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Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013


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Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

The Event

Opening ceremony with Germany´s Federal President Joachim Gauck 2

Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

The Kirchentag is Germany’s top Christian event. Held every two years in a major German city, the congress is a chance for participants to focus on, experience and reflect upon the current issues facing both the church and society. Under the slogan “As much as you need”, approximately 150,000 participants celebrated the 34th German Protestant Church Congress with more than 2,500 events at 400 locations throughout Hamburg from the May 1 to 5, 2013. Several prominent artists, musicians and politicians, such as Federal President Joachim Gauck and Chancellor Angela Merkel, visited the event. The Congress kicked off with a massive opening event at the Strand Quay (Strandkai) in Hamburg´s HafenCity quarter which was broadcast live by the German stations NDR and Phoenix. The Strandkai, a sandy open space at the Marco Polo Terraces, is not your average venue. Together with the Dalmannkai it forms a point that juts out into the harbor. With no water or electricity on the site, the entire infrastructure had to be installed. Cable ducts and aluminum plates were carefully burried below the sandy ground to bring power and water to numerous points of the quay. With over 30,000 participants occupying the area in front of the stage, additional sound systems were distributed on the other side of the harbor basin at the Dalmannkai to serve the sound needs of the more than 130,000 that descended on the area the opening night.

All photos courtesy Soundart GmbH & Co KG

Responsible for both lighting and sound at the Strandkai site was fullservice provider Soundart GmbH & Co. KG. They relied exclusively on sound reinforcement systems by D.A.S. Audio. Having used the systems successfully for a number of years, they deployed 240 D.A.S. Audio speakers on the main stage and throughout the venue. The largest collection of D.A.S. speakers ever to be installed for a German production, was made possible thanks to close collaboration with other members of the D.A.S. Audio Rental Network. Soundart also counted on D.A.S. factory support from Chief Engineer Javier Navarro, Systems Engineer Joel Damiano, and Sales Manager Claus Behrens. Other partners supplying products included Megaforce, RockNet, Powersoft, Mega Audio and Sennheiser. HWS Veranstaltungstechnik and J&S Music were involved as D.A.S. Network partners.


Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

The Preparation

The planning phase was extremely intense, with design concepts evolving on a continuous basis. While preliminary plans for the events began in September 2012, the artists line-up was finalized in February 2013. Only then could the audio and lighting requirements be planned, based on the technical riders of the different performers. Setup finally began on April 26, 2013, with a 28-person crew rolling in with two 12ton and four 40-ton trucks. The first objective was to get the electrical power up and running with four twin-pack generators- two operating directly while the other two served as backups. One of the numerous challenges faced by the Soundart team was the installation of kilometers of both signal and power cable that had to be laid throughout Hamburg’s Dalmannkai neighborhood and around the harbor basin. Thirty D.A.S. Audio Convert 12A powered speakers spaced 20 meters apart were pole mounted along the Dalmannkai side of the harbor. A Riedel RockNet system was used to ensure a clean and redundant signal transmission. Signal from the D.A.S. Audio DSP 4080 digital signal processors was fed into the digital network system from the FOH position to various transfer points over 2.5 kilometers away. The signal was converted from digital to analog at four transfer points and fed to the Convert 12A´s. Developing the sound system design with the help of simulation software, Soundart deployed a total of 240 systems. Detailed calculations were made to achieve optimum distribution and ensure uniform coverage in each of the audience areas. Each group of systems was designed for a specific use, precisely adjusted for delay and then synchronized with the other systems. Reflective glass surfaces of the buildings at the rear of the site as well as the Strandkai’s surrounding water and strong winds provided other interesting challenges for the Soundart crew


Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

KIRCHENTAG 2013 Strandkai / PA System PA / Delay Sustem


Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

The sound design in detail

The main venue´s large, 30 meter diameter stage, which debuted with the Pope's visit in Freiburg, was installed by Megaforce. Covering the stage was a 30-meter canopy system which was handled by Magic Sky.


Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

Front of house sound with the Aero series The sound team opted to use D.A.S. Audio's powerful Aero 50 line array as the main system. A total of 48 D.A.S. Audio Aero 50 units driven by Lab.gruppen amps and the LM 26 Lake Controller were used for FOH sound. Twelve units were flown in a left-right configuration on each side of the stage with another three delay towers with eight Aero 50´s were installed 60 meters away as a second PA zone.

Subwoofer power with D.A.S. LX-218CA For low frequency reproduction, Soundart deployed 32 LX-218CA high-performance powered subwoofer systems. The LX-218CA´s on-board amplifier delivers 2400 Wcontinuous power and the system incorporates two 18" LX long-excursion cone transducers. Nine units were placed on either side of the stage, and four were ground-stacked in front. The remaining subwoofers were set up under the stage for low frequency support; no subwoofers were used in the delay towers.

The near-field with Aero 12A For near-field coverage (from row 0 to aprox. row 10), Soundart's Managing Director Hauke Hartmann brought in the tried and true Aero 12A speakers. A total of 24 Aero 12A´s were rolled out for the near-field system. 12 additional Aero 12A´s were used to provide audio for a large-screen set up in front of the Marco Polo Terraces. The compact Aero 12A is a powered, 2-way line array system, well suited for sound in near-field and delay applications in large events thanks to its extremely precise dispersion.


Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

Stage Monitoring On the immense main stage, 24 powered Road 15A stage monitors were distributed as required by the different performers. The low profile Road 15A incorporates a 15R4 cone loudspeaker for bass reproduction. High frequencies are handled by an M-75 compression driver with 1.5� exit, a 3� titanium diaphragm and EFW voice coil. The components are housed in a birch plywood enclosure and finished with durable Iso-Flex black paint. Six Aero 12A units plus six LX-218CA subwoofers handled side fill duties. Eight D.A.S. Audio Action 8A powered, ultra-compact, 2-way systems were used to provide reference monitoring for the choir which performed.

Convert 18A. Now as a drum fill sub For the rich bass response every drummer needs, the Convert 18A powered subwoofer was used. The Compact 18A is ideally suited for extending the bandwidth range of the Convert 12A line arrays down to 35 Hz. Stacked upright on top of the sub was a Road 15A stage monitor.

Aero 8A as a side fill D.A.S. Audio Aero 8A line array modules were brought in and set up on the sides of the stage for musician side fill. This kind of monitor placement created optimal sound for the large, 30 meter diameter stage. Thanks to its ultra-compact dimensions and precise coverage, the Aero 8A was visually discrete and impressed the performers and speakers that took to the stage, with its defined and clean overall sound. 8

Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

Conclusion The enormous technical success of this macro-event is undoubtedly owed to the extensive background in sound reinforcement and the technical expertise of both Soundart as the sound provider, and D.A.S. Audio as designers and manufacturers of the sound systems used. What Soundart and its partners accomplished at the Strandkai proved to be impressive, thrilling the organizers, artists and performers. The D.A.S. Audio systems exceeded all expectations, both from the practical standpoint as well as the sound quality. The exceptional performance of the D.A.S. systems was particullarly noticeable during the opening speech, broadcast across the country. When it was time to go live, the D.A.S. systems clearly demonstrated their excellence, particularly in the acoustically adverse situation at the Strandkai. The organization´s demanding sound requirements were completed professionally and on time, making this year’s Church Congress in Hamburg, an unforgettable experience for all involved.


Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

Projektname: KT Main PA Design Datum: Sonntag 21. April 2013 Firma: Soundart GmbH & Co. KG Temperatur: 20,0ยบ Luftdruck: Standard (1010 hPa) Luftfeuchtigkeit: Standard (60%) Mapping: 2000Hz (3 Oktaven) Keing Wichtung

EASE Focus Far Field Simulation with Delays

Projektname: KT Main PA Design Datum: Sonntag 21. April 2013 Firma: Soundart GmbH & Co. KG Temperatur: 20,0ยบ Luftdruck: Standard (1010 hPa) Luftfeuchtigkeit: Standard (60%) Mapping: 2000Hz (3 Oktaven) Keing Wichtung

EASE Focus Near Field Simulation


Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

Equipment & Partners

D.A.S. systems deployed at Kirchentag Strandkai Main system Main: 24 x Aero 50 Outfill: 12 x Aero 12A Center fill: 12 x Aero 12A Subwoofers 32 LX-218CA

Participating D.A.S. Audio Rental Network Partners Soundart GmbH Co KG HWS Veranstaltungstechnik J&S Music

Delay Towers Towers 1,2 3: 8 x Aero 50 (total 24) Delay Tower MP 01 16 x Aero 12A Delay Tower MP 02 12 x Aero 28A Distributed Systems 30 x Convert 12A mounted on stands Video Truck support system 12 x Aero 12A On stage Monitors: 24 x Road 15A Side fill: 6 x Aero 12A Subwoofers 6 x LX-218CA Chorus Monitors: 8 x Action 8A Drum fill: Convert 18A + Road 15A stacked 11

Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013


Hauke Hartmann / Soundart

The D.A.S. Audio systems sound fantastic, both on stage and in front of the stage. Hauke, what can you tell us about the systems you´re using here? Hauke Hartmann (Soundart Managing Director): “I hear that response all the time from audience members, musicians and professional colleagues. We use D.A.S. Audio exclusively for all events. A lot of people know the D.A.S. company from the old days, or not at all, and are simply amazed at the sound quality of these systems.

“The set up of the complete D.A.S. system was quick and easy. All systems worked absolutely flawlessly throughout the entire event. I’m very excited about the amount of positive feedback we received from the event organizer, artists, and several colleagues in attendance”


We're using D.A.S. Audio speakers exclusively on and around the stage for this event. This allowed us to spend five days extensively testing the equipment in variable conditions and in a high-stress environment. Knowing how the individual speakers work in the heat, rain, and with wind speeds between five and eight knots is very important to us. These are all factors we had to consider. Great emphasis was placed on speech intelligibility, especially for the large opening service on Wednesday. I don’t think that there has ever been so many D.A.S. Audio speakers set up for one event in Germany. The set up of the complete D.A.S. system was quick and easy. All systems worked absolutely flawlessly throughout the entire event. I'm very excited about the amount of positive feedback we received from the event organizer, artists, and several colleagues in attendance.” Not too long ago, you were still working with an American manufacturer's speakers. Now you're successful with D.A.S. Audio speakers. Why did you switch? Hauke Hartmann: “The rental business is a highly competitive market and I think that this business will get harder, not easier. It's important to be able to offer very high value for money. D.A.S. contacted us about two years ago and after some internal deliberation and discussions, they sent us a container of speakers for demonstration purposes. We unpacked the speakers, connected them, and compared them to our previous equipment. I can still clearly remember how surprised I was. The

Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

workmanship, the musical output and the performance output were on the same exact level. Ultimately, the economic aspect was the decisive point for us. The excellent cost/performance ratio allows us, as well as other D.A.S. users, to profit quickly in this business. We are a small, very powerful company with eleven employees, and are incredibly well-positioned, thanks in part to our decision to work with D.A.S. systems. Well-known colleagues in the rental industry who visited us at Strandkai were thrilled by the sound of the Spanish speakers. This weekend, we're doing sound for the Kirchentag, and we also have a big event happening in Halle Münsterland. This level of events can only be accomplished if you have the appropriate equipment and, above all, a good and reliable team.”

How exactly does the D.A.S. Audio network work? Hauke Hartmann: “The D.A.S. Audio Network is an association of all the D.A.S. users in Germany. All members of the network communicate with each other and have access to each other's D.A.S. equipment. That way, there are enough systems for everyone. Any interested companies can feel free to contact us and we'll arrange a demonstration and answer all the important questions.”

What is the handling like for the D.A.S. Audio line arrays? Hauke Hartmann: “The current rigging system is fantastic. D.A.S. Audio engineers designed a great rigging system for the Aero 50 and a very cool system for the new Aero 40A system where all the parts are on the cabinet itself. Nothing else has to be screwed off or unlatched anymore. Basically just four pins are used to select the degrees of the angle you want. The Aero 40A was presented at this year's Prolight + Sound and several colleagues from competing companies were very impressed by its easy handling. What I've particularly noticed about D.A.S. Audio is that it has clearly positioned itself in the market in the last few years. They are very meticulous, especially when it comes to the details, presenting smart and highly practical solutions - even in matters concerning TÜV standards and CE standards.”

“The current rigging system is fantastic. D.A.S. Audio engineers designed a great system”

Where are D.A.S. Audio speakers manufactured? Hauke Hartmann: “That's also a very important point. All speakers, cabinets and other components are produced at the D.A.S. factory in Valencia, Spain. No additional speakers are purchased. This makes D.A.S. both independent and competitive at the same time.” Professional standards are particularly high in Germany. There are many very good and successful manufacturers. Where is D.A.S. Audio positioned? Hauke Hartmann: “Yes, that's true. The standard is extremely high in Germany. D.A.S. Audio still needs more time to become well-known and gain the recognition they deserve, mainly because the D.A.S products sold in Germany have traditionally been the lower level, less expensive portable boxes. D.A.S. Audio has since fully penetrated the professional market and their sound reinforcement speakers are extremely good, that has to get into people’s heads first. The Kirchentag has given us an opportunity to show these speakers to a lot of technicians. All of the sound engineers who worked with the system were completely thrilled by it. The usual reaction is: “That's unbelievable... we had no idea!” Saturday morning we invited renowned sound engineers to check out the performance of these speakers themselves. It only took one short listen to convince them that it’s a properly tuned system with a high quality and very sophisticated overall sound, even at great distances and in the unfavorable conditions here. Its unbeatable value for money, it's just that many people don't know it yet. I can only recommend to anyone interested that they give the systems a close look before deciding to invest. Of course, as D.A.S. Audio Network partners, we can gladly assist you.” 13

Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

The stars of live music These systems have been put to the test in venues the world over withstanding the sun, rain, humidity and long working hours with unwavering performance. Truly peerless, designed to dominate the world of sound touring, they have proven time and time again that the new generation of Aero systems is unstoppable.

the unstoppable line array

Aero 8A

Aero 12A

With extraordinarily compact cabinets, this entire series is manufactured in birch plywood and finished with the durable Iso-Flex paint. The trapezoidal cabinet design provides a “seamless� front baffle for improved array performance and the rigging system makes it easy to achieve a wide range of curvatures. Aero 8A, the most compact of the series, permits easy handling, yet these units are easily configured into powerful arrays. Aero 12A, our medium-sized format, offers an unprecedented level of features, including digital signal processing and a high level of acoustic output in a cabinet designed for ultimate convenience.


Aero 40A

Aero 50

The Aero 40A is the latest system to join the family of Aero line arrays. The 3-way powered line array system incorporates connectivity for remote monitoring and control, extremely quick rigging and the exceptional sound that characterizes all D.A.S. systems. Aero 50, the large format line array system is externally powered and offers the utmost efficiency, combining low, medium and high frequencies transducers in the same unit. Robust and powerful at the same time, ready to kick off the tour!

Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

Road Series

The ultimate on-stage performer The Road stage monitors have been created with maximum convenience for the performer in mind. They have a twoway, powered configuration and have been designed to be compact and discreet without sacrificing power or sound quality. The Road 12A model has a 12” speaker and the Road 15A has a 15” speaker.

Convert Series

The advantages of flexibility Combining performance and reliability, the versatility of these powered units lies in their capacity to be deployed as a main system or as support equipment in a wide range of applications. The on-board amplification, complex waveguide design and advanced digital signal processing provide both the power and control required for all types of sound installations.

Subwoofers LX Resounding bass in three formats

The powered versions with double 18” and 15” (models LX-218CA and LX215A respectively) have been deployed extensively in live events. The “R” version is equipped with a rigging system so that units can be suspended frontwards or backwards, facilitating cardioid configuration.


Evangelischer Kirchentag 2013

D.A.S. Audio S.A. c/ Islas Baleares, 24 46988 Fuente del Jarro Valencia - Spain Tel. 961 340 525 - Tel. Intl. +34 961 340 860 Fax 961 340 607 - Fax Intl. +34 961 340 607

D.A.S. Audio of America Inc. 6900 NW 52nd Street Miami, FL. 33166 U.S.A. Tel. 305 436 0521 - Fax 305 436 0528 Toll Free: 1 888 DAS 4 USA

D.A.S. Audio Asia Pte. Ltd. 25 Kaki Bukit Crescent # 01-00/02-00 Kaki Bukit Techpark 1 - Singapore 416256 Tel. +65 6742 0151 - Fax +65 6742 0157

empresa colaboradora


Kirchentag 2013 EN  

D.A.S. Aero line array systems installed by Sound Art at the 2013 Kirchentag in Hamburg.

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