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Daria Petrova

architecture portfolio 2013

Daria Petrova


architectural designer born 1988

Intern HuntonBrady Architects Spring 2013 Orlando, FL  Based on the projects accomplished by the company, developed 3D Sketch Up prototypes of Laboratory Modules which are adaptable for different scenarios of work, for presentational purposes  Built physical model of Daytona State College to be further developed within New Student Center project Architect

(407) 496 5064

NIIPI "Gradostroitelstva" of Moscow Region Department of Urban Planning

September 2011 - July 2012

Moscow, Russia

 Worked out map materials and urban planning documentation for Master Plan projects of Biorkovskoe and Povarovo settlements of Moscow Region  Conducted research and analysis and prepared map and text documentation for the preservation projects of Natural-Historic Territories of Moscow Region  Worked out map materials for the concept of capital development objects placement within Povarovo Master Plan project

EDUCATION MS in Architectural Studies

University of Florida

Orlando, FL

Expected: December 2013 Current GPA: 4.0

Principal Studies: Architecture Research Projects, Form Based Codes, Drawing Towards Architecture, Advanced Topics in Digital Architecture, American City History, Architecture Practice, Academic Writing BA in Architecture (Specialist) Diploma of Honor Yaroslavl State Technical University Yaroslavl, Russia Graduated: June 2011 Entered: Fall 2005 Principal Studies: Residential, Industrial, Public and Recreational Buildings, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Restoration, Architecture and Urban Planning History, Structures, Acoustics, Drawings Towards Architecture, Art Studies

Architect -Technician   

The Project Institute “Specstroiproject” Department of Urban Planning

December 2008 – December 2010

Worked out map materials and urban planning documentation for various Master Plan projects in Yaroslavl, Smolensk and Vladimir Regions Established positive relationships and connections with administrative organs and specialists in Smolensk Region which were important for the company in the future work Collected and analyzed data of the regions, forecasted future social processes, and proposed sustainable strategies for development of the settlements

Architect -Technician ZAO “Giprodvigatel” Spring 2008 Yaroslavl, Russia The Department of Residential and Public Building


- Outstanding Organizational Skills - Research/ Data Analysis - Experienced in Map Materials Preparation and Urban Planning Analysis Conduct - Computer: Sketch Up, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw, Rhino, Maya, 3DMax, ArchiCAD, MapInfo - Hand-Drawing

LANGUAGES English (advanced) Russian (native)

Spanish (beginner)

Yaroslavl, Russia

Worked out ArchiCAD 3D models and presentation materials for prefabricated cottages


Graduate Assistant (Fall 2013): Assist in teaching of the Drawing Towards Architecture class at CityLab-Orlando (UF GSoA) Fulbright Grant (Fall 2011): Winner of the Fulbright Scholarship Program 2012-2013 in Russia, received grant for studying in the US Participant of the “Yaroslavl 3010. The City Development Strategies” (Spring 2010) Workshop within the annual Architecture of Movement Festival, Yaroslavl Worked on the development of active green zones and public spaces network in Yaroslavl

Study Projects

Information and Media Center

YSTU Spring 2011

Yaroslavl, Russia

This is the project of revitalization of the Scientific and Technical Information Center which is located on Volga River in Yaroslavl on the intersection of two main axes of the city. The building has been almost entirely abandoned for years, only some offices were occupied by different administrations and businesses. After the general reconstruction of the Volga River embankment in Yaroslavl, this site of the building became a completion of the promenade. Therefore, this project proposes to transform this building into the multi-use public space, with the main function of the infrmation and media center, which would relate the present use to the past memories of the place.

Guitar Club

south facade

YSTU Spring 2008

Yaroslavl, Russia

This is a project of a musical club - Guitar club, where guitar players will be able to gather, share songs and melodies, arrange concerts and other activities. This guitar club contains enough open-spaces for musicians to meet together and play the music they like or to listen to it.

site plan

west-east elevation

section 1-1

1st floor plan 2d floor plan

Reconstruction of Abandoned Warehouse

YSTU Fall 2010

Uroch Station, Yaroslavl, Russia

These warehouses are located near the Volga river embankment on the one of the main transportation routs of the city. These aspects make this territory attractive for citizen with a great potential to be reused for recreational and public functions. However, at the present moment the buildings are being used for commercial purposes only with a low access for the community. That makes the place to be deserted. Also, industrial monotonous facades negatively affect the environment. This conceptual project suggests reconstruction of warehouses and adaptive reuse for a study function - language center.

Language Center will attract diverse groups of people to the site which will activate the place. The main concept is to organize study process through communication between people and exchanging experiences. Language center contains spacious classrooms, conference halls, info-center, library and electronic databases, forum, cinema hall, restaurant, residential areas and plenty of open-spaces for communication and group meetings.

Single Family Housing

east facade

YSTU Spring 2007

south facade

west facade

1st floor plan

bedroom 2

2d floor plan

living room

master bedroom


bedroom 1 kitchen

basement level terrace

The main features of this single family residential house are flexible open interior spaces and vertical system of roof gardens and terraces, which are cut though by a glass volume (the main hall) and that invites as much sunlight inside the house as possible from each East, West, South and North during the day.

Skate Park Yaroslavl, Russia YSTU Fall 2009

The need for this project was caused by the lack of free and specifically organized spaces for skateboarding and other sport activities around the city. The project concept is to create long avenue with three different levels gradually evolving by the level of complexity of skateboarding. The whole spot is surrounded by light “soaring� galleries for students to communicate during breaks, for visitors to observe and for pedestrians to cross the spot without any obstacles and risk of being injured by skateboarders.

Site Plan

Lake Eola Bridge Orlando, FL

UF GSoA Spring 2013 ARC 6912 Advanced Topics in Digital Architecture

This project is an effort to find connections between modern technology and nature, and create a light friendly environment which provides different options for people to turn from the main direction while crossing the bridge and enjoy the journey. Lake Eola Bridge is a 500’ span bridge which is not only the link between two banks, but also a theme park. The main pavilion contains the function of Lake Eola Museum and is located on the edge of one of the paths. The bridge contains a gallery for photo expositions to take place. The paths of the bridge lead to different options. Visitors can enjoy walking around the paths, delight in the relaxing atmosphere of the fountain located in the middle of the bridge in the place called “oasis”, pedaling a boat or just seating on the island surrounded by swans.

Skin Structure

Lake Eola Museum 2d Floor Plan

Interior Space/Main Path

N Mills Bike Station "Network"

UF GSoA Spring 2013 Orlando, FL Advanced Topics in Digital Architecture

This is a project of the bike station which is going to be located on N Mills Ave, serving Orlando Art Museum and adjusted green areas of Haven Park. This building is going to be a replica for surrounding landscape and buildings of Orlando Museum of Art, Shakespeare Theater, Science Center and Repertory Theatre, which all have different architectural features and distinctive elements, like pointed tops and domes. The project contains storage for 50 bikes, restrooms, lockers, open spaces and seating places. The main volume of the building with the bike storage is going to be located along the Mills Ave, so that it can partially work for the road noise which destructs resting atmosphere of Loch Haven Park. The building is oriented towards the Park and creates an enclosure with surrounding buildings and open spaces. It has an opened structure with three entrances, one of which connects interior space of the building with surrounding green areas. The project also includes organization of the bike trail around the green area and surrounding buildings.

Interior1-1 Section Space/Main Path

Ground Plan

Reconstriction of The Ponizovkin Residency

YSTU Spring 2009

Yaroslavl, Russia

The Ponizovkin Residency was rebuilt in 1850 from the building of the 18th century. After that it collapsed in the May of 2010. The principal question was between two variants - to restore the old building or to construct a new one in order to save the line of the urban block. After historical analysis conducted within this projects the descision has been maid that the building didn't have a real value neither from architectural prospective nor from historical one. Thus, this project suggests reconstruction of the missing part of the block and organization of a light glass gallery for public use as an info center with a cafe on the exploited roof. The proportions of the facade were developed in a way that the general lines become a visual continuation of the historical urban block.

Circulation Analysis

Completion of the block/Transit

Elevation along Svobody Street

Elevation along Sobinova Street

Form Based Codes for Oviedo Downtown

UF GSoA Fall 2012

Oviedo, FL

Growing population and new property development in Oviedo dictates the necessity of contemporary urban code implementation to avoid problems caused by rapid and unplanned urban development. A strategy for controlling the quality of new development and urban sprawl is the use of form-based codes. In order to maintain the history of the city in its built environment, a downtown redevelopment strategy is fostered to maintain a sense of community identity.

The district should be redeveloped through historic preservation and enrichment of the area through infill development. Maintaining authenticity and uniqueness of place is one of the criteria of a successful, contemporary urban development and should be an important component of the connection between the new and old urban development. The main focus of this form-based code is to turn the Historical Downtown Oviedo intoh a bicycle, pedestrian and automobile friendly environment.

Proposed Zones

Proposed Master Plan

Parramore Educational Zone UF GSoA Fall 2012 Advanced Studio Orlando, FL Research Urban Design Project

This project explores the opportunities of the Creative Village educational zone extention south in order to integrate it into the Paramore district and create the setting for interaction between students, currents residents of the Parramore and future residents of the Creative Village (the Creative Class, see Florida, 2002).

Students&Community Interaction

The main boundary between the Creative Village and the Parramore on the south is a warehouses strip, which is proposed to be transformed into a strip of student workshops, book stores and other student supplies, cafes, open spaces and student exhibitions. The section of this strip is shown below.

Current Site Plan

Proposed Site Plan

Restoration of Krestovozdvizgenskaya Church

YSTU Spring 2007

Yaroslavl, Russia

Module system analysis

Present Condition The church was destroyed by Bolsheviks in the 20th century and is used for storing of building materials and constructions since then.


Adaptive Reuse of ZIL Factory, Moscow, Russia Downtown Orlando vs Parramore

Daria Petrova (407) 496 5064

Daria Petrova architecture portfolio  
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