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My 5 Tips For Staying Healthy losing weight does not have to be a hard thing to do at all, there are hard unworkable ways, or there are simple ways that are effective and you don’t even notice you are doing anything. I am going to give you some easy to follow tips that if you follow then in no time at all you will notice results 1. This one is a very easy and obvious, one that many people know but just ignore because its easy to ignore. Stop eating refined carbohydrates, get rid of them from your daily diet. So processed foods throw them away they aren’t nice to eat anyway make things with fresh ingredients. White bread, pastry, any foods made from flour they are fattening and everyone knows this stop eating them, and don’t forget Sugar almost everything has natural sugars in it so why buy sugar its not needed forget it throw it away. 2. In the morning eat carbohydrates that are good for you. Whole grain foods are what is best I personally have whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, brown rice and the list goes on if you do a quick online search, all these you eat for your afternoon meals then stop eating after 7 or 8pm your body doesn’t need food after this time. This is when you don’t feed your body carbohydrates to give energy, let your body use its body fat thats how you burn the fat. 3. Water is know everywhere as the best drink it is available everywhere and doesn’t even cost you. Drink plenty of water your body is made up mainly of water so water has to be the best drink you can choose and its very nice and refreshing to have. There are no real rules about drinking water but drink a few glasses every day, I normally have a 0.5 litre glass 4 or 5 times a day. 4. many people buy fizzy drinks, these you have to avoid even if you see the can says Sugar Free, just ignore them stick with water its by far the best drink 5. OK I said earlier to stop eating around 7pm no later than 8pm, well you may occasionally get hungry for some reason, even after a few months of doing this sometimes things happen and you may feel a little peckish, if you do get this feeling then have some vegetables they are good for you just don’t eat many. Remember the golden rule “anything in moderation is good for you” but Fast foods never are. Try these easy to follow tips you won’t regret it. Losing weight can be hard especially when you are comfortable in your life, its very hard to change and do things differently. Simple thing is if you are serious about wanting to lose weight and feel better about yourself just take some easy to follow steps and do it for yourself

Tips to Spring Into Fitness (NewsUSA) – As the temperature starts to warm, many Americans think about lacing up their running shoes or pulling out their tennis rackets. But don’t let spring fitness fever corrupt your good judgment — if you haven’t exercised all winter, it’s better to ease into physical activity.

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips: * Start slow. Attempting too much too soon will result in an injury or “hitting a wall” — reaching a point where your body can no longer recover from exercise. It takes about three weeks for your body to adjust to a new exercise routine and about six weeks before you’re ready for more aggressive activity. If you’re running, start with exercising three days a week. If you’re walking, you may be able to handle four or five days of exercise from the start. Increasing the duration or intensity of exercise by more than 10 percent each week puts you at a greater risk of injury, so be sure to progress gradually. * Get the right equipment. Wear clothes that wick sweat — you’ll be much more comfortable. If you’re a runner, proper footgear will help your legs avoid unnecessary strain. Likewise, a well-fit bicycle can help cyclists avoid knee and other injuries. * Don’t push through pain. Most exercise injuries are overuse injuries, meaning they occur when athletes push their muscles, tendons and bones past their limits. One sign that you’ve reached your limit? Pain. If you experience real discomfort, it’s better to take a few days off or see a doctor than risk worsening an injury. Of course, some muscle pain is perfectly normal for those starting up an exercise routine. Schedule recovery days — days in which you either don’t exercise or engage in very light activity — to give your muscles a chance to rebuild between workouts. If you experience routine muscle soreness, a topical product may help speed your recovery. For example, one product, Absorbine Jr. (, contains natural menthol and herbal extracts. The liquid pain reliever creates a penetrating warmth to soothe sore muscles, aching joints, arthritis and back and foot pain. Because it increases blood flow to sore muscles, Absorbine Jr. actually helps muscles heal as it provides pain relief. Absorbine products were initially formulated to soothe the strong muscle pain in horses. This inspired Absorbine Jr. for humans.

Reaching Your Fitness Goal is a Walk in the Park. (NewsUSA) – Let’s face it. Walking is a popular low-impact exercise. Now, new iPods are equipped with pedometers, half-marathons are packed with walkers and and other apps can map and measure walking routes. But even with all of these new innovations, you’ll still want to pay attention to basics.The national recommendation for regular physical activity to stay healthy is actually rather attainable. Adults are encouraged to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week or more. This means that walking the dog, hiking, biking or walking to the metro instead of hailing a cab all count as exercise.In fact, the Library of Medicine says walking for fitness was the primary activity reported by people who met the national recommendation for healthy exercise.Research from the Duke University Medical Center confirms the amount of exercise is more important than the intensity, and walking yields significant aerobic benefits — especially a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.Walking for fitness can help keep joints fluid, but it also may cause some soreness or stiffness in the knees and ankles. Use the following tips to get the most out of walking:First things first — ask the doc. Always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise routine if you have been

largely sedentary or suffer from existing health conditions.Dress for the occasion. Wear comfortable clothing that’s loose-fitting. If it’s cool, wear layers. Cushioned socks and shoes that fit well are also important. Remember that tennis shoe sizes may be larger than dress shoe sizes.Be pre-emptive. Users of Absorbine Jr. Pain Relief Liquid say applying the liquid before activity helps loosen up leg muscles. If you still experience muscle aches, Absorbine Jr. can aid recovery by speeding blood flow to target areas. Tired muscles can recover twice as fast. See more at to warm up. Begin by walking leisurely for a few minutes, then stretch key muscles like glutes, calves and quads. Once your muscles are warmed up, gradually increase your speed, and pay attention to your posture.For hydration, trust your body. Generally speaking, if you plan on walking for over half an hour, bring water with you. But you can also trust your thirst. If you’re concerned with over-drinking, consume fluids only when you’re thirsty. For marathons, no more than one cup of water per mile is a good rule of thumb.

Fighting Age Related Muscle Loss (NewsUSA) – Did you know that you start to lose muscle at a mere 30 years of age? Whether we like it or not, muscle starts to degenerate with each decade of life. This age-related muscle loss, known as sarcopenia, springs from many factors, including inactivity, inadequate protein and increased levels of the regulatory protein myostatin, which impedes muscle growth. Clinical studies have shown that high levels of myostatin can lead to reduced muscle mass. Sarcopenia impacts overall health as well. Age-related muscle loss can limit daily activities of living and increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and obesity as well as cardiovascular, neurological, and orthopedic diseases. That said there are steps you can take to help stem the effects of sarcopenia. Incorporate Exercise Moderate physical activity, along with resistance training, can help promote muscle growth and reduce the impact of this biological event. Focus on Food As you age, adequate protein intake plays an important role in maintaining muscle health. Nutritional Supplements Re Muscle Health Products feature the revolutionary bionutritional supplement Fortetropin, described on MYOS Corporation’s website as “the only safe and naturally occurring myostatin inhibitor available with a clinically demonstrated positive effect on both muscle thickness and lean body mass compared to placebo.” Fortetropin is a proprietary product of the MYOS Corporation. MYOS’ Re Muscle Health nutrition products are formulated to help protect and preserve lean, healthy muscle tissue. The product line includes: bars, powders and meal-replacement shakes designed to be used daily to supplement a sensible workout regimen, or simply as part of a regular healthy diet to promote muscle health and lean body mass. The products contain a 6.6 gram serving of Fortetropin along with 20 grams of protein. In clinical trials, Fortetropin, the active ingredient in Re Muscle Health products, was

associated with a reduction in myostatin levels, as well as an increase in lean body mass and muscle thickness. It’s important to note that the “Re” in “Re Muscle Health” stands for Rebuild, Rejuvenate, Results. Dr. Buzz Aldrin, decorated combat pilot, Apollo astronaut and member of the company’s board of directors, believes the products, which he uses daily, live up to the name. “I am pleased that Re Muscle Health is tailored to the aging population as well as athletes and the fitness community,” noted Dr. Aldrin, a former intercollegiate athlete and pole vaulter, in a company press release. “MYOS is doing important groundbreaking work in muscle health, and I rely on Re Muscle Health products to help me maintain my lean muscle. They taste great and I’ve seen tremendous results,” Dr. Aldrin said. To learn more please visit,

5 Tips to Having a Happy Healthy Heart (NewsUSA) – Everyone knows heart health is vital. Yet, more than 600,000 Americans die of heart disease every year — or one in every four deaths — according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By arming yourself with information about nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices, you can reduce your risk for heart disease. From picking protein-rich foods that are low in saturated fat to snoozing for the optimal amount of time each night, here are some valuable tips to keep your ticker happy: * Get your protein from foods that are low in saturated fat. While a good steak or hamburger can be enjoyable, it is also high in saturated fat. Better choices are fish, poultry and nuts. If you want something even lighter, consider a protein shake. The Bowflex Body French Vanilla Fitness Shake (, for instance, offers 15 grams of protein per serving and a scant 1 gram of saturated fat. An added bonus is that these shakes activate the metabolism and help build muscle, burn calories and boost energy. * Put down the smartphone. In today’s world of 24/7 connectivity, it’s important to unplug from work, email and devices for at least an hour a day. This helps reduce stress, which is important for keeping your blood pressure and heart rate levels from going too high. * Get some rest. Experts recommend aiming for around seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Consistently getting too few or too many zzz’s can be unhealthy. * Move your body. A recent study from the University of Cambridge determined that inactivity is more dangerous to your body than obesity. There are limitless activities to get your heart pumping, such as walking, swimming or biking, to name a few. Looking for a workout you can do at home? The Bowflex TreadClimber ( combines the motions of a treadmill, a stair climber and an elliptical for a comfortable low-impact workout that delivers high-impact results. * Free your inner social butterfly. Better yet, work out with a buddy to help keep you motivated and on track. Research shows that having a strong social network and spending time with others can help reduce blood pressure and other heart disease-

related factors. “Even small steps, like adding one strength-training workout a week, can make a big impact,” says Tom Holland, Bowflex Fitness Advisor and “Beat the Gym” author. “Plus, the Internet is a great resource to find more tips and information.” For a good place to start, visit


Losing weight, stay healthy with health & fitness  

if you wish to learn some ways to lose weight and some easy ways to stay fit you really need to look here and look at the link at the end fo...

Losing weight, stay healthy with health & fitness  

if you wish to learn some ways to lose weight and some easy ways to stay fit you really need to look here and look at the link at the end fo...