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Telling The Story

The Language of Sketches

Daria Petrova

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VI. One Truthful Story Parramore Educational Zone

Parramore Educational Zone. Money Shot. Washington Street/ Black Ink&Watercolor&Photoshop Thumbnail Sketch/Pensil&Watercolor

The proposed educational zone will be a vibrant and diverse environment being created for different kinds of social interaction: “student with student” within instructional zone for student to student teaching experience, “student with community” as a residential zone for students to test their fast-built housing projects, and “student with the city” interaction as a zone for students to present their works to the community and the city.


Parramore Educational Zone. Warehouses Redevelopment Section/Black Ink&Watercolor&Photoshop

Daria Petrova

Orlando 2012

Sketch Book  

Final Project of Drawing Towards Architecture Class UF GSoA Fall 2012

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