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Engine Management Lights - What They Means When They Are On !

What is engine management light? The engine management lights are lights seen on the dashboard of the car that informs about the functioning of the car. They can mean anything as they are of different types and color. Each sign have different meaning attached to it. These lights are the best way through which the engine directly communicates to the driver. Some lights are turned on to notifying the driver the functioning of the car such as – windshield wash, fog beam indicator, child safety lock etc. While some lights are on to attract immediate attention of the driver. These lights indicate there is some problem with the engine of the car and the car needs to be serviced as soon as possible. Some of these warning lights are- ABS warning lights, brake system alert, power train malfunction, warning light. It is important to understand the meaning of this engine lights a you can easily turn of some engine lights once you understand the problem. For example low fuel light- this light will get automatically turn off once the fuel gets filled into the car. Similarly you can turn of the brake light by pulling down the hand break. Whereas in some cases you will need a technician as you cannot all the problems all by yourself. Why is your Engine light on? “The engine light is on in your car” - this means there is some sort of problem in your car which needs to be solved immediately to ensure the safety of the car. There are different signs on the dashboard, these signs when turned on are called engine light on. Below are some of the engine management lights that can be turned off by you once you see them and understand what they are trying to say Low fuel notification – This panel is found on all cars. It is switched on when is the car is low on fuel and once you refuel your car the Low fuel notification turns off. Seat belt reminder – Seat belt reminder symbol is not found in all cars. As the name indicates this light is turned on when engine is turned on and the seat belts are not fastened by the driver and passenger. Tire pressure monitor -This symbol indicates the tire of the car is low on pressure. It is important to fix your tires as soon as possible because tires with low pressure affect the grip or fuel consumption of the car Below are Some Engine lights which are turned on when you are driving the car. These are just notification lights gets turned on when the engine is on. Child seat indicator -This symbol is turned on when there an attachment of standardized child safety seat in the car

Fog beams indicator -This symbol indicates the fog beams of the car are turned on. Windshield wash symbol- This symbol is turned on when the driver uses the windshield wiper. Child safety lock – Is turned on when the child safety lock is activated, Below are the examples of some engine management lights which for immediate action when is turned on. ABS warning light – this light warns that there is a problem with the Anti-lock brake System. Electrical problem warning – this light indicates there is some problem with the electric system of the car Warning light – This light generally means that it’s time for the car to get serviced Powertrain malfunction– the message of this light is same as warning light, but this indicates greater problem with the car.

Engine management lights what they means when they are on !  

The engine management lights are lights seen on the dashboard of the car that informs about the functioning of the car. They can mean anythi...