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: Sybase 510-701


: Sybase IQ Administrator 12.6 Professional Exam

Version : R6.1    

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1. Which index(es) should you create on a DATE datatype column with 3000 unique values for users to search on both an exact date as well as a range of dates? A. HG B. DATE C. DATE and HNG D. HG and DATE Answer: D

2. Which index type supports multiple columns? A. LF B. HG C. FP D. HNG Answer: B

3. What index is created automatically on a column with a foreign key constraint? A. LF B. HG C. Unique HG D. JOIN Answer: B

4. When you perform Alter Table abc Drop Primary Key, what happens? A. The HG index on the Primary Key column(s) is/are dropped. B. The Unique HG index on the Primary Key column(s) is/are dropped. C. The column(s) for the Primary Key are dropped from the table. D. You receive an error since you must use the Drop Index Command. Answer: B

5. What index types are supported for CHAR columns over 255 bytes? (Choose 2)    

A. FP B. LF C. HG D. HNG E. WD Answer: AE

6. A load into a column with a LF index fails when A. 1,500 unique values are reached. B. 500 unique values are reached. C. 10,000 unique values are reached. D. 65,537 unique values are reached. Answer: C

7. A global temporary table (Choose 2) A. must be explicitly dropped. B. exists until the connection or the compound statement in which it is declared ends. C. writes data to the IQ Catalog Store. D. uses one table definition but maintains a separate instance of the data per user. Answer: AD

8. Given the command: create table t1 (col1 char(10) IQ UNIQUE(70000)) What index will be built for col1 when initially loading the table? A. 1-byte FP B. 2-byte FP C. Flat FP D. HG Answer: C

9. Which indexes provide the optimizer with both column cardinality AND distribution of values for each    

distinct value? (Choose 2) A. LF B. HNG C. HG D. Optimized 1 and 2 byte FP Answer: AC

10. Which of the following is the recommended limit of unique values that a column may contain and still be considered low-cardinality data by Sybase IQ? A. 256 B. 1500 C. 16000 D. 65536 Answer: B

11. Which of the following best describes the utility_db database? A. It is an ascii text file that contains informational messages. B. It is an empty database used to create and restore databases. C. It contains all the metadata needed to manage an IQ database. D. It is the application database that contains all of your tables and indexes. Answer: B

12. What is TRUE about Sybase IQ? (Choose 3) A. Sybase IQ is an online transaction-processing engine. B. Sybase IQ supports a Decision Support System. C. Sybase IQ supports a Distributed Data Mart. D. Sybase IQ is a server for applications that require real-time updates. E. Sybase IQ supports a Data Warehouse. Answer: BCE    

13. Which of the following does the IQ Store contain? (Choose 2) A. IQ data B. Table definitions, system tables, and stored procedures C. Error, status, and insert notification messages for the IQ server D. Transaction Log Answer: AD

14. What will be the approximate size of a full database backup? A. The size of the catalog database B. The size of the catalog database plus the size of all dbspaces C. The size of the catalog database plus the size of all IQ Store dbspaces D. The size of the catalog database plus the size of IQ blocks used in the IQ Store dbspaces Answer: D

15. What is TRUE about an INCREMENTAL backup? A. It is a full backup of Catalog Store and IQ Store. B. It is a full backup of Catalog Store and backs up changes to the IQ Store since the last IQ backup of any type. C. It is a full backup of Catalog Store and backs up changes to the IQ Store since the last full IQ backup. D. It is the default type of backup available for Sybase IQ. Answer: B

16. Select the requirements for a full database restore. (Choose 3) A. Database Administrator (DBA) Authority B. Exclusive access to the database C. Catalog Store exists D. Transaction Log exists E. Connection to the utility_db database Answer: ABE    

17. Identify the effects of setting MINIMIZE_STORAGE to ON. (Choose 3) A. It sets the value of IQ UNIQUE(255) globally for all new tables. B. It overrides the IQ UNIQUE clause in CREATE TABLE. C. It improves query performance. D. It optimizes storage for new columns. E. It improves data load times. Answer: ACD

18. What is TRUE about the DISK_STRIPING option? (Choose 2) A. The default for DISK_STRIPING is ON. B. Data to be written to each dbspace in a round-robin fashion. C. Will make it easier to drop dbspaces later. D. This option is dynamic and will not require a restart of the IQ Server. Answer: AB 19. What is NOT the purpose of sp_iqrebuildindex? A. To reclaim space in the IQ Store B. To rebuild non-default indexes C. To relocate data to new dbspaces D. To rebuild default indexes into 1 or 2 byte FP Answer: C

20. How do you monitor the activity in the IQ Memory buffer caches? A. You sp_iqtransaction. B. You use sp_iqstatus. C. You use IQ Utilities. D. You use operating system utilities. Answer: C

21. Which statements are TRUE regarding the index advisor? (Choose 3) A. By default this option is off.    

B. By default this option is on. C. It rebuilds sub-optimal FP indexes. D. It detects data type mismatch on join columns. E. It detects whether or not LF/HG indexes should be unique. Answer: ADE

22. You have determined there is 2000 MB of memory to allocate for the IQ caches. Which of the following is the recommended allocation of memory? A. 1200 MB for the IQ Main Cache and 800 MB for the IQ Temp Cache B. 800 MB for the IQ Main Cache and 1200 MB for the IQ Temp Cache C. 1000 MB for the IQ Main Cache and 1000 MB for the IQ Temp Cache D. 500 MB for the IQ Main Cache and 1500 MB for the IQ Temp Cache Answer: B

23. Assuming appropriate permissions have been granted, who may access a table without fully qualifying it with the table owner's name? (Choose 2) A. DBA B. SYS C. The user who owns the table D. A member of the group that owns the table Answer: CD

24. In Sybase IQ, security is NOT implemented at which levels? (Choose 2) A. Users B. Databases C. Groups D. Dbspaces E. Object level F. Command level Answer: BD    

25. When Sybase IQ User Administration is enabled, the default stored procedure, sp_iq_process_login, verifies that (Choose 3) A. the user is logging in from an accepted client. B. the user is not locked out. C. the user is a member of a valid database group. D. the number of database connections is not exceeded. E. the users password has not expired. Answer: BDE

26. Select the methods for extracting data from a Sybase IQ database to a text file. (Choose 3) A. You use the EXTRACT TO filename command. B. You use the ># filename operator. C. You use the IQ LOAD command. D. You set Option Temp_Extract_Name1 = filename. E. You use the BACKUP DATABASE command. Answer: ABD

27. Given, QUERY_PLAN_AS_HTML = ON, what is the default directory to which the HTML file is written? A. Directory containing the .iqmsg log file B. Directory containing the .db file C. $SYBASE D. Users home directory Answer: B

28. What tasks are performed by the IQ Query Optimizer? (Choose 2) A. Index selection B. Incoming statement parsing C. Grouping algorithm selection D. Predicate execution    

Answer: AC

29. What is TRUE about SELECT TOP? (Choose 2) A. Returns first row select from a query B. Returns the specified number of rows from the query C. Is the same as a SELECT FIRST statement D. Is used primarily with the ORDER BY clause Answer: BD

30. Which of the following statements are TRUE about the option LOAD_MEMORY_MB in Sybase IQ 12.6? (Choose 2) A. The default value is 500. B. The

maximum value is 2000.

C. It controls heap memory when executing LOAD TABLE. D. Is not dynamic and requires IQ Server restart to take effect. Answer: BC

31. What happens if the LOAD TABLE command as shown below, is executed? LOAD TABLE sample ( ( id


FILLER(1), name


FILLER(1), description size



FILLER(1), color






FILLER(2) )    

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