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Professional Sound Made in Spain

D.A.S. Audio

Professional Sound “Made in Spain� It all started 40 years ago. From a small audio laboratory on the Calle del Mar in Valencia, Spain, D.A.S. Audio has evolved into an internationally recognized, leading manufacturer of loudspeaker systems, power amplification, signal processing, and related components.

4 / History

The birth of an icon

As a modest start-up registered under the name ‘Dynamic and Sound,’ D.A.S. Audio was the vision of a young industrial engineer named Juan Alberola. The son of a musician and composer, music played a central role in Alberola’s life. Being an avid listener, he parlayed his love of audio and high end hi-fi systems into a sound system installation business. Due to the prohibitive cost of imported loudspeaker products, Alberola began designing and manufacturing his own components and loudspeaker systems. With a passion for audio, he strived to incorporate the finer aspects of high fidelity into every design. This dedication to the art of music and sound became the energizing force behind an amazing entrepreneurial evolution known worldwide as D.A.S. In 1971, D.A.S. made its debut exhibiting products at a trade event. Back then, the rapidly growing consumer market had the small company manufacturing loudspeaker systems designed primarily for home listening and studio monitoring. D.A.S.-built components were an integral part of the company’s early systems. Cone transducers, compression drivers,

and filter networks were all built ‘in-house,’ empowering the young company with a production capability, quality level, and cost efficiency matched by few others. The first ‘big’ D.A.S. systems were designed for the budding dance club scene of the early 70’s. This expanding sector—fueled by Spain’s predominance as a European tourist destination—provided a high profile market that proved to be vital for the new-born company and its products. Since the beginning, D.A.S. has always had an international projection. Tradeshows played a key role in acquiring foreign distribution and, in a relatively short timeframe; the company established a presence throughout the European market. By 1979 D.A.S. had a workforce of over 60 employees. Sales in the local and export markets were fueled by the company’s reputation for exceptional sound quality. The year 1979 marked another significant milestone for D.A.S.—participation in the Frankfurt Musikmesse, the largest international trade event of its kind. The decade of the 70’s was one of initiation, of learning, and represented the company’s first ventures into international markets. The 70’s was a decade of immense change and of breathtaking growth that positioned D.A.S. as one of the ‘up and coming’ companies on the European audio scene.

6 / History

Strengthening foundations Throughout the 80’s, D.A.S. continued to grow and expand its product offerings to meet the challenges of the market. To accomplish this, the company required more personnel, more space, and additional investment. A decade of tenacious effort resulted in a new factory on the outskirts of Valencia, six product lines addressing the gamut of sound reinforcement applications, and a solid network of both national and international distributors. D.A.S. loudspeakers and compression drivers earned an enviable reputation throughout the world for exceptional performance and reliability. Incorporating the latest advances in transducer design and manufacture, including state-of-the-art coil winding technologies, the use of composite adhesives, and efficient cooling schemes, D.A.S. components became the preferred choice of systems builders. During the 80’s, Spain’s music revolution called “La Movida” (The Movement) led to an explosion of pop, rock, and punk bands which brought live performances to the forefront of Spanish culture. This too, had a dramatic impact on the company. D.A.S. systems assumed a pivotal role in providing live sound engineers with the essential tools needed to solve the challenges of mobile sound reinforcement. A skilled labor force dedicated to achieving the highest level of sound quality, performance, reliability, and design

was responsible for the success of the company’s products. Before long, D.A.S. required additional production capacity and, in 1986, a new manufacturing facility was inaugurated. The 80’s were marked by the enhancement of loudspeaker designs and the development of sound systems intended for use in discotheques and live concerts. Both indoors and outdoors, D.A.S. products became an integral part of the music and entertainment scene.

8 / Historia

Consolidation as a leader

The 90’s saw D.A.S. pioneer the use of high-density structural polymers for the construction of acoustic enclosures. New materials and advanced production methods facilitated unique cabinet designs that differentiated D.A.S. products from those of its competitors and positioned the company at the forefront of European manufacturers. Throughout the 90’s, D.A.S. secured its position as the leading Spanish manufacturer of sound reinforcement equipment with the launch of the Biflex 8, which incorporated a speaker enclosure made from highdensity structural polymers. The tremendous success of this innovative product spawned the development of a complete line of small to medium sized sound

systems for a vast array of sound reinforcement applications. The DS-15 was the first injection molded 15-inch loudspeaker system manufactured in Europe and, until 2008, remained a worldwide leader by virtue of its exceptional sound quality and innovative design. The 90’s was a decade of experimentation, of investment in the development of new production techniques, and of consolidation as a leader in the production of sound reinforcement products. This was a decade of industrial ‘muscle building’ that would empower D.A.S. with an impressive manufacturing prowess and a reputation for innovative designs.

10 / History

A global perspective With a solid global presence in the form of distribution on all five of the world’s continents, the company aimed at improving its client service worldwide. In order to provide faster and more efficient logistics on the American continent, D.A.S. established a subsidiary in the United States—known as D.A.S. Audio of America, Inc. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, D.A.S. Audio of America is responsible for all sales and support initiatives throughout North, Central, and South America, including the Caribbean. To this very day, D.A.S. continues to be one of very few European sound reinforcement manufacturers with a presence of greater than 15 years in the United States.

As in the United States, D.A.S. is thoroughly entrenched throughout the Asia Pacific region and opened additional subsidiaries in two of Asia’s greatest commerce centers. D.A.S. Audio Asia PTE LTD, located in Singapore, is responsible for Southeast Asia and Oceania. With comprehensive sales and support services, this D.A.S. subsidiary is yet another vital contributor to the success of D.A.S. Audio’s global initiatives. Similarly, D.A.S. Audio Hong Kong is responsible for sales and support of D.A.S. products throughout China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. D.A.S. Audio Hong Kong’s presence represents a firm commitment to support several of the world’s most dynamic and rapidly expanding markets.

12 / Company profile

Cutting edge technology

After 40 years in the demanding sound industry, D.A.S. Audio continues its advancements in the use of cutting-edge technology in the design and manufacture of its products. D.A.S. Audio’s Engineering Department designs the company’s sound systems, associated electronics, as well as components, including loudspeakers, compression drivers, and horns. Consequently, there are several combined disciplines, each of which uses state-of-the-art technological tools during the different stages of the manufacturing process.

The defining difference Mechanics

Virtual 3D modelling software determines the strain and stress values of the components, and accelerometers are used to measure vibration and noise levels. Similarly, fast prototyping technologies are also used to empower D.A.S. engineers to visualize tomorrow’s products today.


Finite element magnetic simulation software is used to determine the dimensions of a loudspeaker’s magnetic circuits.


Boundary element method and finite element method software simulates a loudspeaker’s acoustic response. Computer applications are also used to tune the system and predict other loudspeaker performance parameters. Anechoic chamber measurements and analysis are particularly useful in determining system frequency response, dispersion curves, harmonic distortion, etc.


Circuit simulation software helps D.A.S. engineers design amplifiers, measure and analyze the electrical response, and use digital signal processing.

Project Design

Also important is the use of EASE acoustic simulation software for the configuration and modelling of sound installation projects. This three-dimensional sound simulation and prediction application helps maximize the efficiency of the proposed systems in any type of installation. Based on geometric data pertaining to the sound areas and the type of enclosures used, this software provides clients with a proposal offering appropriate sound pressure levels, uniform coverage, clear defined music and optimal intelligibility.

14 / Company profile

Leading in live sound

D.A.S. Audio’s Aero Series 2 loudspeaker systems are just one example of the company’s commitment to pioneering loudspeaker system design. Featuring fifteen models— both powered and non-powered—the Aero Series 2 product line illustrates the company’s passion for excellence. The Aero Series 2 includes the Aero 8A powered, ultra-compact two-way line array module, the Aero 12A powered, two-way, mid-high line array module, and the Aero 50 three-way, largeformat line array module—enabling audio professionals to select line array systems ideally suited for a wide range of venues, including concert halls, arenas, theaters, and similar spaces. The Aero Series 2 also includes a comprehensive range of sub

bass systems—both arrayable and conventional, powered and nonpowered—that serve as the perfect complement to the Aero line array systems. Models include the LX-212A dual 12-inch, the LX-215A dual 15inch, and the LX-218CA dual 18-inch, high performance subwoofers and their corresponding versions. Collectively, the D.A.S. Audio Aero Series 2 product line delivers world-class performance, rock solid reliability, and exceptional return on investment—giving a new meaning to value in the process.

16 / Company profile

Looking forward without losing sight of the past

During our 40 years, D.A.S. Audio has redefined the professional audio landscape as one of the world’s foremost manufacturer of loudspeakers, amplifiers, and signal processing equipment. D.A.S. professional sound systems can be found at many of the most prestigious venues around the globe, including the Minsk Arena (Minsk, Belarus), Twickenham (London, England), and the Mabee Center (Oklahoma, USA) to name just a few.

Today, D.A.S. Audio’s product line includes a comprehensive collection of products offering versatility and solutions for the contractor, sound rental companies, and the working musician. Sound quality and impeccable design are the traits that characterize the D.A.S. product range. The in-house manufacture of the loudspeaker components utilized in D.A.S. sound systems empowers the company with quality levels and cost efficiencies matched by few others.

The Sound of a New Generation

As one of the largest independently held organizations of its kind in the industry, D.A.S. has found continuity in the second generation of a family dedicated to audio. Javier Navarro, a talented industrial engineer and nephew of founder Juan Alberola, spearheads the company’s engineering department to address the challenges facing today’s audio professionals encounter. Taking advantages of the latest developments in Computer Aided Design (CAD), solid-state modelling, and Rapid Prototyping, D.A.S. Audio’s engineering staff utilizes cutting edge design tools to ensure the highest level of performance, reliability, and return on investment from its products.

With a rich, 40-year history, D.A.S. Audio is proud of its accomplishments. Most importantly, D.A.S. is proud of its international network of clients, the company’s most valuable asset. Their impressive dedication and professionalism is witnessed in the remarkable projects they have successfully undertaken and serves as a constant reminder that, more than clients, they are partners. D.A.S. wishes to thank its distributors, dealers, installation and sound rental companies worldwide for their appreciated contribution in making the company what it is today. They can without a doubt, count on D.A.S. Audio for the next 40 years.



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Professional Sound "Made in Spain"  

40 years of histroy in the world of pro audio. From a small laboratory to a brand sold across the world.

Professional Sound "Made in Spain"  

40 years of histroy in the world of pro audio. From a small laboratory to a brand sold across the world.