SHU014

Ani Wine Glass (Amber) SHU016

Ani Wine Glass (Blue)

Freya Water Glasses, Set of 6 Assorted (Blue) SHU011


Kitchen Marble

Chic and timeless yet oh-so-now, our marble collection continues to grow. This season more colourful options have joined the classic tones with statement serveware and accessories to impress guests and ensure food prep is a stylish and enjoyable affair.

Kitchen | Page 27

all NEW

Makrana Napkin ring (Set of four, Pink) HAC074

Marble Mini Two Tone Paddle Board (White) SUD003

Marble Mini Two Tone Paddle Board (Pink) HAC005

Marble Two Tone Paddle Board (White)

Makrana Napkin ring (Set of four, Green)



Makrana Napkin ring (Set of four, Grey) Marble Mini Two Tone Paddle Board (Green) HAC004


Marble Mini Two Tone Paddle Board (Grey) SUD012

Makrana Napkin ring (Set of four, White) HAC076

Aarnav Granite Coasters, Set of 4 (Pink and Beige) MOI006-B

Aarnav Granite Coasters Set of 4 (White and Grey)



Marble Two Tone Pizza Board (Grey) SUD017

Marble Two Tone Paddle Board (Grey)

Marble Two Tone Pizza Board (White) SUD005

MEet the Maker Aditya “My colleague Anil is my idol�.

Aditya developed our luxurious range of marble and mango wood products, specialising in the cutting of the stone to get the completed shape. At 33 years old he is now married with a young child that he adores. Although he is from Kasna, he now lives and works in Moradabad. Aditya arrives for work each day at 8am, when his manager Anil will set him his tasks for the day. Having nurtured and mentored his specialist artisan skills, Aditya sees his colleague Anil as his idol. Together, they have developed our Marble Two-Tone and Tanet Reversible Boards. Aditya’s hobbies include singing and playing cricket, but on his days off he like to relax at home. His favourite dish in the world is fish curry from the Gulshan-e-Karim hotel. Agra is his favourite place to visit, enjoying long walks along the River Yamuna and visiting the spectacular Taj Mahal.

Kitchen | Page 29

Kitchen Wooden Servers

Let Mother Nature speak for herself with this enduring collection. Place hand-carved salad servers next to hardwearing wooden boards, perfect for tearing into freshly baked loaves. Mix and match pieces to create rustic charm for your feast.

Kitchen | Page 31

Jolie Noir Baguette Board VJS021

all NEW Slate Mini Paddle Board HAC008

beautiful BLACK Ndari Bamboo Bowl (Large) UH106

Ndari Bamboo Bowl (Small)


Slate Paddle Board HAC006

Jolie Noir Rectangle Board VJS022

Jolie Noir Round Board VJS020

Ndari Round Bamboo Board

Ndari Bamboo Spoon UH109


Slate Pizza Paddle Board HAC007

Kitchen | Page 33


This season, as we expand our range of stunning metals, we are thrilled to introduce this stunning Aged Brass Enamelware collection. The combination of a time-told traditional technique on clean cut, contemporary shapes creates a striking modern result, ideal for a quick kitchenware update that will last for years to come. We especially love the high contrast between the aged brass outer and the bright white interior, keeping the overall look clean and fresh.

Kitchen | Page 35

Aged Brass Jug (Small)


Aged Brass Jug (Large)


Aged Brass Moscow Mule JAND78

Aged Brass Nibbles Bowl JAND73

Aged Brass Side Plate JAND76

Aged Brass Pasta Bowl JAND74

Aged Brass Salad Bowl JAND75

Aged Brass Dinner Plate JAND77

Aged BrassTumbler JAND81

Elise Linen Napkin (Set of four, White) KE108

Elise Linen Napkin (Set of four, Mulberry) KE105

Elise Linen Napkin (Set of four, Sky) KE107

Elise Linen Napkin (Set of four, Olive) KE109

Elise Linen Napkin (Set of four, Grey) KE106

Kitchen | Page 37


Kitchen and Tableware Accessories

Brighten up your kitchen with a touch of colour from our range of classic Kitchen Textiles. Delicately created by hand from natural linen, they are effortlessly durable and will brighten up your domestic duties with style.

Elise Linen Tea Towel (White)

Elise Linen Tea Towel (Mulberry)

Elise Linen Tea Towel (Olive)

Elise Linen Tea Towel (Grey)







Deka Napkin Rings (Set of four, Brass)

Elise Linen Tea Towel (Sky)

Deka Napkin Rings (Set of four, Nickel) XE010

Deka Napkin Rings (Set of four, Gun Metal) XE009

Deka Napkin Rings (Set of four, Copper) XE012

HOME DECOR Vases Mother Nature deserves to be displayed in her best light. Our eclectic range of vases will ensure that your buds, bouquets and blooms get the attention they deserve.

Home Decor | Page Home Decor | Page 3947

all NEW

Huan Urn (Small) AS013

Huan Urnn (Large)

Huan Urn (Medium)



organic NATURALS

Azalea Vase (Mulberry) AS014

Zinnia Vase (Large) AS004

Alder Vase (Grey)

Azalea Vase (Cream)



Zinnia Vase (Medium) AS002

Zaire Vase (Large) AS003

Zaire Vase (Medium) AS001

Home Decor | Page 41

Myung Vase (Large) UH100

Siyu Vase (Medium) UH103

Home Decor | Page 43


Myung Vase (Medium) UH101

Siyu Vase (Large) UH102


Plants ensure your home is a welcoming and calming place. Transform that place into a sanctuary by housing them in our stunning selection of planters. The perfect nod to this season’s Greenery trend.

Home Decor | Page 45


Terra Planter Large (Stone) MNL001

Terra Planter Large (Coal) MNL004

Terra Planter Medium (Stone) MNL002

Terra Planter Medium (Coal) Teracotta Pots

Terra Planter Small (Stone) MNL003

Terra Planter Small (Coal) MNL006

Earth Ceramic Planter Large (Graphite)

Earth Ceramic Planter Medium (Graphite)

Earth Ceramic Planter Small (Graphite)

Earth Ceramic Planter Large (Natural)

Earth Ceramic Planter Medium (Natural)

Earth Ceramic Planter Small (Natural)








Reha Antique Silver Orchid Planter JAND70

Reha Antique Silver Aloe Planter JAND69

Reha Antique Silver Tray Planter JAND72

Reha Antique Silver Deep Tray Planter JAND71

Dippti Hanging Planter Pendant MAR028

Reha Antique Silver Planters (Set of 3) JAND41

Home Decor | Page 47

Ilaya Planter (Wide) MAR033

Ilaya Planter (Small) MAR032


Lanterns and Candle Holders

Your home is your sanctuary. Fill it with final touches and accessories that make you smile. Our range of lanterns and votives will bring light and love into your life as the darker days draw in.

Rafiq Hurricane Lantern (Medium) JAND68

Home Decor | Page 49

all NEW

Chiran Lantern (Medium) IN011

Chiran Lantern (Small)

Vela Candlestick (Small) IN014


Toro Bull’s Head HAB006

Vela Candlestick (Medium) IN013

Ebele Candle Holder (Linen) BPC249

Ebele Candle Holder (Coal) BPC248

Ebele Candle Holder (Cashemere) BPC250

all NEW

Zulu Bamboo Tray (Set of two, White) VAC021

Ira Bamboo Lantern Medium (White) VAC029

Ira Bamboo Lantern Small (White) VAC028

Zulu Bamboo Tray (Set of two, Natural) VAC023

Ira Bamboo Lantern Medium (Natural) VAC027

Ira Bamboo Lantern Small (Natural) VAC026

Zulu BambooTray, set of 2 (Black) VAC022

Ira Bamboo Lantern Medium (Black) VAC025

Ira Bamboo Lantern Small (Black) VAC024

Home Decor | Page 51

MEet the Maker Zereef Majid “I practiced every day to become a master of my skill”

Zereef is 23 years old and works as a frame

Although he considers himself to be a workaholic,

specialist in the in India. He is an independent

Zereef loves cricket and sometimes plays in local

craftsman, working from home and producing on

tournaments. He loves listening to classical music

average; twenty frames per day. He learnt his skills

and likes to take some time for himself sitting by

from a ‘guru’ that he met whilst job searching a

the near by lakes. His favourite food is Biryani,

number of years ago. Since then he has practiced

especially when his mum cooks it.

everyday and has become a master of this artisan skill. On a day-to-day basis, Zereef wakes up at 6am and has breakfast before beginning his work. When he is booked to work at the workshop, he enjoys his 20km cycle and arrives by nine in the morning. A challenge of his job has been learning to work with the upcycled bone that is used in our Jabu frames. This material is sourced as a by-product from a local farm and is only used when available, removing any potential community strain and unnecessary harm to animals. It is a skilled craft that has been around for centuries, minimising waste in the community.

Home Decor | Page 53

Home Decor | Page 55

Tiya Marble Frame (Grey) AMT005 (5X7)

Jabu Bone Wood Frame (Grey) JAN014 (5X7)

Tiya Marble Frame(Grey) AMT001 (4X6)

Jabu Bone Wood Frame (Grey) JAN012 (4X6)

Tiya Marble Frame(White)

Tiya Marble Frame (White)

Jabu Bone Wood Frame (Natural)

Jabu Bone Wood Frame (Natural)

AMT004 (5X7)

JAN013 (5X7)

AMT002 (4X6)

JAN011 (4X6)

all NEW

Sonali Engraved Frame (Grey) JAND83 (5X7)

Sonali Engraved Frame (Grey) JAND82 (4X6)

Jabu Bone Wood Frame (Aqua) JAND47 (5X7)

Jabu Bone Wood Frame (Aqua) JAND46 (4X6)

Dacia Display Boxes

Display all your treasures and trinkets in these beautiful glass display boxes. These display boxes allow you to organise your accessories without hiding them away. Perfect for storing jewellery in the bedroom or souvenirs and mementos around the house in a chic and delightful way.

Dacia Display Box (Small) JAND063

Dacia Curators Display Box JAND60

Dacia Display Box (Medium) JAND062

Dacia Jewellery Box (Small) JAND066

Dacia Jewellery Box (Medium) JAND065

Dacia Display Box (Large) JAND061

Dacia Jewellery Box (Large) JAND064

Home Decor | Page 57

Accessories Jewellery

A selection of timeless pieces with the charm of traditional aesthetics. An affordable luxury collection with semi precious stones and gold plated pieces, each handcrafted using age old techniques.

1. 1 .Baalee Gold Earings - Malachite - CA021 2. Baalee Gold Earings - Moonstone - CA020 3. Baalee Gold Earings - Black Onyx - CA022 4. Baalee Gold Earings- Carlinean - CA023




Jewellery | Page 59









5. Heera Gem Stone Ring - Malachite - CA025 6. Heera Gem Stone Ring - Moonstone - CA024 7. Heera Gem Stone Ring - Black Onyx - CA026 8. Heera Gem Stone Ring - Carlinean - CA027

9.Anvi Gold Pendant - Malachite - CA033 10. Anvi Gold Pendant - Moonstone - CA032 11. Anvi Gold Pendant - Black Onyx - CA034 12. Anvi Gold Pendant - Carlinean - CA035













13. Java Stud Earrings - Malachite - CA009 14. Java Stud Earrings - Moonstone - CA008 15. Java Stud Earrings - Black Onyx - CA010 16. Java Stud Earrings - Carlinean - CA011

17. Java Drop Earrings - Malachite - CA013 18. Java Drop Earrings- Moonstone - CA012 19. Java Drop Earrings - Black Onyx - CA014 20. Java Drop Earrings - Carlinean - CA015

21. Sona Gem Hoop Earrings - Malachite - CA025 22. Sona Gem Hoop Earrings - Moonstone - CA016 23. Sona Gem Hoop Earrings - Black Onyx - CA018 24. Sona Gem Hoop Earrings - Carlinean - CA019



3. 1 .Kali Necklace 60cm - CA001 2. Kartik Necklace 45cm - CA002 3. Zoya Stacking Rings - CA0081 4. Zoya Gold Earrings - CA007 5. Tuan Hoop Earrings - CA003 6. Fahra Birthstone Pendant - October - CA045 7. Fahra Birthstone Pendant - January - CA036 8. Fahra Birthstone Pendant - February - CA037 9. Fahra Birthstone Pendant - March - CA038 10. Fahra Birthstone Pendant - April - CA039 11. Fahra Birthstone Pendant - May - CA040 12. Fahra Birthstone Pendant - June - CA041 13. Fahra Birthstone Pendant - July - CA042 14. Fahra Birthstone Pendant - August - CA045 15. Fahra Birthstone Pendant - September - CA044 16. Fahra Birthstone Pendant - November - CA046 17. Fahra Birthstone Pendant - December- CA047











14. 15. 16. 17.

Jewellery | Page 61

Tuan Constellation Pendant - Tarus - CA048 Tuan Constellation Pendant - Gemini - CA049 Tuan Constellation Pendant - Aries - CA050 Tuan Constellation Pendant - Cancer - CA051 Tuan Constellation Pendant - Leo - CA052 Tuan Constellation Pendant - Virgo - CA053

Tuan Constellation Pendant - Libra - CA054 Tuan Constellation Pendant - Scorpio - CA055 Tuan Constellation Pendant - Sagittarius - CA056 Tuan ConstellationPendant - Capricorn - CA057 Tuan Constellation Pendant - Pisces - CA058 Tuan Constellation Pendant - Aquarius - CA059

Storage Baskets

Storage need not be bulky and uninviting. Our hand-weaved baskets adorned with delights such as sequins and pom-poms will bring life and order to your home.

Storage | Page 63

Tolouse Painted Basket (Gold) UH093

Toulouse Monochrome basket with pom poms (Small Black) UH060

Toulouse Painted Basket (Grey)

Toulouse Monochrome basket with pom poms (Medium Black)

Toulouse Painted Basket (Coal)

Toulouse Monochrome basket with pom poms (Large Black)





Metabi Baskets, Set of 3 (Grey) UH084

Home Decor | Page 69

MEet the Maker Hanh Dung “These are traditional skills. My mother taught me when I was a child”

It’s a family affair where our ever popular seagrass baskets are hand-weaved in Vietnam, where weavers like Hanh Dung and her husband work. Her sister runs the factory. Hanh Dung lives in the same village as her sister’s factory with her husband, daughter and parents inlaw. Away from work, she likes nothing more than to relax and cook for her family. Her speciality is fried chicken! She also loves listening to music and singing and dancing with her friends and family. Her day-to-day work involves both weaving the baskets themselves and checking that the sequins are adequately attached and doing a bit of quality control when the baskets are all laid out in the sun on a mat - that they weaved, of course! The whole team take pride in their work and put a huge emphasis on quality - ensuring all baskets are clean and well made before they leave the factory. That’s the beauty of working with a family business who care so much about their product.

Baskets | Page Storage| Page 65 79


Soft furnishings, rugs and Accessories Final touches like throws and cushions turn your house into a home. Sit and stay a while in a welcoming environment filled with hand-loomed soft textiles whose details reflect the care and love poured into them at creation. Sourced and inspired by global traditions and native craft, range of accessories explores every corner of the globe to provide the most stylish updates to your look. Experiment with the nomadic aesthetic and experiment for the ultimate bohemian style.

Vara Doormat VIT001

Jala Jute Bag DCA002

all NEW

all NEW

Textiles | Page 67

Jamila Bolster Cushion

Rutna Pom Pom Throw (Terracotta)



Mien Cushion KE087

Jamila Textured Throw ART026

Nailah Tassel Cushion (Black)

Anong Canvas Shopper



Mawi Washbag KE080

Mawi Make Up Bag KE081

Mawi Toiletries Bag KE082

Textiles | Page 69

MEet the Maker Pushpa Devi “I am very shy but I love working with my family.�

Our new Ruti Loom range, made up of organic hand loomed napkins and tea towels come from India. Part of the team responsible for creating these goodies as well as our new stunning Saint Malo cushions is twenty five year old Pushpa. She lives in the village of Bashko in Bassi in the district of Jaipur in Rajasthan. Pushpa learned her skills when she married into the business. She was taught to loom by her in-laws who welcomed her into the business when they welcomed her into the family five years ago. Outside of work, Pushpa spends a lot of her time cooking up veggie delights with pulses and ghee for the family as well as running around after her two little ones, aged 3 and 5. She enjoys playing ball with them and occasionally practices yoga and meditation when all the ladies get together for community festivals.

Hardware Hooks, doorknobs & shelves

Rejuvenate a chest of drawers and adorn your walls and doors with our brand new range of hardware. From marble to quartz, experiment with luxe textures or strip it back with our hand forged metal accessories.

Myna Marble Shelf (Grey) MOI001-GR

Myna Marble Shelf (Pink) MOI001-P

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Myna Marble Shelf (White) MOI001-W

Myna Marble Shelf (Green) MOI001-G


Jot it down before you forget it! We take pleasure in making the everyday beautiful, so ensure your meeting notes, shopping lists and thoughts, dreams and desires are well-housed with our collection of journals and notebooks, with ‘cotton leather’ cover, made from 100% recycled cotton remnants formed and pressed into sheets by hand to look and feel like the real deal.

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Large Naari Hand Stiched Notebook (Gold)

Large Naari Hand Stiched Notebook (Silver)



Three different sized journals: A5 (14.8x 21cm) A6 (10.5x14.8cm) A7 (74x105cm)

Medium Naari Hand Stiched Notebook (Gold) AJ004

Medium Naari Hand Stiched Notebook (Silver) AJ003

Small Naari Hand Stiched Notebook (Gold) AJ002

Small Naari Hand Stiched Notebook (Silver) AJ001

Each with 200 pages, FSC certified. The front covers are made from 100% recycled cotton remeanants formed and pressed into sheets by hand to look and feel like leather.


Out with the tinsel and in with the metal garlands. This festive season, be more daring and embrace the darker months with darker tones in your Christmas decor. The most magical time of the year calls for our stunning metal accessories and candles. Fill your home with a sense of dark enchantment using multiple flickering tealight candles and winter berry scents, then reintroduce a little seasonal sparkle with black and metallic sequin baskets to store all of your special gifts. You’ll not want to leave your yuletide lair until the New Year.

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Anaya Christmas Star Decoration (Small) JAND301

Anaya Christmas Star Decoration (Large) JAND300

Medium Khari Star PMC002

Lerato Iron Star (Set of 2) (Old Gold) VJS011

Medium Khari Heart PMC006

Ranu Metal Garland (Antique Nickel) MAR023

Ranu Metal Garland (Antique Brass) MAR022

Ranu Metal Garland (Antique Copper) MAR0024

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Please direct all sales orders and inquiries to: Aesthetic Movement T: 718 797 5750 F: 718 797 4944

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