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Inspirational Message “The Magic of REP”



It is hard to believe that we will complete our first decade since we introduced our core Marketing program, REP. With your dedication and support, REP has evolved into a strong Marketing BRAND that has propelled us into being a marketing LEADER in our marketplace. REP has stood for many things for each of you, but its universal meaning has been SUCCESS. 2009 was an outstanding year for SMO Motor Fuels with respect to volume growth. Our Dealer stores increased volumes by 9% in 2009 when compared to 2008, while many of your competitors lost volume. CVP scores reached another overall height with average scores topping 93% average over all 3 CVP shops. Despite the success of 2009, 2010 will come with its own unique challenges, so we have to be ready to change and continue to LEAD with new and innovative programs through REP. Within REP, we have solidified our position as the weekly gasoline promotion leader and in fact, we can say that we “own the day” with our weekly Thursdays 5 cents off ALL GAS, ALL DAY gasoline promotion. Millions of consumers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region have relied on this offer to purchase top quality gasoline at a tremendous value. Last year, we also launched a weekly diesel promotion that has produced substantial results in diesel volume growth, 20% to be exact, and on Mondays, our 10 cents off diesel program is working strong in certain segments, but changes are needed to keep it a value offering for our customers. The changes are described herein your 2010 REP guide. This year, we welcome the PEH dealers as a part of our REP Family. Together, we can make this program stronger and more dynamic. With nearly 300 stores participating at the local level, REP has become the defining marketing and promotions format that benefits you, your store and the Shell Brand. Within the REP platform for this year, we will offer you new and innovative ways to LEAD in your market through Brand Differentiation and Brand Value. Our success will depend on how well you execute these programs. REP itself may not be magic, but the results can be MAGICAL. This is true especially when our competition wonders how we execute REP on such a broad based scale so effectively. We have the advantage, so let's leverage this advantage, and make Magic through our focus on the customer and execution of all our programs.



Circle of Excellence What recognition can a Circle of Excellence winner expect to receive?

What is the Circle of Excellence all about? The prestigious Circle of Excellence Award is awarded by the Retailer Excellence Process (REP) in recognition of consistently high performance. Winners are recognized as models of excellence that will inspire and motivate others in the areas of: • • •

In dedication of your hard work and effort throughout the year, one representative from your location will receive: •

Outstanding Volume Growth, Consistent High Image and Customer Service, Unwavering EFT Compliance.

• • •

Recognition at the REP Awards Dinner at the annual Dealer Convention. Spending money to be provided on the trip. An all expense paid exclusive trip for 2 to celebrate your success. Representative will receive the Prestigious Circle of Excellence Ring.

(Total Value of this Award Package is over $5,000)

How do you win the “Circle of Excellence” Award? To be eligible: •

• •

Your SMO/PEH account must be in good standing with no outstanding debts. You must be the Dealer of Record and participated in REP at your location from April through December 2010. You must have participated in both of the REP gasoline promotions. You must be a top performing Dealer in your Wholesale Area Manager’s territory based on the REP scoring criteria.

How do you know how you are performing during the year? Quarterly updates will be available on the SMO/PEH Motor Fuels website. Another resource for updates is your Area Manager. 30

2010 REP Booklet  

2010 REP Booklet